Sunday, February 24, 2008


I started the Quilt-A-Long over at Crazy Mom Quilts several weeks ago. We are suppose to do a block a week. It took my mom to challenge me the last time to do the first block, not because I didn't want to but because I am a procrastinator. I think I wait for the perfect time to start projects. There is no perfect time. Well, she challenged me again today to get the quilt block #2 done this week. Well, after being cooped up sick this whole week, I was feeling better today and really wanted to do something. Well, I amazed myself! I did 2 quilt blocks! Now I have done Quilt Blocks #1,2, & 3. You can see spots on the one block, but it is only from ironing it. I am now ready to start quilt block #4. This is so much fun. I am just a beginner but I am so proud of ME!

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Alice Grace said...

I am so proud of you, too! Great job!