Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Have Been Boo-ed!

My friend Connie BOO-ED me on her blog! This is one of my favorite blogs and we have become very close blogging friends. Go visit her blog. You will love it. We have found out that we are a lot alike. It is amazing because we would not even know of each other if we didn't blog! Neither one of us really celebrate Halloween, but this seemed like fun. It gives you a chance to see other bloggers that we love.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Grunt, Sigh, Whistle

I went to visit my Granny again today. I wanted to stay longer than I usually do so I brought my quilt that I am trying to finish. As I have told you before, this quilt is 25 years old and still not finished. There is a story there and when I finish it, which will be soon, I will tell the story behind it. Anyway, I am removing all of the hand quilting that I have done and am doing it on the machine. Granny was impressed with it. I don't know why. If she could see good, she would see all of the imperfections. But thats ok. It is my first quilt and I am going to be proud of it. Anyway, enough about my quilt. Granny was working on one too. She thinks when someone comes to visit that she should stop sewing and talk to them. I told her lets both get to work. So she sewed and I ripped out my hand quilting. It is so quiet there. I was on the couch and she was at the sewing machine. She doesn't watch t.v., so there was no noise. As she worked, I noticed a pattern. As she sewed, there would be a GRUNT, then a SIGH, and end with a WHISTLE. Over and over again. It was so cute. She was concentrating so hard. I loved being with her today. My dad came in and brought her some pear preserves and I was telling him about the sounds she makes and he knew exactly what I was talking about. I always take pictures while I am there. It drives her crazy. It seems that I post about my granny a lot, but I love her so. She is precious! I wonder if I make sounds when I am working on a quilt? hhhhmmmm......

Monday, October 27, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mandys First Baby Shower

Some of Mandy's friends from her church gave her the most beautiful brunch Baby Shower. She got a lot of nice things. We really enjoyed meeting all of her friends. They were so nice. We had a great time and the food was excellent!

I was very excited about the gift I got her for this shower. I had bought her a high chair and a beautiful Strasburg chenille blanket, but what I was most excited about was the baby quilt that I won from Sandy's blog! I received it in the mail just in time for this shower. Mandy loved it as you can see! It is beautiful. It will be cherished by all of us. Thank you Sandy!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday To "My Sweet Granny!"

Granny is 95 years old today! Her children had a very small party for her. There were just a few people there. She says too many people makes her nervous. I took a lot of pictures of her. She hates to get her picture took but she knows that I am going to take them anyway. We went to a restaurant for lunch and then went to her house for cake. I heard several stories about her that I had not heard before. I heard that she calls her quilts, "prayer quilts"! I knew that she was a prayer warrior! I heard that her middle name is "Mossy" and the kids used to call her "Bossy"! They asked Granny her secret to living so long, and staying so strong and she said, "Prayer." They told us all not to bring gifts, but I could not go without taking something. I took her 3 spools of white thread and 3 prefilled bobbins. You would have thought that I had gave her a million dollars! She was so excited! Can you tell I love to take pictures of Granny's feet? Did you see her praising the Lord? Do you see the picture with me, my dad and Granny? In the background, is my dads brother. Do you see the picture with me and my aunt. I was told all of my life that I look just like her. I only wish that was true. She is beautiful! See the quilt that me and granny are holding--that is the quilt that I helped her roll to get it ready to sew this past week. I really enjoyed getting to see several of my cousins, along with aunts & uncles and of course, my dad! I even gave my blog address to one of my favorite cousins! When I left, it was about 5 p.m., and Granny whispered to me that she was ready to put her pajamas on. She goes to bed at 7 p.m., so I am sure that she was getting tired. I am so glad to have my Granny with me this long. 95 years old!! That is really something! She is really something! Happy Birthday Granny!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The End

I worked very hard today on all the garden vegetables. I wrapped all my big green tomatoes in newspaper and place them in a tote. That way, we will have fresh tomatoes for a while longer. Then I made some more green tomato pickles & hot pepper sauce. I also cut up all of my bell pepper and froze it. I canned most of my red tomatoes. I saved some for us to eat this weekend and some to take to my granny tomorrow. I also made homemade soup. I shelled all of the peas and cooked some for supper and froze the rest. I fried a pan of okra and froze the rest of it. All that is left in my garden now is the okra, that is still growing, but is slowing down. I also have my cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower that is still growing, but will not require a lot of work. I also cooked some turnip greens out of my daddys garden. The grandchildren were amazed at how full the pan was and once they were cooked, how little there was. I tried to get them to taste of them, but they would not have any. We had a very good supper that was right out of my garden. Well, I consider this "THE END" of my vegetable garden until next year as far as canning & freezing. I have really enjoyed it, but I have to say I am ready for the break.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Fun Afternoon

The grandchildren had early dismissal at school today, so I picked them all up and then we went to visit my granny (I forgot my camera, imagine that?). Granny wanted me to help her roll a quilt to get it ready for the machine. I had never done or saw that done before, so I was glad to help her. It may be the old fashion way, but now I know how. Then we came on home and the kids helped me pick the green tomatoes, the rest of the peas and green peppers out of the garden before the frost hits. They really helped me, even though they just thought it was fun. Then my "sweet honey" came home with some new "toys" that he had found. Just what we need.....another four wheeler and a motorcycle. The kids were so excited! My "Sweet daughter", Maranda came home and got to try out the motorcycle, along with her grandmother ("My Sweet MIL"). We had a fun afternoon with all of them.