Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My First "Free Motion" Quilt Experience

Part of the binding put on.
I will finish it tomorrow.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Can you see the meandering?
Don't look too close but from a distance it looks great.

Sick baby with one sock on & his new pillows

Sweet grandson snoozing on pillows.

I am so excited! I found a tutorial on Nettie's Blog! It shows how to make a baby quilt with strips. I think I had mentioned that it was on in an earlier post but it was on Netties Blog. She made it so simple to understand. Then I decided that I was going to try the free motion quilting. I went to and watched how different people did this meandering thing. I saw a 4 year old little girl do it, so I thought surely I could. I started it and didn't think I was doing it as good as I could and was just about to quit when I heard this one lady say to give yourself permission to make mistakes. Then she explained that if you start out with a baby quilt or even just a panel and just practice you can do it. My meandering doesn't look professional and it is my first attempt so I just kept on. I actually was having so much fun. I also heard that same lady on say that once you get it finished that no one will notice the imperfections. I am only showing part of the quilt because I don't have all the binding finished but I have to say it is looking pretty good. I just couldn't wait to show you. If you are a professional quilter, turn your head and please don't look. I will get better at it but I am still proud of it. As soon as the binding is finished which should be tonight, I will be ready to start another.

I also had a little sick munchkin again today. I made my "sweet grandson" 2 pillows with some scrap fabric and let him lay around on them. He loved them. His Mom didn't want to take them home though because they didn't match his room so I guess they will stay at Gran's house and he can use them here. He has Red and black in his room. Georgia colors- what was I thinking? It was just scraps though. I think my "sweet honey" liked the pillows. As soon as the grandchildren left he got the pillows and layed on the couch with them. He told me how comfortable they were so at least the pillows will get used. They aren't anything special but just thought my grandson would enjoy while he was sick. So now I guess they are Papaw's & Grandsons pillows!


Amelia said...

For a first time - I think it looks the new baby will like it. Learning something new always has its curves and challenges...we must just keep on trying.

Alice Grace said...

Great job! I love the colors and the binding just makes it!
I hope little Brett is better today. Those pillows look so comfortable. You are such a good Gran!

Angie said...

Oh I am so excited for you! I can't wait to try the free motion quilting. It makes it looks so wonderful doesn't it! Thanks for the great idea to look on utube! That is such a great way to get many tutorials. I think your grandson thinks you rock! I so loved hanging out with my gramma too when I was little. Have a great day.

QuiltedSimple said...

Your quilting looks good! I cannot wait to see it all done. Hope your grandson is feeling better

Julie said...

Looks wonderful and I love reading posts about your granny. I hope you are writing down everything she tells you--it is priceless. Julie

Sandy said...

I need to practice free motion also...I think I will look up that quilt pattern and practice as you did. Don't you love Utube?? I just looked up chain stitch for hand embroidery and watched it as I did it on my fabric. Worked out great!
Great pillows...a great idea for the little ones. Is there fiberfill or actually a pillow inside.

SandyQuilts said...

Your quilt turned out perfect. Poor little guy ... needed lots of cuddling with GM.

I love this tutorial for strips (I do leave off the animal).

Karen said...

How wonderful that gram could cheer Brett up when he was feeling so bad....nothing better than being cuddled and spoiled (in a good way) when not feeling good.

Anonymous said...

I want to try free-motion quilting on my sewing machine but haven't yet got up my nerve to try. All the machine quilting so far that I've done is on the longarm and it's different. I think having a lesson from someone might help me get over my fear of trying. The quilt looks terrific.