Sunday, February 22, 2009

Church Ministry Fair

This is one of my best friends, Rachelle.
She is on a committee which is in charge of introducing
new members to every aspect of our church.
LeeAnda, Maranda, & new little helper
working in Share Baskets
Another one of my best friends, Reba & daughter, Tiffany.
These are some of the hardest workers I know.
Lane working in the Share Basket Ministry
My "Sweet honey" telling everyone about
"The Share Basket" Ministry. Another one of our best friends, Janice & grandaughter
looking at Share Basket table

Me & My "Sweet honey" & a sweet little helper

Good friends that are willing to do anything they can to help.
One of our Share Basket Mottos:
Share with us as we share with others.

Love Thy Neighbor Hospital Ministry
Dedicated To & In Memory of Juanita Hicks

More dear friends of ours,
Sweet Family fixing sandwiches to take to hospital.
Me with 2 dear friends, Lesa & Reba.
Lesa & her husband are a new addition to
our Share Basket Team.
Our church has 17 working ministries going on. Our Pastor felt like this would be a great way to show others what all is going on inside our church. There are a lot of people that don't really know what they want to do and this was a great way for them to see what is going on and decide if they would like to help. Each booth had displays showing what goes on in each ministry and had sign up sheets available for anyone interested in being a part. We had a great turn out and it definately was a success. I took a lot of pictures of each booth and would love to show them, but I failed to ask some of them for permission for me to put them on my blog and I would not want to do anything without asking. I do have some pictures of the ministries that we, along with many other people are involved in. We help with "The Share Baskets" which is the food bank for the church and also the "Love Thy Neighbor" Hospital Ministry. The food bank helps anyone in the church or the community with groceries when they need it. It requires a lot of hard work but is very rewarding. We are blessed with several shoppers & many helpers. The hospital ministry is a great program too. I have actually experienced this when my "best friend, Vicki's" mother was in the hospital and different churches brought food for the families of loved ones. This is how we found out about this ministry and how we got involved. Many times families don't want to leave the hospital, even to eat. We, along with other churches in the community, take baskets with goodies such as soups, cookies, crackers, sandwiches, etc. for the families. We have different volunteers that do this on a regular basis. My "best friend", Vicki's Mom went home to be with the Lord in August of 2006 and her birthday is actually this week, so it is very special to me to be writing about this hospital ministry at this time. Her name is "Juanita" and was such a precious angel. SHE is the reason we wanted to start this ministry. We had a very good response to this event today. I wish I could remember all of the ministries that were represented. There were the greeters & ushers, transportation, Choir, The Youth Group, The Womens Group, First step program, Outreach, Bereavement Ministry, Seniors ministry, Childrens church, Boy Scouts, Sheperds Watch, Drama Team, Trailblazer Motorcycle Riders ministry and many more. The point of this Ministry Fair was for anyone who thinks there is nothing for them to do in the church. There is always something for them to do for the Lord. Everyone was encouraged to think and pray about where the Lord would want you. The pictures that I am showing, I either have their permission or knew they wouldn't mind. There are so many more involved in ministries of our church. I wish I could show them all. It is amazing. It was a great success and we can thank our Pastor & Staff for their great leadership. But most of all, we thank the Lord for our place in the Church. We are very proud to be a member of our Church.
Share Baskets Motto: Alone, we can do a little, but together we can do a lot.

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest. Ecclesiastes 9:10 KJV


Vicki said...

Thank you Val for such a sweet tribute to our Precious Mama. You know that the very depths of my heart was touched this morning as I read this. I'm embarrassed to tell you that I had actually forgotten about this special ministry, "Love Thy Neighbor" in honor of Mama. You are so right, it is such an awesome service for the family members that do not want to leave their loved ones to know there is a sandwich or some snack to sustain them during this emotional time. Thank you and Randy and your church family who you know I have come to love for this special dedication of service of God's love in our Mother's name. Happy Birthday, Mama. Never forgotten. Vicki

Kristi Morgan said...

This is a very sweet thing to honor my nanny!!! Thank you Val you are the sweetest most precious thing ever and I appreciate your love for our family!!! Happy Birthday Nanny!!! I miss you terribly!!!
Love you, Kristi

Brendia Cookston said...

Wow, that is awesome to have so many opportunities to work in the church. This is a great idea. We should have "ministry fair" at Claxton. I always hear people saying that they want to work, but there's nothing for them to do. What a great way to let everyone know what's going on.

Darla said...

Everyone has a gift and every gift is very important!! Come get your award!!

PEA said...

How wonderful to be involved with something like this! I'm so glad that the event went so well and hopefully you were able to reach out to a lot of people who will be willing to help out as well. It's people like you and your ministries that make this world such a wonderful place to be in:-) xoxo

Krista said...

Cheryl called Charlie on Friday and talked to him about the ministry fair. She asked us to come down but we were in a revival. They were still using the youth ministry statements that Charlie came up with. It brought back so many memories. I can't even begin to tell you how much we miss you all! The Claxton church is wonderful and I love it, but the Dalton church will always be home to me. Oh, I saw my mother in law in the background of one of the pictures. I was excited to see her, and she was walking!

Alyssa said...

cool love it

Anonymous said...

Your church has a great ministry list. Something for everyone. The fair is a clever way to spread the word about all of them.

Alice Grace said...

You have a wonderful, loving church! Everytime I have visited there I can feel the love of God and the friendliness of the people. The share basket ministry is more essential now than ever before I am sure. God bless you, and all your ministries as you all do the work that Jesus commanded us to do, "love thy neighbor as thyself...."

Alice Grace said...

I also want to mention, Happy Birthday to a precious lady, I know she is missed by her family.
Happy birthday, Vicki's MOM!

Karen said...

What a special day!
You and your husband are such a darling couple.

leigh said...

WOW! I had no idea of this ministry until aunt Vicki passed this blog along. I will definately lift it and all the efforts up in my prayers!
Its also so awesome that people who knew Nanny saw her for the very precious and special person that we all did! She is missed...and never ever forgotten! Thank you for the special dedication and for being such a wonderful friend to our Aunt Vicki!!


Shanda said...

Everyone done just a great job Sunday. I am very proud.