Thursday, January 15, 2009

Warm Chili or Cold Milkshakes?

My 3 oldest grandchildren just love to come to my house. As a matter of fact, they love anything we do as long as they are with me. I picked up the 2 little ones (Alyssa 8 & Brett 5) from elementary school and we stopped by the car wash. You would have thought we were at a carnival or something. Then we had a few minutes to spare before picking up Tris (13 year old)from middle school so we stopped by to see what Granny was doing. I bet you will never guess. Yes, quilting. She had finished one quilt today and started on another. When I got there she said let me finish this row and we will talk. I told her that she didn't have to stop but she said she was worn out and wanted me to put the sewing machine away for her. She said tomorrow is "wash day" and I won't sew again until Monday. I was telling Granny about my neighbor (54 years old) passing away and she looked at me and said, "I often wonder why God don't take me instead of someone like that." Then she told me how she wakes up everyday and can hardly move but once she prays she feels better. She said that she was reading her Bible today and she felt the Lord right with her. She got tears in her eyes and said "I have no doubt that HE is with me everyday." She actually shivered as she talked. I could see the spirit of the Lord all over her. While I was having this serious conversation with her, Brett & Alyssa were playing with her walker. Granny hates when I have to leave but she understood. We left there and went & picked up Triston and headed home. The kids love to go to my house. Don't ask me why, but they do. My "Sweet daughter," Maranda came home from work & she gathered all the kids and made milk shakes for them. They loved it. Now I'm making a pot of chili to warm us up from the cold and she makes milkshakes!!! Chili & milkshakes.....what a combination! It was a hit with the kids though. We had a good afternoon with them.


Alice Grace said...

How sweet they all look! And Granny is so precious! She is a saint! I am glad you got to spend time with them all today. I can feel the love right thru this post.

Anonymous said...

How lovely...your sweet grandkids and your sweet granny too...precious.

Julie said...

I love your posts--so refreshing and full of love. Thanks---Julie

Scottie and Patty said...

Just wanted to say that it was wonderful to see an example of the older teaching the younger. What a wonderful thing to see this woman sewing on that machine. What a blessing to get to be part of that.

Darla said...

What a beautiful post. Your Granny is one heck of an example to us all, we need Granny's like this, probably why she is still with us. The older women are supposed to teach the younger ones, right? Sounds like a delightful afternoon with your grands.