Sunday, September 20, 2009

Grandchildren, Granny's Quilts & More

"Little D" with Gran & Paw Paw
9 months old! I am a big boy!

Here I am eating lunch with "Little B".
He never stopped talking the whole time.
Notice he is missing 2 teeth? I picked him up from school one afternoon and he wanted me to pull the first one. We were actually at a car wash. The second one I pulled on a different day, we had just left a car wash. I thought that was strange. Car washes & teeth???
By the way, the tooth fairy brings a lot more money than she used to when I was a little girl!

Brett- cleaning up his lunch dishes at school!
His mommy needs to see this!

It was grandparents day at the school so I ate with both grandchildren on the same day.
I didn't actually eat though. School food doesn't appeal to me. I drank a glass of tea and visited with my babies. I think they love me! I call her "My Angel" because she is the happiest little girl all the time!

Here is "my angel" fixing her tray at lunch. A bean burrito in a package?? Yuk!
But the kids love it! Thats what counts, I guess.

This isn't a good picture of my oldest granddaughter. She is the batter. I call her "Sweet Teen". This is her life now......Ball! I wonder if she would have liked me to come and eat with her at lunch? NOT.
When they become teens it changes. But she will always be my baby.
I brought some of the quilts from Grannys home because I wanted to organize them since I have sold so many. I brought them home, looked on my blog to see who had bought which ones and have them ready and waiting for shipment. I will take these back to Grannys until I get payment for them. Then as I give her the money, I will get the quilst and I can keep it straight in my mind. So far, everyone that tells me the money is on the way has sent it to me in the mail. Bloggers are really something! You all have blessed Granny so much!

These quilts were shipped yesterday. They are going to Kim, Michelle, Connie (second quilt) & Marlene.
Thank you all. Enjoy your quilts!


Kim said...

I can't wait to get my quilt! Your grandkids are all so cute, I know how much you love spending time with them.

Alice Grace said...

How Little D has grown! and look at Little B! With those 2 teeth missing! And of course, Little Angel! All smiles, all of them. What a joy!

martha - ca knitter said...

I can't believe how big Little D is getting. He looks so handsome.
Little B and your Angel are so lucky to have lunch with Gran.
I have to agree with you on the school lunches though, sometimes they are just okay/salty.
It's so exciting to see all those quilts going to good homes. :-)
Have a great week!

Brenda said...

It is so good to see these pictures of you all! We love you all! Brenda

Midlife Mom said...

I enjoyed so much your video of your Granny!! She is so sweet and I can tell she just loves the Lord so much! How nice that you can sell some of her quilts for her on your blog. You're right, bloggers are just great!

Enjoyed all of your pictures of you and your grand kids. What a blessing to be a part of their lives!!!!

Allie said...

Your grandchildren are DARLING. You're right, that's strange about car washes and teeth! Remind me never to go to a car wash with you. *giggle*
So happy to see all the quilts being sold - just wish one was coming to my house. *sob* Granny is the original Wonder Woman!

grandmarockton said...

loved seeing your GRANDS!

Michelle said...

Loved seeing all the smiling faces in your blog post today. Have a wonderful week!
be blessed,

Anonymous said...

Good Rainy Monday Morning Val, You are blessed with beautiful loving grandchildren. I can't believe how the baby has grown! I have started posting on my new blog and will not post on the old any longer. The new address is Hope you get a chance to visit. I wish you all a good week and a big hug to Granny from me!

Darla said...

Your husband looks good, I do hope he is feeling better. Your grandchildren do love you, it shows. I am so proud that Granny is starting a quilting business at such a young age! Gives us all something to work toward!!

*karendianne. said...

I enjoy reading about how you relate with your grandchildren. I really truly extra delighted in the special names you have for them, too. Then I couldn't help but giggle when you talked about having lunch with your "Sweet Teen." You're so cool to know what they need and what they don't need. Grandma crowding them, they don't need. But showing up and taking photos and having a safe place to be a "Sweet Teen" and be loved, that's certainly what they need.

And of course Granny. My heart swells looking at the array of quilts ready to be out the door and honored and treasured in the home of our fellow bloggers. Always a happy place here my friend, always!

Sherry said...

I bet the kids LOVED having you there!! Your grandaughter does have the biggest brightess smile! It's one of those contagious smiles.


Anonymous said...

My quilt arrived today, Hooray! Thanks, Val, and another thanks for your precious, sweet Granny.
Your little and big grands are all just so wonderful.

Catherine Rogers said...

Valerie I'm sorry somewhere along the way we lost contact. As I read your blog and got caught up on all I've fallen behind on, I see So much has been placed on your plate dear. Having lost the love of my life -2 years ago last week- to a sudden heart attack, I will certainly whisper a prayer for your beloved. I had no idea he was ill. Neither did I realize your granny is selling quilts. I know my Mom will want one to keep in the family. I am suppose to let you know we are having a Teasley family reunion Sunday 11-3 at Griffin park in Tunnel Hill. I hope you can make it. Email me when you get a chance. I love your place on the net. It's like coming home. God bless you as you continue this blog which serves as a blessed ministry. Hugsssss.

PEA said...

Such wonderful pictures of you and your grandchildren:-) How special to be able to spend lunch time with them at school on Grandparents' Day!! I remember when my boys became teens, no way did they want to go anywhere or be seen with us! lol

I sent you a money order in US funds yesterday by mail so hopefully you'll get it within a week...also wrote a little note to granny:-) I'm just tickled pink that I will have one of her quilts!! xoxo

Corrie said...

What cute grandchildren!

Needled Mom said...

It is so wonderful that you can go to school for Grandparents Day. It means so much to the kids.

D is really becoming a big boy. Isn't it amazing how quickly they grow that first year?

I hope you are getting a break from all the rain in your area.