True Love

Fried Squash in an iron skillet + a pan of cornbread..........True Love!
or is this true love?

Oh my goodness.....there is nothing like a tomato sandwich with cheddar cheese and mayo!

Fresh Tomatoes
Oh my goodness! Heaven on earth.
Grilled in the shucks or cut off the cob....
either way is great.

There is nothing like having bell peppers already chopped up in the freezer ready to use in the winter. Last year my tomatoes lasted almost until Christmas!
Don't you agree? True Love.


Alice Grace said…
Wow! You have made me hungry! That corn looks fabulous! and of course the tomatoes! I know you will be making some great food with all those wonderful "true love" foods!
Sherry said…
I can almost smell all of those yummy veggies. The corn and tomatoes always smell so good when you first pick them. Can I come over for dinner??

Allie said…
Thanks a lot - it's bedtime and now I'm starving, lol! It all looks SO good!
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This comment has been removed by the author.
I find the tomato and cheese sandwish my true love! Yum! there anyway you can send me your address again so I can send you the check for Granny's quilt? Pretty please. :-)

(had to come back and edit comment - sorry)
Anonymous said…
I could eat as much squash as someone would fry for me! It's a favorite. This is a great time of year to enjoy fresh veggies.
Darla said…
Did you harvest these veggies from your garden? It all looks great..I would love a mater sandwich!!! Can't wait to see how the 'Love Shack' turns out....I know it's hard work, so worth the outcome though.
Can you post exactly how you fry the squash? It looks so yummy, but I really don't fry and I'm not sure what to do!
blushing rose said…
What a bounty already! Would you pop over & help me with prayes needed for some lovely people today, please. TYSM
TTFN ~Marydon
beth said…
wow! it all looks So-o-o good. Love those tomatoes!
Needled Mom said…
There is definitely a love thing going on with all the fresh produce, but I'll take my tomatoes with bacon and lettuce please! I love this time of the year.
Carliea said…
That fried squash looks awesome. Looks like you were blessed with an abundant harvest. I will have to get some tips next year. I only had 4 tomatoes, 1 pepper, and 3 cucumbers.
PEA said…
There is nothing quite like freshly harvested veggies!! I can't wait until our garden is ready...probably another week or so before anything is ready to harvest. It's so late this year but we're now finally getting some warmer temps and sunshine so watch it grow now:-) xoxo
Linda said…
Hey where's the recipe for the fried squash and cornbread, now that you have made my mouth water.