Friday, March 13, 2009

Bittersweet Estate Sale

I had to buy this because my best friend & I have a thing about swings!
As I was on my way to pick up the grandchildren from school this afternoon I saw an ESTATE SALE sign. For some reason my car just takes over driving when it sees one of those signs and I have no control over it. I had a little time before school was out so here I went. As I was following the signs, I realized that this was a familiar area. I turned left and saw all the cars and realized that this was someone's house that I knew. I didn't realize that she had passed away. I actually used to clean her house to make some extra money. She was a precious lady and was so good to me. I have many flowers & ivy in my yard that she has given me. My heart was beating fast and I wondered if I should even go in. She was a very classy woman and loved playing bridge and golfing. She had a lot of antiques that I loved. She had told me the story behind many of her things. When I walked in the front door there was a crowd of people with lots of her precious things in their hands. My heart hurt as I heard them talking about the all of the "junk." I knew that these were treasures, not junk. I can't describe how I felt as I looked around at all the stuff just pulled out of drawers for everyone to see. Her clothes were still hanging in the closets and the doors were open as if to invite everyone into her personal space. All of the bathroom items were took and placed in boxes and priced. Her soap was still in the soap dish. I saw many things that I recognized. I used to dust them. It was the weirdest feeling. And then I saw something that I knew she loved and saw that it said not for sale. It was an antique wooden high chair. I was very happy to see that someone treasured that enough not to sell it. It made me feel better. I didn't think I would be able to purchase anything and then I realized that she would probably be happy if I had something of hers. I felt as though I was saving these things from strangers. I just can't describe what I felt. I have been to many estate sales and felt sad, but knowing the person is a totally different thing. It made me think about our "stuff." "Stuff" is all it is when we are gone. As I started looking around, I found some things that I wanted and I purchased them in honor of my friend. They are treasures to me and I will always think of her when I use them. It might be "junk" to some, but not to me.
Her Handmade apron

Her vaccuum cleaner that I have actually used in her home!

Rotary Dial Phone
This is my favorite thing of all and it works!!!!

My "sweet daughter & grandaughter" checking out my phone!
Another one of her aprons.
I remember her wearing this at Christmas.

How did she know that I have been needing this?

Some serving bowls that they had priced for 50 cents each.
I just couldn't pass them up.

I came home and told my "sweet honey" how I was feeling. He told me that our treasures would be junk to someone else when we are gone. It really made me stop and think. When we buy something we really need to LOVE & ENJOY it because you never know who might end up with your treasures. And then I stopped and realized that our "stuff" is not our real "treasure".
Matthew 6:21
For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.


Krista said...

I always feel that way when I see antiques too. Charlie and I love to shop for antiques together and he makes up stories about all the items. It is very unique, and makes me think about the people who may have owned each thing! I'm glad that you had the opportunity to take some of her things home with you and I know that you'll take good care of them.

Alice Grace said...

I know that you felt many emotions at this estate sale...because it was from someone that you knew, especially. I am glad that you were able to get some of her things that she loved, and I know you will cherish them always.

Anonymous said...

I know that must of been hard. One thing I can never understand is how the family can part with things so special as the aprons.
I can see it would be a blessing to though because you can share the story with your family about the items. It will be neat to have an old rotary phone from a hme that grandma used to clean to earn extra money. She helped add to your heritage. I think it is special. I know they will be treasured.

Anonymous said...

Another lovely post, Val. I am enjoying seeing all the vintage things in the photos. Those rotary phones are now collectibles in antique shops. I wish I'd picked up one of the colorful wall phones back when they were cheap and plentiful; now I never see them. It would be fun having one hanging in my kitchen.

QuiltedSimple said...

Oh how hard that must have been. But I am sure she is feeling good knowing you have some of her treasures.

Lisa said...

What a great story and a WONDERFUL Bible verse to go with it. I am sure that your dear friend would have wanted you to have those items especially the sweeper since it was something you use to use when at her home. Weird how things like that happen - ya know?

Anyway, thank you for sharing that sweet story.


Needled Mom said...

Estate sales can be so difficult in that respect. I often wonder if my treasured item would be considered junk to others without the memories to go with them.

LOVE the rotary phone.

Catherine said...

What a mixture of emotions that must have been! I'm glad you got some of the treasures.

Janet said...

What a lovely post! I know how hard it is to part with the little treasures of someone's life. We have boxes stored away of our grandmas' and mothers' keepsakes. I'm glad you were able to purchase some things to remember your friend.

Karen said...

I've been to sales of people that I knew as well - just like you described it's just a different feeling.
One estate sale I went to was a friend and her husband....we went past their home one day years ago, saw the estate sale, went in and lo and behold - all their treasures for sale and they were there! I went in scared to death that something happened to them only to find they were leaving and heading for Nevada to live and didn't want to take ANYTHING except their clothes...starting over. So I know how you felt - I just had to have something of theirs so we purchased.

Midlife Mom said...

I know how you feel. When I had to dispose of an elderly friends belongings after she passed away I was careful not to have her personal things there. I know I wouldn't want people looking at my clothes hanging there or my underwear in the drawer for all to see so I got rid of that stuff. I gave other things to those that would enjoy them and I kept lots of things to remember her by. I think she would be glad that I have those things in my home and treasure them. Great post!!!

Not So Glamerous Housewife said...

Long time since I visited your blog. I am enjoying catching up. Very nice purchases. It's really better when it means something.

abar1 said...




Brenda said...

Wonderful treasures! This lovely lady would have been honored for you to have her things!

Heidi said...

Oh, how I love antiques and vintage things - all those memories attached! - and especially when you actually share some of those memories. So glad you were able to snatch up some of those "treasures".

Anonymous said...
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