Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Simple Blessings

A magazine subscription gift from my Mom

Mom gave me this paper weight the other day.
I just love it. She offered me the other one.
I didn't take it but I think I will now.
I just love the bird!

Several sweet phone calls:
...... from my SIL, Dusty checking on baby!
......from my daughter, Mandy checking on baby!
.......from my daughter, Shannon who had a wreck but was not hurt!
Thank you Lord!

....... from my husband for no reason!
........from my daughter, Maranda to see how my day was going!
.........from my daddy just checking on me......from my friend, Janice checking on my head injury!
......from my sweet Mom to see how I was (even though it is her that has not felt good!)
.......from my SIL, Glo thanking me for the shower & the pictures on my blog.
(She doesn't need to thank me, she has done so much for my family as long as I can remember. She is the most giving person!)

I am so thankful for my old (10 year old) stove. They had told me it would costs 638.00 to fix it. So we went shopping.......just to find out that a Jenn Aire stove is now 2800.00!!! Yikes! We paid 1000.00 for it 10 years ago. But the repair man came and fixed it for 182.00. I gladly paid him. This was sure a blessing!

A visit from my best friend, Vicki.
I gave her a neck pillow & a pin cushion that I made just for her. But she gave me so much more just for visiting and giving of her time. She is a blessing and it made my day.

Pawpaw coming home to play with grandson! More than precious!

A sweet gift from my daughter Mandy!
I love charm squares! (she also brought supper)
My Son, Nathan also offered us supper tonight.
Do I have sweet children or what?

I was so thankful that I had a little time in the sewing room.
This is a surprise for my oldest grandaughter, Triston.

I just had to share some simple, yet precious blessings from today. I have heard this said at church so many times, but it is so true. We could offer the Lord a million thanks and it would not be enough.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Precious Baby Shower

My niece Summer is having her first baby and it is a GIRL. We are all so excited! She is due April 24! My sister in law, Gloria has dreamed about having her first grandchild for a long time. I am so happy for her! My daughter, Maranda & I prepared most of the food for the shower. The beautiful cakes were a gift from a family friend. Gloria's sister, Dianne & her daughter & daughter in law's provided the home and did everything else. They all out did themselves. Dianne's home was just beautiful and so inviting and they made us feel so welcome. The pictures do not do her home justice. Did you see the center piece for the table? It is a little antique high chair. Did you notice all the silver cups & spoons hanging from the chandelier? And the wreath on the door? Oh my goodness, it was unreal! There were 6 of us all together that gave this shower for Summer and it was wonderful. She received a lot of nice gifts and was able to visit with family members that she had not seen for a while. Did you notice the little red & white overalls that Summer's mother gave her along with a picture of her wearing them when she was a baby? How special! Glo & Dianne's mother (Summer's "Nana") has already gone home to be with the Lord, but I could not help but think of how excited she would be today for Summer. She was a precious lady and was missed today. Nobody had to tell me. I just knew. I missed her, so I can imagine how they felt. I am sure she was looking down on us all with her sweet smile. Glo gave her daughter a little dress that her mother had made for Summer when she was a baby. What a precious gift. There were many other gifts, old & new, but to me that gift was priceless. There were no words when I saw this. Just priceless. I thought the best way to share this day with you would be through pictures. Pictures are memories being made and you can not put a price on that. I cannot wait until we get to see our brand new niece, Mikenley! She is already so loved & so blessed!

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Day At Gran's House

My Four Little Blessings

Look how little he is Gran!

Look Gran, he is reaching for us!

How precious! Look at the love on their faces for their little cousin.

I am in love Gran!
She really is!

When can he fight, Gran?

So happy!

Tris is the firstborn of my 4 grandbabies.
She is growing up too fast. She is a great help to me.

Movie Time while Baby is asleep

This was a special day for us. It was my first day with all 4 grandchildren. They were all so good. I couldn't ask for them to be better. I hope everyday is like that.

Please continue to pray for my "sweet Mom." She is still down with her back. If you get a chance to stop by her blog and tell her how we miss her it would be greatly appreciated. I am going there this afternoon to check on her. My baby sister has been wonderful to take care of our Mom during this time. I cannot thank her enough.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Mother's Love

Mommy kissing her baby goodbye as she leaves for her first day back at work.

Mommy getting in car with a broken heart.

I love you Gran, but where's Mommy?

Tummy Time - Mommy says it is good for me!

So sweet!

Sleeping so good

Working on Alyssa's blanket during naptimes.

My "sweet daughter" Mandy had to go back to work this week. Her baby is 12 weeks old and it was heartbreaking. She is the best little Mom. I am keeping the baby for her while she works. I went to her house on Monday to make it easier for her. He is very attached to his Mom. She is nursing him so it makes it harder to leave him. It was so sad for both of them. Mommy cried and Baby cried and Gran cried! She came home at lunch to feed him and you should have seen his whole face light up. It is amazing that at 12 weeks old he knows her so well. He had a rough day yesterday without her just as she suffered without him. Today was a better day for him though. I don't think it was any easier on Mommy though. I met my "Sweet honey" for breakfast and guess who dropped by as we were leaving......Baby Davis's daddy! I was changing his diaper and he just came and took over. He put him in the car seat and kissed him goodbye. It was so sweet. He is such a good daddy and is willing to help with whatever he can. I think Daddy is having a hard time too just knowing baby is not home with Mommy. I never had to leave my newborn babies so I can only just imagine how they feel. I wanted to share a sweet note that my daughter left me yesterday as she left for work crying. I don't think she will mind me sharing. This note meant the world to me. I try to help all of my children and grandchildren as much as I can but sometimes I need to hear that I am appreciated. Mandy will never know what this note meant to me. There is nothing that could have meant so much to me than this note. Baby Davis did great today (our second day). He took sweet naps and had lots of happy times. My "sweet daughter" Maranda took a vacation day and helped so much. While he was sleeping I worked some more on my "sweet grandaughter," Alyssa's crocheted blanket that I am making her. Tomorrow my other grandchildren will get out of school early so I will have 4 children! Pray for me!

First of all, let me start by saying "thank you." This by far is the hardest thing I've had to do my in my entire life. Baby Davis has been the biggest part of me for 52 weeks (pregnancy & 12 weeks old). Everyday I've talked with him, read to him, played with him, and felt him. Today is the first day he will not be with me. I will say that I have cherished each moment I've had with him and I've had a blast! I know that this is much harder for me than for him and I know that he is in great hands. Thank you for making this hard day as easy as it can be. He loves to sit in his bouncy seat in front of the window and look outside. I love for him to do tummy time because he looks like such a big boy. He eats about every 4 hours now. I know you will learn all of this but as a Mommy, I just want to let you know. I know he will love you just as we all do. You are the rock of our family. I am going to be as strong as possible and know that God is in control. Many women (Mommys) have told me, "you will get used to this." The thing is that I don't want to get used to not being with my baby. I thank God each and every day for this miracle and I know that in HIS time everything will work out. I am trying to "trust" this! It is a challenge. I also thank God everyday for you!
I love you and thank you,
I just thought you all would enjoy reading my special note from my daughter. There are not words to tell you how much this meant to me.
**Special Prayer Request: Please pray for my "sweet Mom" as she is having some back problems and pray for my 95 year old "Sweet Granny". She is not feeling well at all.**

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Moda Charm Pack Pin Cushions

One of the many gifts from Connie!

My first Pin Cushion (Pinwheel Design)

Back of first pin cushion

Second Pin Cushion (Square in a Square)

Back of Second Pin Cushion

This is my favorite. I made this one from the scraps of the other 2.

I guess I can say I made my own pattern up, huh??

This is the back of the last one.

Gift from my "Sweet Mom"
I just love this magazine.
Thank you Mom!

I won a gift from Connie way back in Sept. of last year. She has became a great friend to me. One of the many items was a Moda (Peas & Carrots) Charm Pack. I am just now learning about Moda and different fabrics. Anyway, I have had so much fun (don't I always have fun) making pin cushions with this charm pack she gave me. My husband says it does not take much for me to have fun and it doesn't. These pin cushions were so easy to make. I love the fabric. Thanks again, Connie! I found a great tutorial on Moda Bake Shop along with many other projects.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pictures Tell The Story!

The day started out great. There were gifts in the mail from Angie! She crocheted a dish cloth for me and also sent the cutest recipe cards and a pin cushion that is just the cutest thing! Then she topped it off with an Easter card and sweet note.
Thank you Angie! Go visit her blog. It is wonderful!

Then I finished the binding on my first little baby quilt!

This is not perfect but I am still proud of it.

This is the back. It looks crooked but that ok.
I didn't notice it until this picture. I am giving myself permission
to make mistakes so I can learn.

It is just made out of strips and then I tried the free motion quilting which I loved! It was fun.

I wanted to get the binding done because I wanted to take it to show my "Sweet Mom" .
I was meeting her for a little outing to the quilt store. I worked hard and got it finished and then forgot to take it! I should have known then that my day was not going to be so good. Ha!

I bought some more black & white fabric and a little surprise for a friend and then they gave me the Feb. Saturday Sampler Quilt block so I could re-do it since I messed it up. I just love this quilt store. They even have a blog. Go and visit - Lavender Lime Quilt Store

Then when I got back home my sweet daughter & I went to store to pick up a few things. As I was placing them in the trunk of her new car...........................

The trunk lid hit my head! HARD!
And so that is why I look so rough in this picture. I got very dizzy and sick and for sure had a very sore head and a big knot! We decided we better go get it checked out. So my day ended in the emergency room. Thank you to my "Sweet daughter," Maranda, for taking care of me. Have you ever heard that song......"Here's your sign?" Well, that is how I felt. They did a CT scan and everything looked fine. They told my family to wake me up every hour and check on me for 24 hours but I am fine! I have to say though.....I am pretty tired from my "Sweet honey" waking me up all night! Ha!

Hope today is a better day!
It makes you thankful for the normal days!
Off to sew now..............

P.S. "Sweet Daughter" is learning. She looked at me while sitting in ER and said, "Mom, too bad you don't have your camera?" I said," me, no camera?- of course I do!" She said, "this is a great blogging moment!" So that is how this picture was taken. Ha! You sure can't miss those "blogging moments!"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My First "Free Motion" Quilt Experience

Part of the binding put on.
I will finish it tomorrow.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Can you see the meandering?
Don't look too close but from a distance it looks great.

Sick baby with one sock on & his new pillows

Sweet grandson snoozing on pillows.

I am so excited! I found a tutorial on Nettie's Blog! It shows how to make a baby quilt with strips. I think I had mentioned that it was on in an earlier post but it was on Netties Blog. She made it so simple to understand. Then I decided that I was going to try the free motion quilting. I went to and watched how different people did this meandering thing. I saw a 4 year old little girl do it, so I thought surely I could. I started it and didn't think I was doing it as good as I could and was just about to quit when I heard this one lady say to give yourself permission to make mistakes. Then she explained that if you start out with a baby quilt or even just a panel and just practice you can do it. My meandering doesn't look professional and it is my first attempt so I just kept on. I actually was having so much fun. I also heard that same lady on say that once you get it finished that no one will notice the imperfections. I am only showing part of the quilt because I don't have all the binding finished but I have to say it is looking pretty good. I just couldn't wait to show you. If you are a professional quilter, turn your head and please don't look. I will get better at it but I am still proud of it. As soon as the binding is finished which should be tonight, I will be ready to start another.

I also had a little sick munchkin again today. I made my "sweet grandson" 2 pillows with some scrap fabric and let him lay around on them. He loved them. His Mom didn't want to take them home though because they didn't match his room so I guess they will stay at Gran's house and he can use them here. He has Red and black in his room. Georgia colors- what was I thinking? It was just scraps though. I think my "sweet honey" liked the pillows. As soon as the grandchildren left he got the pillows and layed on the couch with them. He told me how comfortable they were so at least the pillows will get used. They aren't anything special but just thought my grandson would enjoy while he was sick. So now I guess they are Papaw's & Grandsons pillows!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Home With Gran

Sick little Grandson

All fixed up in Gran's Bed!

My little grandson was sick and had to stay out of school today. He didn't feel good at all until I bought him some little army men along with a slushy from the sonic & some tator tots. Then when we got home he wanted some potato chips. He didn't eat any of it but he sure liked having his own bed tray in Gran & Papaw's bed. He felt really special. I didn't accomplish too much today but I enjoyed having my sweet grandson with me. I guess staying with Granny is the second best thing when you are sick & you can't be home with Mommy.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Special Visits

We surprised my "Sweet Mom" at her job with a visit

bringing her great grandson to see her.

Mom was so surprised.
Me, my grandbaby, and my Mom, my bestest friend in the whole world.

My Sweet daughter with her baby and my Mom.

Granny holding her great great grandson, Davis.

My daddy holding his great grandson.

He had him laughing out loud. It was so cute.

Granny was telling me about when her and my Papaw got married.
She really could not remember when exactly. She told me that it has been 14 or 15 years since he passed away. Then she told me about during the depression. She didn't remember a lot. She did remember that they only got certain food items and only certain amounts of it. She told me they were blessed because they had a garden but she said they still ate "poor" but they didn't know it then. She said to them it was good food. She said supper would be a big pan of sweet potatoes. It was whatever they had. She told me that in her family before she married that there were 11 children in the family. 3 of them were triplets. She said that back then you had your babies at home. She said they had 2 peep holes to look through when their Mom was having her babies. She didn't get to look much because one of her sisters was the boss. She said the day the triplets were born they couldn't believe how many there were. She said they would take turns looking in the peep hole and see all those babies. When she married she had 6 children. I love talking to her and listening to her stories.

Baby & "Sweet daughter" telling Granny goodbye.