Thursday, August 27, 2009

How Granny Puts Her Quilts Together

I was telling Granny how much I love her and Brother had my camera snapping pictures so he only got half of Granny but it is still cute. I must warn you that this is the most pictures that I have ever put in one post.
This is Granny's stack of quilts that she has done. She tries to make at least 1 a week. She used to do 2 every week but she is getting really tired. I can tell. She still does her "grunt, sigh & whistle" as she works. If you have read my blog for long you will remember that post.

When my daddy is there and it is time to sandwich a quilt together he always helps Granny out.
Actually, you would be surprised how he knows what all to do but he had a good teacher.
Sometimes Granny gets a little nervous when someone else is helping her because she likes to do it her way but she appreciates the help.
Here she is making sure it is laid out right.
This is the same day that I went and picked up Connie's quilt. (see last post).
I wonder what "Brother" is thinking.

Granny looked up and said, "You still have that picture maker"?
She says she hates for me to take pictures but I think she likes it.
Half the time I am taking pictures she doesn't even realize it.
3 safety pins.
That is all she uses to baste the quilt together. I have saw her only use one.

She only pins one side. Daddy was telling me that she is that way about everything. She does it her way or no way. He said when she eats she only drinks half a cup of milk and it has to be in the same cup. She also has to have something sweet after her meal. Just a bite of something. Then mid afternoon she likes to have something cool like a glass of water or some watermelon or ice cream. She likes popcorn too but she won't cook a whole bag of microwave popcorn unless someone is there to share it.

See that pin in her mouth? So cute.

One more pin and we are through she said.

Daddy had been working out in her garden and the yard but he knew it was time to roll the quilt so he came in to help her. She told me in secret that he knows how to do it good but he gets a little fast.
They roll it about half way.
She really watches to make sure it is even and tight.

Then they go to the other side and roll toward the middle.


Now it meets in the middle.
Then daddy carries it to the sewing machine for her.

She brings one chair from the kitchen for one end to sit up on and then there is another chair positioned up under the sewing machine shelf.

Her chairs have to be positioned a certain way.

O.K. I think she has it ready now. She had this one ready to start the next morning.
She said that she is stronger and has more energy after she sleeps and gets up and has a good breakfast and prays and reads her Bible.
I just thought that you all would enjoy seeing how Granny rolls her quilt and only uses 3 pins.
I received another email tonight from another blogger that would like to buy one of Granny's quilts. She is going to be so excited. Thank you to all you bloggers. You are special friends!
Update: Go check out Connie blog and see her "Granny Quilt"!
Thank you Connie!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Granny Is Blessed Again

I went to see Granny today and walked in with 2 envelopes and some money.
She looked at me and said, "What have you got"?
I told her that she sold another quilt. I told her this one was from my friend Connie in Indiana.
She said, how do you know all these people and how do they know about my quilts?
I reminded her of my blog but she just doesn't understand. She was so tickled though.
Connie, you made her day!
I gave Granny both cards from Martha and Connie! I had given her Marthas money the other day but I thought she would enjoy the cards.
I read both of them to her. She said she could not wait to just sit and read them by herself.
She said the cards were worth more than the money. I gave her the envelopes so she could see that these friends lived far away. She just can't believe it.

My sweet friend Connie had told me which quilt she would like from a picture she saw. Of course she said any of them would be great. My cousin Nancy was there and Granny told her to go and help me pick Connie out a pretty quilt. My cousin reads my blog so she understood and she was as tickled as I was about my friends wanting a "Granny quilt". I wish I had labels to put on them. Connies quilt was there waiting on her. It is a very pretty quilt.

Granny wanted to check it out and make sure it was good enough.
I told both Connie & Martha that Granny is almost 96 years old and her quilts are not perfect by any means but I sleep under one every night. Last Christmas I bought 3 of my grandchildren a quilt from Granny and they also sleep with one on their bed every night too.

I have to tell you what Granny said. She told me that she was running short this month. They filled up her tank with gas for her heater for the winter time and it was a big chunk. She said, "The Lord is so good." She said that money that Connie sent came right on time when she needed it. She got tears in her eyes and said "I am so blessed, Beth (that is what she calls me)".

When I started to leave she looked at me and said I can't wait until you come again. She always says how much she appreciates me. You would think I just come once a month or something. I try to go at least once a week. She always says the same thing everytime I leave but this time she added this:
I can't wait until you come again. I sure do appreciate you Beth. I hope you bring a check with you next time!!!!!!! (she just giggled)
She loved it. It made her day. What a blessing!
Thank you Connie!
Martha & Connie......Your quilts will be shipped out tomorrow.
Thank you for blessing Granny!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Yummy For My Tummy

I have learned to grill some this summer. Normally I leave that up to sweet honey but not tonight. He was over at "The Love Shack" working.
Everything here is out of my garden except for the chicken of course.
Grilled chicken, squash, bell peppers and tomatoes
served with mashed potatoes and biscuits.
Yummy For My Tummy!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A "Me" Day

I work so hard all the time that I decided that when I had the chance I was going to take a "Me" Day. Do any of you ever want to do that?
My sweet hubby took me with him on a working trip so while he worked I took advantage of the time and did nothing!!!
Well, as you can tell, I did something!!!

This is all I needed a nice fluffy bed, my computer, a coke & candy and a t.v.!
I was in heaven.

We stayed in Helen Ga. which is one of our favorite places to stay. It is centrally
located in the middle of the territory that he travels. He told me to do whatever I wanted to do. He told me to go walking downtown or by the river. Did I? NO! I was right where I wanted to be for the day. I had dreamed of this day.
I have a lot of people that are dependent on me. You know how it is with Moms & Grans. I just wanted a day that I had nothing to do and I got it!
This is what I saw outside of my window. Wow.
It is like taking a deep breath! A breath of fresh air!
I needed that so much. I bet my poor hubby wishes he had a "me" day. All he does is work too.
But he gave me this day. I am already ready for another one!
I am so blessed.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Man Of Few Words But A Big Heart

What can I say about this man, my sweet husband?
He has so many qualities.....too many to list.
Today is his birthday so I thought I would do a post for him.
He loves so many things. He loves turkey & deer hunting.
This picture is from last year when he shot 2 turkeys with one shot.
Is that amazing?
Here is a picture of him trout fishing earlier this year. He loves any kind of fishing though. We love to fish the rivers and lakes in our boat. We also love deep sea fishing when we go to Florida. He has taught me to love all these outdoor hobbies. Wonder if he will ever learn quilting??
I know you have saw this picture before but this is our grandchildren with us. They are our heart. Our family is why Randy works so hard. Everything he does, he gives it his all.
He is an honorable man. He has always been such an example to all of our children to work hard and do the best you can at everything you do. He loves his God and his family.

This is our youngest grandchild, "Little D". They were leaving to go on vacation and we met them for lunch to say goodbye. Hasn't he grown since that last picture above?

I think this was suppose to be a smile!
I must have took it too soon.
We are on a "working" trip and this is Randys birthday breakfast this morning.
We are in one of our favorite places- Helen Ga.

I just had to show these pictures. He will probably kill me! Ha!
Randy has some back problems but it doesn't stop him.
I have watched him work so hard through so much pain.
This is before the procedure. He had one several years ago that really helped him. The last one he had he was out of it for about a day so we assumed that it would be the same way this time.

When they called us back to let us see him after it was over he looked sound asleep which we expected. As Maranda (our daughter) and I walked in we were being very quiet so we would not bother him. Maranda is very sensitive where her daddy is involved. She got tears in her eyes as we walked in because she is not used to seeing him down. As we were walking in his eyes were closed and he was barely moving his hand as if he was looking for me. I reached out and grabbed his hand as Maranda was about to start crying. All of the sudden he opened his eyes and started dying laughing. You really would have to know him to see how funny this was. We thought he was still drugged up but he was wide awake and ready to go. He laughed and laughed at us. He is a man of few words but has a big heart. He is a hard worker and a loyal man. He is also hilarious! We could have killed him that day! Needless to say, he is doing good. The procedure didn't remove all the pain, but did help to make it bearable.
I hardly ever do a post about him but just wanted you to know what a great man I am married to. There are too many things to list about this man. Is he perfect? He thinks he is! (Ha!) He is a great husband, father, & grandfather! I could not ask for more! He is the love of my life!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Granny, A Quilt, The Internet & A Special Friend

A while back I received a special email from Martha and she told me that she would like to purchase one of Granny's quilts. (Go visit her blog). Last week I received this sweet card from her with a 50.00 check in it for Granny. She told me to pick out the quilt for her. I explained to her that Granny's quilts are not perfect but that I sleep with one on my bed every night. To me, there is nothing like a quilt made my Granny.

I went to Grannys house and told her that one of my friends wanted to buy one of her quilts. She was so thrilled. She asked me if she was coming over to pick one out and I told her that she lived in California and that I would ship it to her. She looked at me kind of funny. She didn't really understand how someone so far away would know about her quilts. I told her that she needs to pick it out for her. I told her she either wanted red & off white or blues & greens.
This is the stack of quilts that we had to choose from.

This is the one that we chose for Martha. I think it is so pretty. It has a white backing.

Here I am giving Granny the check from Martha.

You will not believe what Granny said.

She said, Whew wee, Payday!

I laughed and laughed.

I asked Martha if she would mind if I shared a little about her with this post. She sent me the following email:

Hi there Valerie,
I forgot to add in my last email that I do not mind at all if you post a little something about me purchasing one of Granny's beautiful quilts.
Like I said, I'm very excited about it. Just to add to the story... I never really grew up surrounded by grandparents. I never knew my paternal grandparents because they both passed when my father was a young boy.
My mother's father passed when she was a young girl and I only grew up knowing my maternal grandmother. Unfortunately, she passed when I was young and never developed a strong relationship with her. Also, she wasn't very crafty and I never learned all the things granddaughters are supposed to learn from their grandmothers. You are so lucky to have your grandkids around you to teach them so many wonderful things and pass on traditions.
For this reason, I'm so happy I get to have a beautiful and genuine quilt made by Granny.
And, I guess you can say that I've also spiritually adopted Granny as my grandmother. I hope you don't mind. :-)
Like I mentioned in the last email, the print and colors are so pretty. The print reminds me of a fresh breeze.
Thank you once again Valerie!
Love and friendship,

Thank you Martha!

You made my day but you especially made Grannys Day!

Your quilt will soon be on the way to you!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh My Goodness!

I just thought I was only breaking and freezing beans today. I went to my garden and picked more veges and then my daddy brought me a big bag full out of his garden. I didn't get all my beans broke but I am working on it. I put up 11 quarts today. That makes a total of 24 quarts in my freezer. I will finish the rest of the beans tomorrow afternoon along with all of the other veges. My plans was to work on ebay too but didn't get to that today.

No fancy dishes here. Just iron skillets and pans. I had several emails asking me how to make my cornbread. You can go to my archives at the very bottom in the side bar and look under recipes. It is under cornbread. I also had emails about my fried squash. The pan I showed you the other day was fried one piece at a time. I cook them one layer at a time. The pictures above show what my squash looks like most of the time. I just roll in cornmeal, salt & pepper and then add a little shortning to an iron skillet. Get it really hot and pile them in. Then as they cook I turn with a spatula until heated through. Then I place in a very hot oven and finish it off. The iron skillet on the left is already done. The one on the right is just started. Behind that pan is some fresh green beans. And top it all off with cornbread! Add some sliced tomatoes and banana peppers and you have a good country meal! Oh my goodness!

Work doesn't stop after the veges because here comes the muscadines & grapes!

Muscadines are just starting getting ripe. I will have to take Granny some. She will love these. I always make muscadine jelly out of these and it is so good.

Grapes are not ripe yet but it will not be too long!
Aren't we so blessed?
Hard work, but so thankful!