Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bring On The Rain

A few years ago, I was very sick. I was in several hospitals and they could not figure out what was wrong with me. The doctors had me so drugged that I didn't know what I was doing or saying. I was not myself. I don't remember much, except what my family and friends told me. The drugs made me a mean person. They finally came up with a diagnosis but they were wrong. I was so weak and nearly died several times. Anyway, long story short.......I know without a doubt that the Lord healed me. But there came a time in the last hospital that I was in, when I just decided that I was sick and tired of all of the drugs. I told my "Sweet Hunter" that I was going home. I was so weak that I could hardly hold my head up. I asked him to walk me up and down the hall until I got some strength. He just about had to carry me at first. But gradually, I got stronger and I went home. My daughter, Mandy brought me this song...."BRING ON THE RAIN". She said that is how she saw me. She told me that she thought I was so strong. I came home and have never been sick again like that. Thank the Lord. I am sure that Mandy is now singing this song. Her husband is the one that just lost his job for no apparent reason except cut backs. They are depending on the Lord for their situation.

Through this other trial that I am going through with my son, I have not felt strong. But since I asked you all for prayer in the last post, I actually feel stronger. Our circumstances haven't changed but I feel your prayers. I feel as though you are walking me up and down the hall until I get stronger so I can bear this burden. I was praying yesterday and realized that there is a reason for all of this. I don't know why and may not ever know, but I do know that the Lord is in control. He has always took care of me and my family. So, I say...."Bring on The Rain."

Thank you for all of the sweet emails I have received. It means a lot to me to know that there are friends that I have never met, that are praying on my behalf. Blogging has been such a blessing to me. I read about so many others that are going through so many things. I guess we have to go through the bad times to know the good times. Thank you Lord for always being in control.

Psalms 30:5 tells me that Joy Comes In The Morning!
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Lisa said...

I enjoyed reading this post and I love this song. I am so glad your a fighter. I have had some times like these. God is good.

CONNIE W said...

Reading your post brought tears to my eyes. I thank God for having *found* you here through our blogs. I admire your spirit and your gentleness. You truly bless me every time I visit your blog.

I have a son who has gone through much pain and many trials, somewhat like yours. My heart has been burdened for him, for I know I am powerless to fix his life, to meet his needs, and to carry him through it. But IN IT, he found the Lord. Had he not been in that pit, his eyes would have never looked up. I do not believe that God was responsible for him being in the pit, but rather God was there all the time, and when my son was in it, he realized there was someone stronger to help him find his way. Perhaps my witnessing his struggle and pain was a way for God to teach me as well. His journey is still a tough one, but now he has The One to keep his feet on the straight path. My heart finds relief in that.

I am saddened to read of how ill you were and my heart soars that you were healed! God WILL keep you again and see you through this, for He is faithful.

It is difficult in real life, in the trials, to remember, to find joy in the midst of it all. I will pray for you, for you are my friend, indeed. Be of good courage, the word says. Much love.

Linda said...

What an amazing song, truely wonderful, and what a wonderful witness of your faith in our Lord.
I'll keep your son in my prayers, I am reminded of the scripture 2 Corinthians 12:9-10. It's one I hold on to when I am having a rough day with pain.

Needled Mom said...

This was a beautiful and heartfelt writing. I pray for your son and for your strength during these trials.

JUST A MOM said...


Susie said...

This is a beautiful song. How wonderful and comforting that you've felt uplifted through the prayers and support of your blogging friends.

Alice Grace said...

Honey, the tears rolled as I read your post. Those times when you were so desperately ill are still painful to remember, but only God could heal! The doctors tried everything, and we appreciate that, but when faced with such a terrible time, we do trust in the ONE who created us and can and DOES heal. I am so thankful for all the prayers of our blogging friends, because I feel a new awareness of how God is working this out with your son and my grandson. We must trust and not be afraid because God is able. I am right there with you praying and loving every moment.

QuiltedSimple said...

What a beautiful post and song - I am so glad you triumphed. I will be praying for you in the days to come!!

Marilyn R said...

What a wonderful song! We don't always know the "why things happen the way they do" part, but we do know that God is faithful and with us always!


Thanks for the link to glitter graphics, they are wonderful, I am going to have a look for one for my blog. I love songs which have true meaning, this one has lovely lyrics, and I can appreciate it being very special to you. My partner had a very serious accident back in 1985, and he woke up on the operating table to the sound of Lionel Richie's Hello, we always comment on this fact, when we hear it on the radio. He is so lucky to be here today, he is convinced he died but came back, we will never know for sure. I have enjoyed the friendship and encouragement I have gained from blogging too x

KrisinTN said...

I didn't think I had any tears left after this weekend, but I read your post and I cried again... I remember when you went through your sickness. I remember the many prayers that we prayed for you. Sometimes I forget the simplest thing, God always moves, just not always on our schedule, we have to trust that he will move on his schedule. I love you, and I miss you horribly. I know this sounds horrible, but I miss my real friends. People like you, Rachelle, and Cheryl that always loved me anyway... Please pray for me, and I'll be praying for you.

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Bless your sweet heart, Valerie! How wonderful that you're giving the Lord the praise for your healing. We have been there in the last couple of years with both of our young sons. The Lord has restored them to us through nothing less than a miracle and we praise Him for it all!

I, too, will join in praying for your children. As sisters in Christ, we must hold each other up before the Lord.

Many blessings,

Karen Dianne Lee said...

What a lovely post. I wish I had some words here but you've captured them all - quite eloquently I might add.

I'm so thankful you are healthy today. I can't imagine not seeing Life's Little Garden.

Circle of Love, *karendianne.

Catherine Rogers said...

Valerie you are amazing! I have not had time lately to visit your site. But every time I come here I am inspired. God has given you a gift of encouragement, no doubt. What a blessing you are dear. May all your prayers be answered in God's time and will. He sees you where you are and knows all. He has never failed. He never will. This world is not our home, just a place to rest on our way to glory. Someday,... oh someday what wonderful things we will share. I say, even so "Come Lord Jesus!" :)