Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 At The Farm

Happy New Year
From "Our Forever Farm!"

Thank you dear Lord for this year of 2016!
Our cup runneth over.......
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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Just The Two Of Us!

My very favorite Christmas when I was a little girl was one where
we got up and Christmas morning &
we were actually disappointed
because there wasn't lots of toys around the tree.

There was a piece of paper telling me and my sisters
to follow the string.  It led us to a mini bike!!!!
Oh we were so excited!
We weren't disappointed after we saw that!
So that is what I did this Christmas for Sweet Hunter!
The crazy thing was I had his gift hid in the woods.
I was sure he wouldn't find it.
We have 50 acres!!!
But all week he had been singing
"Row Row Row your boat?"
So here we go looking for it in the woods on Christmas Morning!'
And sure enough  he goes right where it was in the woods.
Every Christmas he guesses his big gift.
But when we got there, it wasn't there.
I acted like I didn't know anything about where he was.
Little did he know, but I had moved it a couple of days before.
I had a pretty good hint that he knew because of him
singing that song and smiling really big!
So I wanted to get one on him!

So I pointed in the right direction and he went to a creek bed
and there it was.
The good thing was it was wrapped in heavy plastic so
although he had found it,
he didn't know what it looked like.

As we got closer we were laughing so hard!
We have so much fun together!

The guineas were singing so loudly because they
knew something was different.

I thought this was the cutest picture!
Keep in mind we couldn't play with it yet
because Christmas day fell on a Sunday
and we had to go get ready for Church.

On Christmas Day it is our tradition to go see all the Grands &
see what Santa brought them.
So after Church we headed to their houses but Sweet Hunter
was so anxious to get back home to play with his toy!
He was a pro on it!!!
He loves it!
And he got me a new computer!!!
That's how I am blogging again!
 And he got me this beautiful coat!
And this jacket!!!
Don't y'all love seeing us in our pajamas!?
And me with messy hair and no make up??
Well, we are real!
I don't worry about all that stuff because one
day all that will be left is pictures.
And these cute camo boots to where when I go out to feed the chickens!
I LOVE them!
And in his stocking was an extra surprise.
Years ago while hunting Sweet Hunter lost his
wedding band.
He loved that ring.
Although this one is not as nice as his other one,
it is a platinum ring that he loves!
There were many, many Christmas's that we couldn't afford to get each other gifts because
we had 4 children and they came before us.
Now is our time!
We have a ball together.
Just the 2 of us!
We work hard and play hard!
Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Welcome Lily To The Farm!

See these itty bitty puppies!!!!
Believe it or not but these little puppies
will be huge!
The Momma is 150 lbs. & the daddy is 180 lbs.

 When they were born we went to look at them!
She is so tiny!

Two of our Grands went with is!!!
I would say "Sweet Angel" is excited!

 "Brother" could not decide which one!

This is several weeks later when Lily was 5 weeks old
and we got to go pick her up!
Sweet Hunter is already in love!
We brought that little pet carrier but
she wouldn't fit in it!
She sat in my lap all the way home.
She was scared but did so good!

Isn't she a doll?
She is a Great Pyranees!

This was several weeks ago when she first came to
"Our Forever Farm!"

To say they love her is an understatement!!!

A Great Pyranees is a mountain dog!
She will be our livestock guardian dog!
She will protect the chickens.
We hope!

We cleaned her up so we could bring her in the house.
It was going to be 20 degrees that night.
We were afraid she was too little to be in the cold.
That's a whole other story!!!
It didn't last long!

Welcome Lily to the farm!
Here she is 5 weeks old!
We love her!
I tried to decide where to start blogging again. I tried to go back and catch you all up!
Going backwards is hard to do.  lol  So I decided to start right where we are!
I am so glad to be back!
Thanks for all the comments and messages on my last post!!!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas At The Farm 2016

Our 3 Youngest Grandbabies

My Sweet Mother flirting with Santa Claus!

We had an appetizer theme!

I think I saw this Mommy kissing Santa Claus!

Me & Sweet Hunter!

Sweet Little Asher!

Left to right,
Me, Shannon, Maranda, Brett (Photo bomb),
My Mother, and Mandy

Little Huddy!
Our youngest Grandbaby!

Me & Nathan!

Me & Shannon!

Santa Claus came to our family Christmas party & danced the night away!

We are so blessed!
6 Grandbabies!
They range in age from 21 years old down to 2 years old!

The whole family plus some!!!
This was the best Christmas!
We had everyone here!
I haven't been here since Sept. because of computer issues but Sweet Hunter
gave me a new computer so I am back.
I've missed all my blogging friends!
I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!
We sure did!