Saturday, June 13, 2009

What Can We Say???

We started our afternoon by going to one of our favorite places to eat. Macaroni Grill. The food is normally wonderful but today it was not real hot. We asked them to rewarm it and when we left they gave us our meal free. They really know how to treat their customers. The bread there is delicious. Then we headed on up to the Tennessee River fishing yesterday afternoon.(about 30 minutes from home)
It was so nice and we always catch a few just average size fish.

I had just told Randy that I would love to catch something besides catfish.
Sweet Hubby always catches bass and I never do but today was the day!
We found a honey hole and we were tickled when we were catching fish just like these top two pictures. We think we caught at least 25 or so. They were just average size. We were loving it.
Then it happened......
Pictures are actually out of order.....
I caught mine first...... And then he caught his!
He caught a 5 1/2 pound Smallmouth Bass!
He said he has never really caught many Small Mouth's and
for sure not this big. But right before he caught his.....
I caught mine!

I caught this 5 pounder! It is also a smallmouth!
Sweet hubby could not believe it when I caught mine.
He was so excited so we were really surprised when
he had one too! While I was reeling this in and he saw it, he told me that this will go on our wall.
I was so excited because I have never had a fish mounted that I caught.
The World Record for a Smallmouth Bass is 11 lbs. 15 oz. and it was caught in Tennessee. The record for Georgia is 7 lbs. 2 oz. so you can see why we are so excited. Sweet honey told me that this was his best fishing trip ever. We caught so many fish and they were all good size and then we caught these monsters! Today we have not been worth anything. We slept late and did nothing today. We are so worn out. We could not have stood much more. I can't wait to go again in a few days. We don't normally keep any fish but these are keepers!
So both fish are going on our wall.
He is going to get them mounted on a piece of driftwood and have them both together. I told him it could be "His & Hers!" Honestly we both had so much fun. I have always loved fishing but now I really love it!


Mildred said...

What an exciting day of fishing you two had. Congrats! You'll have to share the photos of the two mounted together.

Alice Grace said...

Oh, My! What gorgeous fish! I would have loved to have been there when you two reeled them in! I can see why you are so excited!

Allie said...

WOW! Those are beautiful fish! I can't wait to see them mounted! That's the kind of day that makes it all worthwhile.
My grandpa and I used to catch a lot of small-mouth bass - he knew all the good spots - but I guess here in the Great Lakes, they're dying out due to some kind of virus. I sure hope the DNR can save them!

Darla said...

Ya'll do look like you are/were having a great time. Congrats on the fish. Show us photos when they get mounted!!

Amelia said...

Are we going to see you on the travel channel showing us the best fishing places in your neck of the woods? What fun for both of you and then catching those BIG BIG fish.

Congratulations are in order for sure.

W. Latane Barton said...

My Word... congratulations to the both of you. Those things are BIG and will look so great on your wall.

Connie W said...

Oh my! What big fish you caught, no wonder you want to mount them. I can tell by your smiles how excited you were and that you were having a great time on your day of fishing. Congrats!

Karen said...

Wow, what beautiful fish.
Don't you just love getting out there and catching them?
I think fishing is soooo relaxing - even if they aren't biting I love being out in the boat 'trying' at least.

G'G'ma said...

No wonder you are tired. Did you have to work hard to bring them in?
Congrats on you super size catch!

Needled Mom said...

That was a sweet spot. It's no wonder why you had a wasted day today. I can't wait until you share the picture with both of them mounted.

Krista said...

Congrats on the fish! You and Randy look so happy together. I can't wait until Charlie & I have the opportunity to spend time together doing things like this. I love the fact that you enjoy doing the things that mean a lot to him and he enjoys doing things with you that you enjoy. That is a true marriage! Being together & really liking it! We all could learn from you.

Brenda Sue said...

How did you ever pull those big fish in??? They are whoppers! Good job!