Monday, March 24, 2008

Day Before, Day of, Day after EASTER

I thought I would share with you our Easter this year. The day before Easter, my grandchildren colored lots of eggs and had a ball. I let them keep their pajamas on all day. We made cookies and did some crafts. It was a fun day. Then we had a great lunch yesterday, (Easter) at my moms (Nana's)house! Everybody brought something and it was a wonderful lunch. We missed my daughter Maranda & her husband, Cory and my sister, Brenda and her family. After we ate the kids went out and had an Easter Egg Hunt. It was very cool and windy. Then comes today, the day after Easter......and we had SNOW! It wasn't much but it was beautiful. The pictures do not do it justice! It just covered the ground and went away almost as quick as it came, but it was so pretty.


Alice Grace said...

Snowy day in Georgia! It was so awesome! Too bad it did not last long! One hour it was snowing, next hour, sun shining! Amazing!

Needled Mom said...

The pictures of the children coloring eggs are darling. They look like they really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the pictures of the egg hunt and brunch. Isn't it wonderful to celebrate with so much family? Good thing that the snow did not bury the eggs!