Saturday, April 5, 2008

Stay In The Boat......No Matter What!

We had a wise older man tell us this one time when we were going through a trial. I will never forget it as long as I live. He said, "No matter how high the waves get or how strong the winds blow, always remember to stay in the boat! Keep your eyes focused on the Lord, not the circumstances.

This is the message I am sending to my daughter and "Son in Love." They are wonderful, good, hardworking Christian young adults. They are going through a trial right now. My Son in law went to work this past week and walked in to find he had no job anymore. He basically was told that they could not afford him anymore. He loved his job. They are both heartbroken. They haven't even started a family yet, because they are trying to plan everything. They have been on an emotional roller coaster this week. As a mother, I just want to fix things for them but I know that I can't. My heart breaks for them. Of course, we are there for them. Family is always there for each other and they know that. I know & they know that, "THIS TOO SHALL PASS", but that doesn't make it any easier the way the economy is today. It is scary when we can't see the whole picture. They will be fine because they are depending on the Lord. They called this afternoon and said they realize that God has a plan. There are so many people going through so many things right now. I am so glad that they know the Lord, because without HIM, where would we be?

Also, my son has not been able to work in 2 years because of a shoulder injury. He had 1 surgery a year ago and his shoulder got worse. He had surgery again yesterday and we are hoping that he can get back to a normal life again soon. I also send him this message.

I am asking you to please keep them in your prayers. Remember, no matter what you are going through................
Always remember, no matter how high the waves get, or how strong the winds blow....ALWAYS STAY IN THE BOAT! Always, keep your eyes on JESUS, not the things around you.


JUST A MOM said...

good one. prayers.

Alice Grace said...

My prayers are with your children. I am right there with you in the boat! We trust Him to work it all out. Where would we be without our Lord!

Susie said...

So sorry to hear about your son in law's job loss. These are difficult times. My daughter (who is a teacher) rec'd a pink slip last month.
Her job will terminate in June.
We're praying she has a job in the fall..
I'll add your SIL to my prayers.

Paula said...

Prayers coming your way for all the kids...I really like the boat analogy. Very appropriate!

Sue said...

Thank you so much for sharing these family problems. My heart aches for these two young men, I will pray for their situations.

Our family is going through some problems that I can't really share here and we have a mountain ahead of us, thank you for your words, they helped me so much.

Needled Mom said...

I am trusting that He has much bigger plans for the children. I will keep them in my prayers.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What a great message. You have such strong faith. I admire you for that. We've been in the same situation your daughter and her husband is in many times (and with 8 children). It is the toughest thing we have had to do. And it doesn't "leave" you. The worry continues even after you find the job. It sort of scars you. At least it did us, especially because it has happened 6 times. In my husband's industry they want younger and cheaper people all the time. Anyway they will get a job. They will move on and they will be happy again. It will happen. Living through it isn't good. But they have to stay positive and say everyday . . . we will learn to be more compassionate to others through this and grateful for everything we have. And we WILL get a job.

Prayers help so much.

Chrissie said...

Hello, Valerie! Thanks so much for stopping by last week. It's been very busy around my place, so I'm a little behind on my correspondence, but I'm glad I stopped by today. I'll be praying for your son and daughter-in-law. God has something special for them around the corner, but the waiting is hard.
God bless you and your family, dear friend!

Mikilana said...

thank you for visiting my blog and leaving those kind words! You and your kin are in my thoughts and prayers. I've learned over the last decade that everything happens for a reason and you just have to trust.

i'm kelly said...

so sorry to hear about your sil... losing a job is always tough. my hubby lost his the month after we were married. i wish i heard your advice back then, it definitelywould have helped!

Angela said...

Thank you for sharing. We are having trials too right now and trying to stay in the boat. I am praying for your kids.