Friday, July 3, 2009

Just A Few More Pictures Of Cabin

Can you tell that we loved this place? Well, we did. And I cannot wait to go back there. It is a little piece of heaven. Enjoy the pictures below. Have a Happy Fourth of July!


Allie said...

Oh my - love all the quilts and art and furniture! Wonderful!

PEA said...

Happy 4th of July to you and your loved ones, dear Valerie!! Oh wow, it's no wonder you love going to that cabin, it's so rustic and beautiful!!!! I so enjoyed looking at the slideshows and seeing how gorgeous the scenery is, as well as seeing the wonderful furniture and antiques throughout the cabin. And look at that fish you caught! You go girl!! :-) xoxo

Sherry said...

I rememer when painting on saws and saws blades was a big thing at craft shows. I love all the homey touches they have in the cabin. I can only imagine waking up in such a wonderful place!

Thanks for sharing!