Outside my Window....

Outside my window........it is dark and suppose to be having snow flurries!

Praising God.....thinking of our new grandbaby coming in September!

In prayer for.....several of my friends that are going through trials.

I am thinking.....about the quilts I am going to make for Sweet Hunter & his brother out of their Moms clothes.

I am thankful.....for my son in laws and how I know they love our daughters.

In the kitchen.....a chocolate pie!

I am wearing.....my favorite thing....pajamas!

I am creating.....in my mind, the sayings that we can remember from Grandmother that I am going to embroider on to their quilts.

I am going......to take my Mother to eat lunch for her birthday!

I am wondering.....if the granddaughters would like to embroider a block of their own on the quilts.

I am reading.....Christmas Brides Of Amish Country on my kindle.

I am hoping.....that our family can get together more this year in honor of Grandmother.

I am learning.....to do some more embroidery stitches by watching you tube videos!

Around the house....Everything is in order except Grandmothers bedroom and Sweet Hunters office because we had to put her bed in there when we got the hospital bed.

A favorite quote for today.....
We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face...we must do that which we think we cannot do.
One of my favorite things.....being snowed in with Sweet Hunter!
A few plans.....to finish glazing and putting polyurethane on my kitchen cabinets.
A peek into my day......
(checking in to this over 100 year old farmhouse)

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Patty Sumner said…
I love all the happiness going on in your life.... and I have to say... love being snowed in with my hubby and my pj's on.....the farmhouse...wow..LOVE! Have a great week. Blessings!
Angela said…
Val, I keep a journal with many of these topics daily. We had a dusting of snow but it didn't last long. Was huge flakes when I turned the outside lights on. Love the old farmhouse. Might just have to keep it, if we went to the trouble of redoing it. Love the idea for the quilts. What a treasure they will be.
Sarah Beth said…
Val would it be ok if I also do this. May I copy your idea ?
Cindy Wynn said…
I'm so happy to see you blogging again Val!!! I loved being snowed in with my hubby too! Although...I was not feeling well. Totally gave in to the munchies too! Oh well! There is tomorrow! Let's get together for lunch really soon!! Let me know when is good for you!! Love you!!
Connie said…
Val, hope you will have a bless day, love your ideal on the quilt. memories in the making.
I like the idea of the quilt...I have regretted not keeping Daddy's ties to use in a quilt......I have one of his flannel shirts, I wear sometimes, and an undershirt of his I also wear when its hot in the house and I'm cleaning. He was a big many so these are quite roomy on me..
Mama Bear
Becky Garrison said…
I love this post, Val! The house you are 'looking into' ... is that in Resaca? Every time we drive out 136 to Lafayette we pass by one that looks kind of like that! B.