Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Guess what Granny was doing today?

Yes you are right. Sitting at the sewing machine finishing a quilt top that she just started yesterday. The fire was going and she was sewing away. I took this picture before she even knew that I was there. She kept sewing until I told her that I had her some more surprises.

This is the back of a beautiful fabric card made by Sandy just for Granny.

Isn't this beautiful? This is the front of the fabric card. Granny was amazed. She was trying to figure out how this was made.

(I noticed on Sandy's blog tonight that her granddaughter has the swine flu. Please keep her in your prayers.)

Thank you Sandy!

Can you imagine someone sending cookies to Granny for her birthday?

Well Latane did just that. Her daughter has a bakery in her home and she had her bake these cookies just for Granny. Are these not just so pretty? They look like a picture.
She told me when they were shipped to go ahead and open them so they would not get stale.
So I opened them and just so happened one was broke!!
I thought to myself as I put the others in the container to take to Granny:
"Self," this cookie sure does look and smell good but it is broke so I talked myself into eating it!!!
It was delicious.

It is hard for me to remember which cards go with who because Granny has to read every word in every card and she keeps them close once she gets them. Here are a few of the ones I took her today. They are all so beautiful.

Granny cries (weeps) as she reads them.

These cards are from:

Allie (Allie has another surprise for Granny that I will be taking this week also.)

Amelia (Granny read every word)

Connie sent Granny a card with a folded & pressed hankerchief in it.

Sandra sent a precious card with a 10.00 bill in it. Granny was speechless.
The following cards did not have a blog listed on them.
Susannah O. sent a precious card to Granny.
Brenda D. also sent a sweet sweet card.
Angela from Indiana sent a beautiful card to Granny.
(If any of you have a blog just send me the link and I will add it here.)
She just loved seeing the cookies. She was amazed at how pretty they were.
Granny said they were too pretty to eat.........

But it didn't stop her.
She said, "Can I eat one now?" I told her that they were made just for her.
She really loved them.
Thank you for helping make Grannys birthday week great!

This is random pictures of Granny opening up her cards today. Weeping



I stood up to get this picture. It looks sideways.
She loved the colors on this one.
She told me these cards mean more to her than anything.
Anytime God is mentioned in a card she shivers and wipes a tear.
Every card she opened she always says how beautiful they are.
And then she asked me what state they are from.

Of course, I get the usual....

"Beth, How do you know all of these people?"
Little does she know that I don't know everyone but everyone knows Granny!

Granny is so amazed at all the gifts and cards she is receiving. I have many more that have been sent and I am just taking a few everyday. She is just the sweetest thing. She said today that she wishes she could write everyone a thank you card. I told her that everyone understands and that I would thank you all for her. I am taking more gifts over to her tomorrow. I want her to enjoy a few a day until her birthday. She is having a ball opening each card and reading every word. She says it is like a party everyday. Thank you all so much. She said she has never received so many cards.


Countdown: 3 more days until the give away is over!!!

I cannot tell you for sure when the winner will be announced but it will be by the following week.

Are you excited? I am.

I have a lot of work to do. My daughter is gonna help me sort out everything and make sure the right amt. of entries for each person goes in the box. Hopefully Granny will be the one that picks the winner if I can get her to understand what we are doing.


martha - ca knitter said...

I'm so excited for Granny and it's not even my birthday! Lol.

I'll say a little prayer for Sandy's granddaughter and wish that she makes a speedy recovery.

Karen said...

This is exciting! I love being able to see Granny opening some of her cards and gifts...thank you Valerie.

martha - ca knitter said...

Popping in again to let you know I've given you an award for being part of my blogland Circle of Friends. Congrats and thank you for your friendship. :-)

Mildred said...

Granny cannot imagine how wide-reaching her love and graciousness have reached!

Alice Grace said...

Tears sweet! I know she is so pleased with all this attention and love sent her way! You are so sweet to acknowledge her and visit her and make her so happy. God bless Granny, and God bless you!

Darla said...

I am loving this! You should write a 'Granny' Book. I don't know where my Granny Fan button went.....can you help me please?

Amelia said...

Thanks for inviting us on the visit with Granny today...we love her too!

cockermom said...

Val, it is so much fun reading about Granny! Thank you for posting about her and giving me the pleasure of reading it!
May God bless you both.

SandyQuilts said...

Oh I'm so glad Granny like her birthday postcard.

Thanks for all the prayers for GD#1.

I hope I'm still quilting at 96.

Happy Birthday Granny and many more.

Millie said...

It is so much fun looking at Granny opening her Birthday cards. If I can quilt at 96 I will be so happy.

Penny said...

Oh my gosh. That brought a tear and a smile - many of them. What a lovely woman and the love you have for her is so endearing. Please tell her Penny says "Hi" and that I want to be just like her when I grow up.


Angela said...

That was my lil cupcake card. I dont need a link added, just wanted you to know :o) She looked like she was loving her sweet for the day.

Michelle said...

I am so enjoying seeing her read her cards and looking at her gifts. It's almost like being there with the two of you.

Is it my imagination, or does it look to you like Granny is sitting up a little straighter with this sewing machine. Is she liking it yet? I do hope so!

Keep the pictures coming. I do so enjoy them. Bless you, and bless Granny...and bless everyone who has remembered Granny's birthday. I hope she knows just how special she is.
be blessed,

Allie said...

I love seeing Granny enjoying all her cards and gifts! Her fire looks so cosy and warm. The picture of her trying one of her cookies was priceless!!!
I'm praying for Sandy's granddaughter!

Diane said...

Granny looks like a little kid who got caught with her hand in the cookie jar with that cookie! Cute

Shogun said...

I just discovered this blog and posting from an HGTV board member who posted it (Sandy) and I am so glad I found this. Happy Birthday!

Needled Mom said...

I am just catching up here, Val, and it does sound as though you have had a few very exciting weeks while I was away - an engagement too????? What wonderful news.

I'm glad to see that Granny is receiving so many well wishes for her birthday. I know how much my grandmother used to love receiving cards and treasured each one over and over. Mine will arrive a little late, I'm sorry to say.

Your new sewing cabinet is just great. I know you will enjoy many happy sewing hours with it.

Your dahlia pictures with your mom are just wonderful. My husband is the same way when driving. I have often taken blurry pictures due to fast moving vehicles!!!!

Susannah said...

Oh..Val..she is so very precious. I am delighted that everyone is making her happy. And you? You are a sweet and precious grandaughter!

God bless you all.