Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Granny & Her Quilts, My Dad & His Garden, My Grandchildren & Making Memories

My Grandchildren & I went to visit my "Sweet Granny" today. She is 94 years old and still quilting. Of course we found her doing a quilt. The purple and white one laying on a bed is the one she is working on. She lays it on the bed to see if it is large enough. She was adding a border to make it larger. She asked my oldest grandaughter to help her. She had been chain piecing the blocks and asked her to cut the thread in between them. Triston loved doing it. Alyssa, my middle grandaughter really wanted to help. I could just tell by the look on her face! Now Brother, as we call him, my baby grandson was all over the place. He didn't care. He was wild today! Triston had picked out some fabric and a pattern today for me to make for her. You can see her bringing the fabric in to show granny. My dad was there. We were hoping that he would still be there. He planted 2 gardens at Grannys house and he goes everyday to work in it and help his Mom. You can tell that he had been working hard because he was sweating so. He has always been a very hard worker as long as I remember. He gave us a lot of vegetables to bring home and of course that is what we had for supper. It was so yummy! If you have ever saw a post about my granny, you will notice that I always take pictures of her little house and things in it. It is so simple and neat as a pin. It intrigues me. I am amazed how much I am like her. It was a great visit and I love making memories. I hope my grandchildren will always remember their great, great, grandmother forever. Enjoy the pictures below of our visit.


Michelle said...

Thank you so much for sharing. It is always a pleasure to see your grandmother. Your grandchildren are just precious. I love their smiles. You are truely blessed!

Scottish Nanna said...

I just love your grandma she Is a dear sweet lady you are so lucky to have her. Thanks for sharing her with us.Tha children are Gorgeous Too.
Hugs Mary.

Alice Grace said...

Another great visit to Granny's! She is so precious! I know that Tris, Alyssa, and Brett will always remember these visits with her. What a great lady she is! And how sweet of you to go and visit with her. I know she enjoyed it as well as you all did.

Suzan said...

What a blessing to have your grandchildren know their great-great grandmother! Only my eldest granddaughter has memories of my grandmother. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Oh Valerie, there's so much to say about it. This post. I'm so happy. You said it - the Memory Making. This is SIGNIFICANT. I felt it all being passed on.

Do you know I sat here with my coffee in hand, resting my legs after a hectic morning and savored every minute of this treasure!

Generational Love, *karendianne. / Living Life at LeeHaven

brenda said...

I read this one and wanted to cry with homesickness! I love how Daddy is so faithful to her. Thank you for sharing this with us! I love you. Your sister, Brenda