Sunday, July 26, 2009

Florida, Florida, Florida - Oh Yeah!

Guess where we are? Panama City, Florida!
When I was a little girl, my sisters & I made up a song
everytime we went on vacation to Florida.
Our song went something like this:
Florida, Florida, Florida
Oh yeah!
We're fishing & swimming about half past one
We'll never quit it, We'll never get done.
Florida, Florida, Florida
Oh yeah!
This is one of the pools. That mushroom to the right is a big water fountain for the kids to play in. I have taught all my children and grandchildren the Florida song so the memory can live on.
This is where our condo is. Sunrise Beach Condo's.
We came with our daughter Shannon, & Bryan and 3 grandchildren and a friend.

This is Triston and her friend Haley.
Do they look 14 years old?
Oh to be young again!
This big ship is a restaurant we ate at tonight.
I think it is called the Treasure Ship.
The food was great and the kids enjoyed it too.
There were live pirates there. Alyssa & Brett had their face painted and got their own personal sword made from a balloon.
We are having a great time. The weather is beautiful and not too hot. The ocean has some seaweed in it but gorgeous. We have a 3 bedroom condo. Shannon & Bryan let us have the Master bedroom & bath. Randy & I slept in this morning and everyone was already at the beach when we got up. We went down and joined them. We love to sit in our beach chairs with our feet in the water and just enjoy the peace. We sure do miss Nathan, Maranda & Lane & Mandy & Dusty & of course "Little D"! That would make this trip perfect!
I guess you know what I will be blogging about this week.
I saw a big billboard that said Quilting by the Bay.
I am going to see if Randy will help me find it. Sounds good, huh?


Allie said...

Soooooooooooo jealous - look at that water! Enjoy yourselves!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Enjoy the waves and the rays :-)

Anonymous said...

Wishing you lots of fun and treasured memories this week. Have a wonderful time!

Alice Grace said...

Fun fun fun! Quilting by the bay? How great! Go check it out, and make lots of good memories with the children!

Darla said...

Glad you are having fun in our State...I'm not too fond of Panama City Beach......over crowded for my taste now compared to how it was a long time ago.

Karen said...

Valerie have a super wonderful vacation!
Some of our greatest memories with our 'children' when they were young were from our Florida vacations...the best.

Julie said...

Sounds fun--we are going to Florida in September--my hubby has a conference to attend, and I get to tag along for fun. I can't wait!! julie

Mandy said...

We miss you guys! I hope you are having fun but not having as much fun as usual. I have already been singing our song and teaching it to our friends that are going to Florida with us. At this point, they need a bit more practice to get the tune right. I told them we will have 7 + hours in the car. I'm not sure how excited they were about that :)!!! Miss you and wish we were there.

Needled Mom said...

It looks like so much fun. I know that you are having a great time.

Brenda said...

Our childhood memories will live on through our kids - Enjoy every moment with your family and go to that quilting store! Enjoy! Life is good! Love, your Sister, Brenda

*karendianne. said...

How fun for all! I wish this was my view of my state. :)

Carliea said...

I hope you have a wonderful time and I thought the memory of the song was so sweet. My sisters and me used to make up songs all the time so it brought back good memories.

andsewon said...

Hope the weather stays nice for ya!!
Enjoy these wonderful days with some of your sweeties!!!!
Remember Sunscreen!!!!!!!!
look forward to Quilting by the Bay report!!!