Friday, January 9, 2009

5 Generations, Pictures & Quilt Squares

I have 4 grandchildren now, so this is not the first picture of 5 generations but it is the first one with "little bit", Baby Davis. This was his first outing except for the doctor visits. My "sweet daughter" Mandy and I met my dad over at my 95 year old "sweet granny's" house. She hasn't saw the baby until today. He is 12 days old today. Granny said she was in love with him. She was so happy that we brought him to see her. My Mom had sent Granny some white fabric and she just loved it. Granny had asked me to cut it into quilt squares from a little cardboard template that she gave me. Along with the baby and the quilt squares, I had also fixed a photo album of some pictures of my visits with her. I think there are 80 pictures in the little book. She was so tickled. I told her she could look at it later when we were gone but she could not stop looking at it. She loved it. I will probably start her another album now that I see how she enjoyed it. I told my dad if anything happens to Granny that the photo album was his. He loved it too. We enjoyed our little visit and I was so glad that my daddys brother was there to take the 5 generations picture. That picture includes Granny, my daddy, me, Mandy, & Baby Davis! So Precious! How blessed we are!
Prayer Request: Please remember my sister as they are burying her husband today. We will be attending his Memorial Service tomorrow.


Karen said...

Valarie, I so enjoy your posts and especially about your family.
5 Generations....WONDERFUL...and the book you made for granny must have pleased her from the inside out. You are a good granddaughter!

Alice Grace said...

How sweet! I know Granny loved seeing Baby Davis!
Love the way you presented the quilt squares to her!

Darla said...

Great job Val!!

Connie W said...

Oh this post is so full of love and sentiment. How lovely. You are a blessing to your Granny and she must be absolutely thrilled.
I send my sympathy to your sister and all in to family.

Nanci said...


What a wonderful visit and picture. I love all the generations but it reminds me how life changes so quickly. You have a new baby and your brother in law has passed on to better life. Life changes everyday but we will always remember those around us either in those photos or just our many memories. You are truly blessed and a blessing to many.

SandyQuilts said...

My little Davis ... he's just too adorable. Hey next time show a close up of the photo album. Love the 5 generations ... you are so lucky.

For Christmas I madea photo album on snapfish for my mother ... she loved it. Unfortunately she's on the west coast and we're all on the east coast.

Carliea said...

I loved this post. I also loved the picture of you and your sisters on the side bar. It reminds me of me and my two younger sisters. Mom would dress us alike all the time.

Needled Mom said...

Five generations....isn't that a blessing in itself? Great photos of the group.

That little Davis is such a sweetheart. I know they must be in heaven with him.

I do hope you snuck in a rotary cutter for all those squares!!!

precious said...

Congrats for baby Davis! Sorry to hear about your sister ..

Jes said...

Hi there!
I just found your blog (not sure how...???) and just had to leave a note and say that I adore this post. :) It totally reminds me of the four generations that were in my family (my sweet Gram passed away about a year ago) and it brought back so many wonderful memories!

So sorry to hear about your sister's husband...your family will be in my prayers.

Hope your weekend is blessed!

Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

What a great picture with FIVE generations! I love your Granny...she's a doll...loved to give her a huge hug!

Brenda said...

I love this. I love you all. Brenda