Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Visit With My Granny

Granny holding up my quilt square!

Me & my Sweet Granny!

Me & my grandbabies with my Granny
and their Great-Great Granny

Granny showing us her quilt she had just finished today.
My Granny is 94 years old. She still makes at least 1 quilt a week. It was about 4:30 in the afternoon and she was already dressed for bed. I asked her what time she went to bed. She said she tries to be asleep by 7 p.m.- I had told my dad that I was going to try to get over to see her last week. Well, the week came and went and I didn't get by there. So before this week was over, I was determined to go and see her. Anyway, when we got there, she wanted to know why we waited so late to come. She said she is dressed all day long and then I come at night! (Keep in mind, it was 4:30 in the afternoon). She is sharp as a tack, but she was just ready for bed. She is just precious. I took some pictures around her house that I thought were so sweet. As long as I remember this is where she has lived. There are special memories in this little home. I remember the little glass coke bottles in the refrigerator. I remember the cabinet that she opened and it was a bin full of flour to make biscuits. I remember cold biscuits on the stove. I remember fat back. I remember the front porch. I remember the well house. I remember the swing. I remember the "Big Tree" we used to play around. I remember her house was simple and always clean. I remember the door was never locked, and it still is not. I don't think I have ever been there when the t.v. was on. I asked her today if she ever watched it. She said she watches 2 shows of preaching. She had all of the rooms closed off except the livingroom. It was so warm in there with the little gas heater. My PawPaw died a few years ago. He was on his riding lawn mower and had a heart attack. There is a picture of them together hanging on the wall. You can see the stack of quilts that she has made. She gives some away and sells some. When we got there she was sitting on the couch cutting out squares for her next quilt. The quilt she is holding up is the one she finished earlier in the day. I showed her my first quilt block and she said that was too tedious. She said I would never get through. She cuts out squares and sews them together and then quilts them on the machine. Granny does crossword puzzles and word searches. She said this keeps her mind active. Going to her home, is like time standing still. Things are just so relaxed and slowed down. I didn't feel like I was in a hurry even though I knew I had a lot more to do today. It made me stop and think how hard we make our lives. It was so peaceful and simple in her little home.
My granny is an inspiration to me.


Alice Grace said...

What a joy to see Granny, and how sweet to post about her! She is an icon in our family, and has always been such a wonderful lady. Her quilt making keeps her young at heart. We are so blessed to have her, and I know she will talk about your visit today to the family for some time. What a wonderful lady, and what a wonderful granddaughter she has in you!

CONNIE W said...

What a precious post. Reminds me of my grandma who's no longer with us. After she passed away, I drove up to her town and took pictures of the house "just in case" anything happened to it. I'm SO GLAD I did because it was sold and torn down shortly after. I only wish I had bothered to visit her more often and also thought to have taken some photos inside. I miss her, she was a sweet lady to everyone. She wasn't a quilter like your granny but she did bake and she had a gas stove to heat her house like yours. Thanks for posting this.

Precious Quilts said...

What a wonderful story you shared with us all. Truly an inspiration - I think we get so wrapped up in our lives that we forget the true meaning.

Your Granny is amazing! She is exceptional - I can only hope to be able to achieve half of what she does when I, hopefully, reach her age!

Karen said...

This is a wonderful story of our Granny! Such precious pictures of a truly precious lady! My son sleeps with one of her quilts on his bed in the dorm at college! Thank you so much for sharing this! I need to make time more time to spend with her!

Anonymous said...

When I was reading this post, I found myself there with you and your family, and I was slowing down inside myself. That hectic life is within us, and we allow the outer to overwhelm us. Yesterday was my bad day, and I was determined to have a good day even with two small granddaughters with me.

Alice and Valerie, I know that today was Granny's funeral, and I have spent this whole day going through your entire blog. This is as far as I've gotten and it has taken hours!!! And I haven't read every single word but I did try to read every word about Granny. At about 2:30 today I was praying for you and then read that the funeral started at 2p.m. So I am sure there were prayers for you all over the world! Wow, what a special blessing you have here. I also know you know it, and have shared your world and family with all of us! God bless you always for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With Love and prayers and thoughts always, In Christ Jesus, Our King of kings and LORD of lords!!!