Monday, January 5, 2009

Granny's Sweet Laughter

Granny & her Christmas Tree

Don't ask me why I always take pictures of her feet.
I just love them I guess.

I went to visit Granny during the holidays and I have never saw her laugh as hard as she did that day. My "Sweet daughter," Maranda got to go with me. She was still recooperating from her foot surgery. Granny was telling us some funny stories. She got so tickled. I had never saw her like that. I tried to get a picture of her laughing while telling us the story about that Christmas sweater in the picture above but it only looks like she was smiling. You would have to had been there and saw her clap her hands and bend over laughing. It was so cute. Her children had a little Christmas party for her. When they brought all of her gifts to her house that she recieved she said there were so many that she didn't remember what all she had. Well, someone elses gift had accidentally been brought with her gifts. She just assumed it was hers. It was the Christmas sweater. She said she wore it to church the next day. She said she noticed the sleeves were a little long but she wore it anyway. She even took the tags off. Then when she got home she noticed the gift bag that it came in and it had one of her daughters name on it. She could not believe that she wore her daughters Christmas Sweater. She laughed and laughed about it, yet at the same time I could see it really worried her but she still thought it was hilarious. There were several more funny stories that she told us that day. I have never saw her laugh that hard.
Everytime I think of that day it brings a smile to my face. It was so precious and will be with me
forever. I will never forget it.


Carliea said...

She just looks so precious. I am thankful you still have her with you and I hope you have her for years to come. She is such a treasure. I love talking to older people because they have seen and done so much and they are so smart. I think when we are little kids we are smart and we get dumb about teenage years and it takes all those years to be smart again.

Darla said...

How cute is that? Wait until my post about my Monday, DREADFUL!

Alice Grace said...

You describe Granny so well! I see the closeness you two have together and it makes me so glad. Your other Grandmother (my Mother) and Granny were best friends, and I remember the sweet times they had together.
You have captured Granny's sweet personality in all your posts and I am so glad you are so close with her. In the future you will be so very glad for these sweet moments.

Karen said...

What a delightful always. I love coming here to read what you write and I LOVE GRANNY! As I'm sure all of us do by now.
You have made her a part of your blog...thank you.
I think that should be gramms sweater now! She earned it....LOL
Hugs, Karen

Anonymous said...

So does she get to keep the sweater? If not, she needs one of her own!
Both my grannies are gone, so I think I'll adopt your granny as my granny too. She's a sweetie for sure!

PEA said...

It made me smile just thinking of her laughing that way! lol What a precious grandmother you must tell her that a lot of us have adopted her as our gran as well! hehe That is just too funny about the sweater, I'm sure she'll be teased about that for a while:-) xoxo

Needled Mom said...

I always enjoy your "granny" posts. I love the sweater funny is that?

Deborah said...

Makes me think of my mother, whom I miss every day.