Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oh My Goodness!

Oh my goodness!
Look what came in the mail for me!!!!
This sweet package is from Granny J!!!
I purchased the purse from her but she sent me lots of goodies.
She sent me some fabric called Minkee. Oh I am in love with it.
It is the softest fabric ever.
And then she added some of her famous plants......hen and chicks.
Click HERE to see a post showing how she plants them.
I have mine planted and excited about seeing them grow.

This picture does not do this purse justice. 
Did I tell you what it was made out of???
Plastic shopping bags? 
She calls it Plarn.
She crochets the plarn and then adds handles!!!
What a talent!

Mine even has a lining with 2 pockets!!!
You would not believe how nice this is.
You would never ever know it was plastic bags.
It is so soft.
She sells her bags HERE!
You need to go see the one she has up now!!
It just blows my mind that she does this.

Look at this sweet fabric!!!
I love it.
Thank you so much Jackie!!!

Remember this?'
This is the Easter Mug rug I received from Nadine in the swap that Aunt Pitty Pat held.
Well, I promise that I am not blonde........but when I showed you this mug rug, I was in a big
hurry and was headed out the door when I snapped these pictures. 
Sometimes I wonder about myself.......

It does help if you turn it over.
This is the front.
Isn't it beautiful?
You need look close at this.
The detail is unreal!
As my  Granny used to say...."Crazy Me"!

Today I am thankful for blogging friend, Granny J !

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Christmas Sewing At Our Little Hilton

I have 5 special girls in my mind for these hair twisties for Christmas!
I don't really care if they see them on here because I am devoting this year to
sewing them some special things.  See this black towel.  I purchased it a long time ago
and I love it.  You twist it up around her wet hair and it dries it so quick.

So I went and purchased some terry cloth to make some for Christmas presents.
Since I don't shop, I am way ahead on my Christmas list thanks to Allie!!

We were at the Hilton (aka hunting cabin) so I got my little featherweight out
and made a pattern and started sewing.

I love to sew when "sweet hunter" is out turkey hunting.
I had so much fun!
I just love turkey hunting at the Hilton!

This is the first one I made.

I even added the loop to hang it up with but I got so excited sewing these up
that I forgot to add the loop to the others but thats ok.

I think it turned out pretty good!!!

And now there are 5!!!!

Then I saw all the scraps that I had laying there and I got to thinking.

Another light bulb moment??

So I sewed up a few make-up remover cloths from the scraps.
 So here they are ready for Christmas presents!
I am linking up with Allie with her Christmas Through The Year!
I am also linking up with Peg & Kris with the One Project A Month (OPAM)!!
March: 23 Projects completed!
Thanks for the encouragement!!!!

Today I am thankful for........time to sew!

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.
Ecclesiastes 9:10

Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Little Hilton

Why oh why do I always start the Hilton (aka. hunting cabin)  posts with food???
Fried potatoes
Homemade toasted bread
Cooked Apples

It was just the 2 of us this time so I only made biscuits once. 
We had the little pan with sausage and gravy and the bigger
pan of biscuits I flash froze and put in a ziploc bag for the next trip.

Fried Pork Chops too!

See that crock pot?  My dad found that at a yard sale and gave it
to me to bring to our little hideaway.
Barbecue Chicken
Potato salad
Baked beans

Boy we eat a lot when we are there!!
Homemade pizza!!!

It rained most of the weekend so I didn't go out too much.
Sweet Hunter went hunting even when it rained.
I loved hearing the rain on the tin roof of the shed.

We only enjoyed one good fire outside but let me tell you I really enjoyed myself.
Do I always say that?
Well when I go there it is not the hurry up kind of world.
It is a renewing of the mind kind of world.
Do you know what I mean?

Did I tell you that our hunting buddies never spent the night
at the hideaway?  They helped us work when we first got the cabin
but they were so busy they never came to enjoy it.

So this year they decided not to lease it again
so we just did it by ourselves.  I don't blame them.
If I was that busy I wouldn't want to either.
Now as for me I told "sweet hunter" that I would not
trade our little getaway for 2 weeks in the Bahamas.
That is the truth!!! I would rather have several weekends
in a little shack that I have made my home away from home
than to go off somewhere. 

When the guys first showed us this little place we didn't know what to think.
It was so rough and still is but there is just something about it that I love.

Can you see the 3 deer in this picture?
They are crossing the creek.

We have cameras out in several places on our land so we
get on our 4 wheeler to go and get the cards out to
see what we have on them.  Those trail cameras are great.

This one was on my camera. My trail camera is on the road.
I used to get the most pictures until "sweet hunter" put a
camera on the creek.  Now he gets the most pictures.

I just had to show you this.  At this place we have to improvise.
My daddy brought this to me.  He didn't know what it was and I didn't either.
When he first gave it to me, I wondered what he was thinking so it stayed in
our garage for a while.  Then I had this lightbulb moment!!!
So we took it to " Our Little Hilton" and it now is a coat rack!!!!
Do you have a clue what it really is??

We had a wonderful time.  "Sweet Hunter" hunted for turkey.
He had several gobbling all around him but couldn't get a clear shot.
He loves to get outside in the woods. He said he heard so many whippoorwills!
He said it was amazing.  Here is a link to hear what they sound like if you are interested.
While he was out doing that I was either cooking, resting, sewing or rearranging!!!
I LOVE it at "Our Little Hilton"!!! Thats our new name for it!!!
Today I am thankful for............quiet & peaceful times.

 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
Romans 12:2

Friday, March 25, 2011

Easter Mug Rug Swap

I stepped out of my box and joined the Easter Mug Rug Swap
over at Aunt Pitty Pats and I had so much fun putting this
all together.  We were suppose to get an Easter Mug and make a mug rug
to match it.  And we were to add some goodies in the package.
My Swap partner was Nadine and this is what all I sent her.

I used my embroider machine again and did more Easter eggs!

This is only my 3rd Mug Rug that I have ever made.
I thought it turned out pretty good.

Then I made her a little card with my rubber stamps!
Are you proud of me, Becky?
It's a start, right?

I was tickled how the embroidery turned out.
I thought it looked cute with the mug.
Inside that mug is some candy in a package
that looks like a carrot!

And of course, I had to give one of my dishcloths!
Imagine that, right?

And then my package came from Nadine!!!
Oh my goodness!
Look how sweet she packaged everything!

Look at all these gifts!!!
I was so overwhelmed.
Do you notice that candy in a package shaped like a carrot???
That is exactly what is sitting in her mug that I gave her!!!

Is this not just beautiful?

And look at all the tea that is in it!!

I am so overwhelmed with these beautiful gifts.

And look at this mug rug she made me!
Look at those Easter eggs!

And this cute spatula that she added........

And last but not least!!
Look at this Easter Tea Mug!
Thank you Nadine!
I am just a beginner so when I received all these gifts
and saw how professional they looked.....
I felt like I should tell her to send my back and
I would redo it and try to make it better!
But then we talked through email and she told me
how much she loved mine too. She told me that
it doesn't matter if you are beginner. She said that
the enthusiasm that I have for learning means a lot
to her.  She loves to hear that others are learning more.
I guess everyone has to be a beginner at some point, right??
Anyway, I had a ball joining in on this swap.
It was so much fun.

Today I am thankful for.........stepping out of my box.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Daddys Quilts

Daddy has  about 20 quilts made and ready to sell.
Daddy's birthday is coming up on Sat.
He will be 77 years young.
Granny quilted until she was 96 years old
and I am sure that Daddy will too.
Daddy sells his quilts for 60.00 plus shipping.

I have said that I would put them on the sidebar and never have.
It is on my to do list!
This is #1
Sold to Susie R.
Thank you!

Quilt #2

Quilt #3

Quilt #4

Quilt #5
Sold to Sylvia W.
Thank you!!

Quilt #6
Just let me know if you are interested in one of these quilts.
There are many more where these came from.
I just thought I would show a few at a time.

Daddy loves to go to yard sales and thrift stores.
Look what he found at a yard sale for me!

And look at this very very old quilt that he found for 1.00!!!!
It needs some work but Daddy loves a challenge.

Today I am thankful........that Daddy found the love of Granny's quilts so much that he learned to make them.
I am a member over at Pins & Needles and I posted about Vicki's chicken scratch!
Make sure and visit here.

I have been having issues with my TMJ and Vicki (bff) went out of her way to bring me
a bowl of potato soup and the chicken scratch instruction book that
she copied just for me! Wasn't that sweet?
There is nothing like a "real" best friend!
I am so blessed.