Sunday, October 25, 2009

Grandma & Granny Best Friends Forever

My Grandma

This is just one of the many quilts that me & my MOM saw at the Quilt show in Blairsville Ga.
I just loved it. It was the best day ever. I can't help but think of my Grandma (my Mom's Mother) when I see this quilt.
She did a quilt of different birds. It is beautiful. Mom has it now and treasures it.

Grandma passed away many years ago. I was real close to her too.
Me & Grandma shared the love of gardening.
I was named after Grandma.
When I was born my daddy was in the Navy and we moved to California.
Mom says that Grandma came and helped with me when I was still a baby.
Grandma always told me that I used to sleep with her when I was newborn.

Did I ever tell you that my Grandma (Mom's Mother) & my Granny (dad's Mother)
were best friends. You all hear about Granny a lot. I am so blessed to still have Granny with me.
I love spending time with her.

Grandma & Granny went to church together as long as I remember.
They always sat together. They worshipped together.
They were truly sisters in the Lord.

My Grandma:
I remember Wrigleys chewing gum.
I remember apple butter.
I remember beautiful plants.
I remember tomato & pepper plants.
I remember beets in her garden.
I remember her cherry tree.
I remember her homemade biscuits.
I remember her making delicious cakes at Christmas to make extra money.
I remember the laughing clown doll (which I have) that someone gave her.
I remember she didn't like our mini skirts.
I remember her cookie jar (which I have) with Nilla Vanilla Wafers always in it.
I remember her hair pins that she put her long hair up with.
I remember fresh sheets and pillow cases.
I remember her telling Randy to get a shotgun
after the boys that come wanting to date our daughters.
I remember her telling me to "wait."
I remember cleanliness.
I remember picking her up every week to go to the grocery store.
I remember church.
I remember banana pudding.
I remember S & H Green stamps.
I remember her ironing.
I remember Guideposts.
I remember her smell.
I remember simplicity.
I remember her heart.
I remember Grandma.
I miss her.

There is a difference between Grandma & Granny. Grandma is Mom's mother and has already gone home to be with the Lord. Granny is my dad's mother & still here and quilting away at 96 years old. But then in a way there are so many simularities between them. They both love the Lord. Their lives are great examples to me. I love them both so.

I love to think of Grandma. Sometimes Granny will talk about her with tears in her eyes. I have had my Grandma on my mind a lot this week so I guess that is why I shared a little about her. She was a special lady (just like my Mom) and I love her so and want to see her again one day when I go to heaven.

Granny & Grandma
I hope that I can leave good memories for my Grandchildren like both of my Grandmothers have for me.
I am blessed to know & to have known these Godly women.

I thought you all would enjoy seeing one of the many quilts that we saw at the Blairsville Quilt show while waiting on the winner of the give away to be announced. I am working on it. I promise. It is a big job. I am going to go to Granny's tomorrow and take the cards and gifts that I received in the mail last Friday for her. Then one day this week you will find out who the winner is. I am slow! I want to make sure that I do it right. You will know the winner of Granny's Quilt before Friday!!!!


Kim said...

I love this post. I miss my grandma too. I love that your grandma and granny were best friends.

Amelia said...

Tears in my eyes right now from reading about your Grandma and all the wonderful things you remember about her. Val, you did have two precious grandmothers to be an example of righteous living and it appears you have followed their example.

So glad to have you as a bloggin friend!

Alice Grace said...

Thank you for featuring Mama (your grandma)! She was so very dear, and she loved you so much. She was so proud that you were named after her (Elizabeth "Beth") for your middle name.
She loved to quilt too. I can remember a big quilting frame up in our house and when I was little I hid under it. She was wonderful, and talented at everything she did. And as you mentioned, terrific gardener!

grandmarockton said...

The tears are falling because we ALL would be better IF we had Grandma"s and Granny's like THIS! Perfect world

Michelle said...

Your post was awesome, and I enjoyed hearing about Grandma and Granny. You are so blessed, because I didn't get to enjoy ANY of my grandparents. They had all passed away before I was born, except for my maternal grandmother, and she lived in a county home on the mental floor. Cherish your memories.
Be blessed, and have a great week!
Oh, guess what? We found another 401A!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Such a sweet post. I hope that your Granny has enjoyed her birthday. I am sure it is one she will never forget :-)

Allie said...

I really love this post, Val. I miss my grandma so much - I've never been so close to someone as I was to her, not even my own mum.
Your post made me think of the verse 'her children will rise up and call her blessed'. Both your grandmas are beautiful, blessed women. And their legacy lives on in you.

Pat said...

What a beautiful post and I can hardly type a reply as I, too, have tears in my eyes. You are very lucky to have such close family ties and wonderful memories. Not all of us were so lucky...but it's nice to read how I WISH it could have been...even if it tugs at my heart so much. The bird quilt is WONDERFUL, by the way...thanks for showing that one.

martha - ca knitter said...

This is truly have your Grandma there while growing up, even better that she was best friends with Granny. I remember seeing this quilt on your mother's blog, still beautiful.
Where in California was your father stationed when he was in the military? I'm surrounded with military bases here in San Diego.

Nanci said...


I've enjoyed all the pictures of Granny opening her cards and the special joy it brought to her each time you came with a new bunch. I also miss my Grandmas and it's a small way for me to remember their sweetness of the olden days. I guess it's the yearning of the past that makes all want to quilt.

Needled Mom said...

What a lovely tribute to you Grandma. You were certainly bless with these two beautiful women in your life.

Karen said...

What a sweet tribute to your grandmas. I enjoyed reading about them very much. Grandmas are very special.

W. Latane Barton said...

I got home from my trip last night and realized I had not sent the card to Granny. What was I thinking!! I will get it in the mail, they say better late than never...

Rhonda in OK said...

really nice post, Valerie.
You've wrote a beautiful life story of your sweet grandma.

I was blessed with 2 wonderful grandmothers who were also friends. They both did lots of needlework even though one was a farm wife who never even had a drivers license and the other was an RN who worked until she was 85.
When they were both in their 80's, they moved to the same retirement home about 6 months apart and lived there for almost 10 years before they passed away, also about 6 months apart.
Grandma was 99 and Mimi was 95.

Oh, that bird quilt is beautiful! both my grandmothers were bird lovers.

Anonymous said...

It was very heart-warming to read about your other grandma and what she meant to you.

Linda said...

My heart aches for you. I miss my Mom so dearly and I know that is how my grandaughter will miss me. For when her mommy was ill I looked after her from birth and we are inseperable. Not a day goes by and she tells me how much she loves me.Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry this post is not perfect but I am at home with the flu. Uggh!!!
I love hearing about my Great Grandma. I do remember a lot about Grandma but most of my memories are from Nana's book she wrote about her which is such an honor to her mother. I have read this book many, many times. My favorite time was the time I read the book (all day) with my children telling them stories about their Great Great Grandma. What a lady...a true lady. Mom/Nana - I would love for you to post her testimony on your blog. This is my favorite. But - the one that brings more tears is the night that she died - No, the night the BIG DOORS were opened for her. I was there and I will never forget. If anyone questions "is there a Heaven". You would not if watched her slipped away. I was about 15, and she talked all the way "home". It was a hard (and sad) night but it really opened my eyes.
Shannon (Val's daughter)

Sherry said...

That is so neat that your grandmothers were such good friends. They both sound like very special ladies. Your a lucky girl Val!


PEA said...

Oh Valerie, I so enjoyed learning more about your Grandma and how wonderful that she and Granny were best friends!! No doubt Granny misses her still. That quilt with all the birds is just gorgeous and I can well imagine how much your mom treasures the similar one her mom had made. xoxo