Sweet Sweet Granny

This is where I found Granny yesterday. 95 years old and still making quilts
My Dad helping her lay the backing out.
Granny only uses 2 pins for the whole quilt!

She is trying to figure out where to put the second pin.

My Dad helping her roll her quilt.

She is really concentrating on how she rolls it.

She rolls each side so she can start quilting in the center.

Then she shared some scriptures with me.

As she read to me, it was like I was not even there.

My visit yesterday with Granny was different. I knew she hasn't been feeling good but when I walked in and saw her sewing, I thought everything was good. Then as I looked at her, I noticed she has lost some weight. I asked her about it. She wears pants under her house dress and she told me that she couldn't hardly keep them up. When I got there she was on the last row on the quilt top. She finished it and my Dad came to help her roll her quilt. While she was doing that I heard her, "Grunt, sigh, & whistle". (If you haven't read about that, you can go under my labels, "Visits with Granny" and read about it. That is actually the title of a post.) After Dad left, she wanted to sit down and rest. I told her that I am really trying to read my Bible everyday and pray like she does. I reminded her of when she told me that she gets up and can hardly walk but after she reads her Bible & prays she feels better. She told me how true that is. She told me that if someone drops by before she has read her Bible and prayed that it feels like something is not right. Oh how I want to be like that. Sometimes I get so busy, that I forget. Granny doesn't forget. I asked her what she was reading right now and she opened her Bible and showed me that she was reading in Revelations. I asked her if she understood it all. She said, "oh no." She showed me example where it talked about the Devil and she said I don't worry about that because I am not his child.She said I am a Child of God. I thought that was a good point. She says in the afternoon sometimes she will pick up her Bible and just open it to wherever it falls. She shivered as she talked about how the Word is what keeps her. I am telling you, she is such a sweet, sweet, Granny.


Michelle said…
I believe that your granny is able to quilt every day, because God loves her so much. Can you imagine being 95 and not being able to do something you love? She is faithful, true and obedient. What a good role model she must have been when you were a child.

You'll have to tell us some special childhood memories you have of her, and show us some pictures of the two of you when you were a child.

Blessings, and thanks for sharing.
your granny is absolutely adorable. she just makes me want to gather her up and hug her... very gently. how sweet.
i, too, want to be like that. i want God to be my source of strength. i'm inspired. give your granny a hug for me.
Alice Grace said…
This one made me cry. I love Granny so much, and I hope God leaves her here for a lot longer. She really is an angel!
Anonymous said…
What an inspiration your Granny is. Her life is a testimony of faith and love, for God and for her family. Her life shows she has "kept her eyes on the prize" of life. She is still blessing people all over the world through your blog posts about her. She is a wonderful role model for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Enjoy her every moment you can spare, for she is a treasure.
Krista said…
I think of all the things that Granny has seen. The Depression, World War 1 & 2, Vietnam, JFK assasination...the list could go on, but never the less, she continues. Her life is a true testiment of faith.
Needled Mom said…
What an inspiration she is for all of you. She is certainly creating many memories for you.
What an example she is to you.... and to all of us. She is extra special and I wish her many more years of sitting at that sewing machine and also reading her Bible.
Karen said…
How amazing - I always enjoy the posts about your granny - thanks for making her a part of our lives as well.
Her quilting is just beautiful and I'm sure between God, her family and her quilting it's what got her to the beautiful age she is.

PEA said…
Your granny is such a delight and oh how I wish I could meet her and just spend time with her as you do:-) I love that she is still quilting, something she obviously loves so much. I pray that she is not getting ill, I can well imagine how worried you are that she's been losing so much weight. I love these posts where you share granny with us:-) xoxo
Darla said…
I had to come back and get some spiritual inspiration.
mary said…
Your granny is so cute! Bless her heart!
Alyssa said…
I love her.Don't you you love her? Granny Gribble is so nice.Hope I see my present soon. Love you see you tomorrow.
Alyssa Bryanne Talley
Darla said…
I don't know how I missed the post of the things in your granny's home, frame some of them or at least put them in a photo album...It doesn't get any better than that.
quiltingnana said…
your granny looks so great and so does her quilt!
Plain-n-Simple! said…
I can only hope that i have such conviction at 95! Loved reading about you grammy!!!

Many best wishes,
What a tender post. I truly felt like I was right there with you, watching her sew/quilt and hearing her rad and talk about the LORD. A dear sweet great Aunt of ours passed away this past December and your Granny reminds me so much of her. They both love the LORD, read scripture daily and have such passion for the things of GOD. Treasure he always, as I know you do.
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Thimbleanna said…
This is an awesome post! I just love seeing your grandmother quilting. You're so lucky to still have her here. My grandma would be 102 this year and I miss her so much -- I was only 14 when she died and I just wish my children could have met her!

Oh, and thanks for visiting my blog!
Tell your granny that I love her. I'm a child of God too, so we're sisters. Bless you for sharing such a wise and wonderful woman with us.
Anonymous said…
Hi again Val...I am going through your entire blog, which I hadn't done before, so I'm discovering new stuff about Granny! I am so impressed with the things you share like here, where she reads the Bible two times a day. Please know that you can take up her MANTEL now that she is in the Heavenlies! You have her MANTEL because of your love for her, and your spirit witnesses to the Christ in her! Your life may be a little difference, but your love for the LORD is the Same!