Monday, June 1, 2009

Fishing Is Not Just About Fish

We sold our pontoon boat a few months ago because we bought it hoping the children and grandchildren and our best friends would go with us a lot but they all just went one time in 2 years so we decided to sell it and just get a little bass boat. My sweet honey is a wheeler dealer so he came and picked me up one day and we went and picked this little boat up. He amazes me the deals he gets.
This is a picture before we cleaned it all up.
Yesterday after church we took it up to the Tennessee River and we had a ball.

Look at this beautiful view.

I didn't get too good of a picture of this waterfall. The water was swift and we were going by it so fast but it was beautiful.

This is just a gorgeous house that is on the river.
Notice the crane over on the left of their dock.

This is my favorite house that I saw.
Just gorgeous!
Wonder if they want to adopt me?
Look at this big riverboat coming toward us.

This boat is huge. I would like to see it moving.

I bet they serve dinner and have entertainment on this one!

So here we are on our little bass tracker.
He looks like he is really concentrating, doesn't he?
I am telling you this is the sweetest man on earth but maybe he was pouting??
Yes this is me and this is a little fish. See Mom, I wear my life vest! Look at my new hat! I love it. We always keep score when we fish and guess why he was pouting? I won! He really doesn't pout. He would rather see me catch fish than himself. That is just the kind of guy he is. We got in the water about 4:30 and fished until almost dark and I caught a variety of fish.....a striper, a drum, a smallmouth and a 5 lb. catfish! It was so much fun fishing but I enjoyed all of the beautiful things that we saw on this river as much as I did the fishing. That is why I say fishing is not all about the fish. To me, it is being with the one you love and having fun and enjoying the view!!!


Allie said...

Oh I miss fishing. I used to go with my grandpa all the time. I have a great picture of him holding up a tiny little fish that he caught one time....
I'd love a pontoon. We had one save our lives one time. We were out on the lake during a tornado, and would've sunk in anything else!

Alice Grace said...

What fun you had! Yes, I see the life vest, thank you! You were definitely in God's country on the Tennessee! Beautiful!

*karendianne. said...

Beautiful homes. Really, one of those is mine. hee I can dream...

Congrats on your catch. You look so cute, too. I think I'd have to print that and frame it.

Darla said...

What a beautiful river!! The houses aren't too bad either, LOL. Ya'll look so cute, AHEM, hubby's life vest?

Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun! I agree, fishing isn't just about the fish. It's about spending time with someone you enjoy and soaking up the beautiful scenery =) Oh and you go girl with all those fish maybe you will have to have your own fishing television show!!

Darla said...

Re: Bloomin' Tuesday...just click on the link from my page and sign up at Jeans, and put her link on your Bloomin' Tuesday post!!

blushing rose said...

What a relaxing day you had floating down the river ... very scenic. tY for sharing. I only go out on water when I can see land on all sides surrounding me.
TTFN ~ Marydon

Anonymous said...

Looks like a perfect day! Thank you for sharing such fun and beautiful photos with all of us.

Julie said...

Looks so relaxing and fun. My hubby would be in heaven to spend a day like that. Loved the views!! Have a super day. Julie

Brenda Sue said...

The boat ride was great. Thanks!