Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Funny Man On Scooter

We are riding down Front Beach Rd. here in Panama City, Fl.
All of the sudden Randy starts dying laughing.
Cars are bumper to bumper. He tells me & Alyssa to turn around
and look at this guy on a scooter.

He is talking to a girl on another scooter everytime traffic stops.
Everytime he stops talking he takes a big puff on a cigar and makes the funniest face.
I tried to take a pictures without him noticing me.
The faces he made were hilarious.
My 9 year old granddaughter was in the back seat and was cracking up.
We all were. I snapped several pictures trying to capture the face he made after each puff.
I finally got it!

After the smoke cleared this is the face he made.
He didn't do this one time - he did this everytime!
You would really have to had been here to see it.
It was hilarious. Randy said he must not be used to smoking a cigar
or it was an extra strong one. It was so funny!
And you expected beach pictures.....................
Note: Click on picture and enlarge. It is so funny!


Mildred said...

That is the funniest face ever! I am so glad you kept on till you captured that look!

Julie said...

He looks like he about to die!! Hope the cigar is worth that look!! Sounds like you are having fun wherever you go!! That's awesome. Julie

Needled Mom said...

Too funny. I'm glad you were able to get a picture of his face.

Alice Grace said...

Well, that was funny! I clicked on the picture and saw him clearer, and he looks like he is in pain! That must have been a powerful cigar! I would love to have heard Alyssa laughing on this one!

Karens Hopes said...

just popped in to say hello, I'm new to blogging so pop on over and see me.

Darla said...

No telling what you are going to see at the beach!!

G'G'ma said...

Sooo funny. Continue to have a great time!!!

Allie said...

Oh that's funny! You'd think he'd just put it out instead of puffing away!

Brenda Sue said...

You really should be a photographer, you capture the greatest shots!!! Thanks for the giggles! Love, Brenda