Thursday, August 27, 2009

How Granny Puts Her Quilts Together

I was telling Granny how much I love her and Brother had my camera snapping pictures so he only got half of Granny but it is still cute. I must warn you that this is the most pictures that I have ever put in one post.
This is Granny's stack of quilts that she has done. She tries to make at least 1 a week. She used to do 2 every week but she is getting really tired. I can tell. She still does her "grunt, sigh & whistle" as she works. If you have read my blog for long you will remember that post.

When my daddy is there and it is time to sandwich a quilt together he always helps Granny out.
Actually, you would be surprised how he knows what all to do but he had a good teacher.
Sometimes Granny gets a little nervous when someone else is helping her because she likes to do it her way but she appreciates the help.
Here she is making sure it is laid out right.
This is the same day that I went and picked up Connie's quilt. (see last post).
I wonder what "Brother" is thinking.

Granny looked up and said, "You still have that picture maker"?
She says she hates for me to take pictures but I think she likes it.
Half the time I am taking pictures she doesn't even realize it.
3 safety pins.
That is all she uses to baste the quilt together. I have saw her only use one.

She only pins one side. Daddy was telling me that she is that way about everything. She does it her way or no way. He said when she eats she only drinks half a cup of milk and it has to be in the same cup. She also has to have something sweet after her meal. Just a bite of something. Then mid afternoon she likes to have something cool like a glass of water or some watermelon or ice cream. She likes popcorn too but she won't cook a whole bag of microwave popcorn unless someone is there to share it.

See that pin in her mouth? So cute.

One more pin and we are through she said.

Daddy had been working out in her garden and the yard but he knew it was time to roll the quilt so he came in to help her. She told me in secret that he knows how to do it good but he gets a little fast.
They roll it about half way.
She really watches to make sure it is even and tight.

Then they go to the other side and roll toward the middle.


Now it meets in the middle.
Then daddy carries it to the sewing machine for her.

She brings one chair from the kitchen for one end to sit up on and then there is another chair positioned up under the sewing machine shelf.

Her chairs have to be positioned a certain way.

O.K. I think she has it ready now. She had this one ready to start the next morning.
She said that she is stronger and has more energy after she sleeps and gets up and has a good breakfast and prays and reads her Bible.
I just thought that you all would enjoy seeing how Granny rolls her quilt and only uses 3 pins.
I received another email tonight from another blogger that would like to buy one of Granny's quilts. She is going to be so excited. Thank you to all you bloggers. You are special friends!
Update: Go check out Connie blog and see her "Granny Quilt"!
Thank you Connie!


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh my goodness Valerie. I love this post. She actually lays out her quilt on a bed. Your Granny is so creative. I love reading about her quilting. Thanks so much for sharing your Granny with us.

Tootsie said...

she is amazing!!! she is just precious too!

Michelle said...

What a sweetheart. I am almost 52, and I can tell you that my back would not handle bending over the bed long enough to get the quilt ready. I am so glad she loves quilting. It is the hobbies she loves, and her routines that are keeping her young. What a blessing!

I know she loves your visits too. Life is good for her, and I know she will be so tickled when it's 'payday' again.
be blessed,
ps. have you ever told us her first name?

Karens Hopes said...

Wow what an amazing lady your granny is. I love her attitude of doing it her way ! I can relate to that. Its fantastic that she is still doing her quilting and so fast too. Tell I send her a big kiss all the way from the UK.
Karen x

martha - ca knitter said...

Wow, Granny is Super Granny! Thank you for sharing the process on how she puts the quilts together... that is so impressive. My back aches after pinning and cutting out just one pattern, but Granny keeps on going with her quilts. I agree with everyone...Granny is amazing.:-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing pictures of Granny at work. It makes you realize just how much effort and love go into each quilt. I am thankful that she can do the things that give her joy and at the same time bless so many other people. God bless Granny.

talesfromagarden said...

hi valerie,
i left a post saying i would love one of your grannys quilts but did not leave details of how to contact me so my email is as i said i live in ireland, kathleen

talesfromagarden said...

sorry valerie, kathleen again, leave out the www. for my email address!!

Darla said...

Thanks for showing this...I'm learning a lot from Granny...hope you post how she unrolls it to sew..

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Oh Valerie how interesting....she sure does get a lot done in a short time!

What is the white she uses for a backing??? Is it a sheet.

Very lovely and thanks so much again for sharing.


andsewon said...

Love this post!!
Granny is 'real' and I so enjoy Granny Posts!
I understand the do it her way/right way as Aunt Dot , 89, is same way. Ha!!
Quilt on Granny!!!

Sherry said...

Granny Definitely has her tech. down pat! Man, I use a lot of pins and stitch witchery. I wish I could do it Granny's way!

Love all the pictures!

Brenda Sue said...

Hi Beth. Thanks for another beautiful tribute to Granny! Daddy got to see it this time and was so happy to see great pictures of Granny! He said you captured the "real Granny!" Love, Brenda

blushing rose said...

Love Granny, sigh, whistle & all. She does one a week ... no way! God bless her!!

What beautiful pictures & memories you have & share with her.

TTFN ~Marydon

Alice Grace said...

Way to go, Granny!

cockermom said...

I loved reading your 'granny' post! How fun it would be to visit with your granny.

Allie said...

I love that picture of you two! And like everyone else, I am amazed at Granny. I can relate to her having to have everything just so - me too, lol! Bless her heart. I love her to pieces.

Jacquelynne said...

I can't believe Granny can make a quilt a week- she really puts me to shame!!! No wonder she is still going strong at 96...
(By the way, if Granny likes microwave popcorn, you could get her the 100 calorie minibags- just the right amount for 1 person. I love them.)

G'G'ma said...

Three pins?? Oh,my goodness. I probably use 200!!. I've tried rolling a quilt but see why it didn't work for me...not tight enough. Good your Dad is around to help her, but then she could probably do that herself too. Your Granny is a lovely, very special lady. She has a lovely family too! I enjoy all your posts about her.

Threeundertwo said...

Amazing. I wonder why she even uses pins, if she only uses 3. What an interesting post.

And a quilt a week? She's my hero.

michele said...

your granny is so precious. I would like to have her address to send her a card. She is lucky to have you too. maybe i will order one of her quilts soon. I can't believe she makes one a week. i want my mom to read your post. take care and God bless!

Nanci said...

I love this whole post about your granny and wondered all along what she did with all those quilts but then I see she is selling them. I wondered also how she quilts them with her older machine, does she just quilt a straight stitch, I would have assumed she hand quilted but it's wonderful to see she actually machine quilts at her age. How much does she sell her quilts for?

StitchinByTheLake said...

Oh Valerie I loved this post! And I love that quilt she is putting together! I wonder just how many of her quilts I could afford. Hmmmm.... blessings, marlene

Miss Jean said...

Ok, I just love your Granny! I know that there are thousands of bloggers who would like to adopt her!!!! I really admire her discipline and all of her little "quirks". Most of all I love the fact that she gets up and reads the bible and then starts her quilting. What a gem she is.

*karendianne. said...


What a real, real treat. Not to mention a treasure but I've said that over a bazillion times.

I love seeing how she does this. It's amazing with only a couple pins, too, isn't it? It's so cool how your Dad helps and actually knows so much from helping her. Gosh, you know I don't know what brother was thinking but this is SUCH GOOD LIFE EXPERIENCE for him, to see the tradition and watch it right before his eyes. More men folk could use a little bit of that.