Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Prodigal Son's Brother

Our Pastor preached on a subject that I have never thought of. We often hear of the Prodigal Son, but not of his brother. It was such a beautiful message. I wish you all could have just heard it. Anyway, today being Sunday, I thought I would share it. He showed us how the brother heard the music and dancing and wanted to know what was happening. He lived there and didn't even realize that his brother was home. He had to ask a servant what was going on. When he realized it was a celebration for his brother, he got angry and would not go in. He told his father how he had served him for years and never failed him or left him. He basically said, my brother has been out sinning and you treat him better than me. The father told him that he had always been with him and everything he had was his. He pleaded with his son and explained that his brother was dead and is alive again; and was lost and now is found.

Our Pastor shared with us how easy it is to look at others and think they are treated better. He told us how easy it was to get jealous or get your feelings hurt. He told us to keep our eyes on the Lord and not on others. It was just such a pretty picture that he painted for us with words. I cannot do it justice. But it made me stop and think. I don't want to be like the Prodigal son or his brother. I want to know what is happening in my Fathers house. I want my eyes to always be on HIM.

Luke 15:25-32


Alice Grace said...

That sure makes me think that we should never take anyone for granted, and should be aware of what is going on with all our friends and loved ones. That must have been a great sermon, and it makes a great point. Things to think about.

Lisa said...

I like this kind of sermon.I hope you have a wonderful week. Blessings.Lisa

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

You know I've been thinking alot about this parable lately. I have 8 children. The middle one is a troubled girl and it causes me no end of heart ache. I wonder all the time what I did that could cause her to depart from the family and her church and all reason. She's just 20 but living a life that I completely don't understand, nor do her 6 sisters and little brother. I can see that they hurt for me because of the heart ache she causes and for themselves as well. Of course I hope she returns to living a life that is in line with the family, at some point. But it has given me greater understanding to the brother and father and how they both must have felt with mixed feelings maybe even unspoken. Of course we would rejoice if she changes heart and we try to keep our door open for her. When she does come home she doesn't fit in and does things to further alienate her at times. Yesterday she came home and it was not great. Anyway this is kind of personal to put in a comment. But your thoughts are in line with my thoughts lately about this parable. Life is not always easy. Its great that the Lord can sort it out in His time. Thank you for sharing, always.

KrisinTN said...

It is so easy to forget that all that He has is ours. Sounds like Trey came through with another great message.