Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Carters Lake

Life is so busy that we have to just get away sometimes.
We both love to fish so that is what we do at this time of year.
I love to see the beautiful views everywhere we go.
We haven't been to Carters Lake in 20 years until we went last weekend!
Isn't this beautiful?

Lake Facts:
Carters Lake embraces a spectacular tract of foothills scenery in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. Its sparkling waters and rugged shoreline provide a beautiful surrounding for a variety of recreational opportunities which include camping, fishing, picnicking, boating, mountain biking and hunting.

Carters Lake has 3200 surface acres.
It is more than 450 feet deep.

Carters Dam is the tallest earthen dam east of Mississippi river.
Carters Lake shoreline has no private docks or development along 62 miles of natural shoreline.
The lake is named after Farrish Carter who owned property nearby in the 1800's

We are very blessed to have several lakes and rivers within a short drive.
I really like having a smaller boat that we don't have to dock and pay a fee.
It was nice to just walk up and get on the pontoon when it was docked but
we always had to go to just one lake. We had it docked at Allatoona Lake one year and then last year at Watts Bar.
Having a bass boat has enabled us to go wherever we want to.
For some odd reason I always catch catfish but they are fun.
I have a fear of them now though because last year I actually got stung by
one of the fins on a big catfish and it hurt so bad. I will not get to close to one now.
Whew! I look rough in this picture but it was fun!
Look at the smile on this face! He is loving it!
This fish really fought. He caught it on a really light weight rod so
that made it a lot of fun.
Now this is a real man wearing my "I love Lucy" sweat shirt!
I was smart and wore a warm jogging suit but he didn't take anything.
I just so happened to have this sweat shirt in my things.
You can't tell it but it was so tight on my "sweet honey"!
He caught a 2 1/2 lb. spotted bass and he was tickled to death.
I told him that he needed to wear this lucky shirt everytime we go fishing!


Allie said...

Gorgeous lake and gorgeous fish - and how can you not love a man wearing I Love Lucy!

Ana-Maria said...

Beautiful photography.

Anonymous said...

Nalley and I had our first outing all those years ago at Carter's Lake. It is such a pretty place. I thought maybe you had gone fishing over the weekend! Looks like you had a great time.

Alice Grace said...

Oh, that is so beautiful! Looks like you both had a great time! Randy looks great in that Lucy sweatshirt! LOL

Darla said...

You so need to frame that last is simply adorable!!! Ya'll are both to dadgum cute!!

quiltingnana said...

thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures of the lake

Anonymous said...

I love the Lucy sweatshirt, I'm a fan of her too. :) Cool!

PEA said...

Oh, Valerie, what a spectacular view! I can see why you love going there:-) I haven't gone fishing in years and years but when I was a little girl I would go fishing with my dad all the time!! They are some of my favourite memories spent with him:-) Love that I Love Lucy sweatshirt...yup, I do believe that was a lucky shirt for him! hehe xoxo

Needled Mom said...

Just playing a little catch up here, Val. It looks as though you have been having a ton of fun fishing. The lake and the views look picture perfect.

Granny has certainly been productive with all of those quilts. What does she do with all of them? I love the tan and white simple and so pretty.

Brenda Sue said...

This was great! Randy looks sooo happy! Congratulations on your fish!