Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Crazy Son In Law on Halloween Night!!!!

Today has been a good, peaceful day. I even got a little sewing done. We live out in the country so we don't have many trick or treaters except my grandchildren but tonight we had these 2 little cuties come by. Their family is very close friends of ours at our church. The night started out so nice and peaceful. I was so thrilled for them to come visit.
Then the night got even better. Mandy & Dusty brought "Little D" trick or treating! This is his very first Halloween ever. Is he not the cutest little Monkey ever?!?

Here he is opening his little trick or treat bag with some goodies in it.
He had a ball crawling around everywhere. He was all over the place.

I loved this picture because you can see the tail on his little costume!!!
He is growing so fast!

Happy First Halloween!

It started getting late and we were wondering where my other grandchildren were when we heard a knock at the door and found "Brother & Angel"!!!
Aren't they so cute??
We wondered where Shannon & Bryan were and then out popped this blonde hippie!!!!!
It was my daughter! She was wild looking!
Normally Shannon would not be dressed up so this surprised us all.
We were laughing so hard. (guess you would have to know her).
We asked where my "Son In Law", Bryan was and Shannon said he was home watching the game. We thought that was strange because he is usually right in the middle of fun! And then I walked in to my kitchen and saw something out of the corner of my eye crawling in my back door!!!!!!!!!! I screamed and screamed. Everyone was laughing but I never heard them. This "THING" came toward me with no face to hug me. I ran. Then I heard another scream and it was my daughter Maranda. The "Thing" was after her.

How would you like to see this thing crawling in your back door??
Don't worry, it was just my "crazy" son in law, Bryan!!!
Here is the family all together. They are missing the "teenager". She was at another Halloween party. I guess thats what happens as they get older.
My crazy son in law............. My heart was beating out of my chest. I am still shaking. He scared me to death. So much for a peaceful, calm night!!!
I loved it though after I figured it all out.

I think the "THING" (my crazy son in law) is in love with the Hippie Girl (my wild daughter)!!!



Caths Pennies Designs said...

I just love halloween and your pictures are wonderful. I especially love that little monkey .. just so precious. :)
Nice to meet you. I look forward to reading your blog.

Allie said...

What a fun night, except for the scare - I'd have nightmares, lol! I think that's the cutest little monkey I've ever seen!

martha - ca knitter said...

I would have been right there next to you screaming like crazy! Oh my gosh, I can't believe he did that...but what fun. Everyone looks like they were in the spirit of halloween! I hope you got some candy after that scare. :-)

Ana-Maria said...

Seeing pictures and reading your blog I wished that my Haloween night would be the same , but in our country is not spread this celebration.
Without costumes and scares this celebration would not have its charm.
That little monkey is so cute...
I wish you that the next Haloween will be as beatiful as this year and congratulations for the costumes...

Kim said...

This post was so much fun! I love the costumes, the kids are all so cute. What your son in law did was really funny. Hopefully today will be calm for you! Oh, and this is a bi week for the Bengals, so I won't be doing my usual post on them. I know that makes you soo sad. :)

Pat said...

Great photos...and I'd have been very scared,too!!!

Amelia said...

Grand kids are so cute.

Val, I bet that scare from son- in-law made your heart beat a zillion times a minute.

Glad you got lots of pictures...copies must be made and stored away to look at in years to come.

SandyQuilts said...

Davis is so adorable. All the rest of the family are too cute ... SIL's can be too silly at time. My own SIL didn't dress this year ... I was a little disppointed.

Mildred said...

That all looks like a lot of fun! What precious memories you are making. Have a great day.

*karendianne. said...

Awww, look at "little D" in that monkey costume. I too love that one photo with him turned around so you can see his tail.

And Valerie, I DIDN'T THINK THEY GREW THAT FAST. Are you serious? Gee.

W. Latane Barton said...

Love the monkey... the little monkey inside the monkey costume. He is growing. Wow.

Diane said...

I would have still been screaming! Your little grandkids are so cute! I didn't get to see all the grandkids , but the ones I seen were adorable.

Alice Grace said...

Oh my! Bryan and Shannon! How very cute! Wish I had been home for them to visit me! And Little D, and Angel and Brother! How sweet sweet sweet!

Needled Mom said...

Too funny! I would have been terrified a well. The little ones look so cute. That monkey is adorable.

Jacquelynne said...

I think if I had been you, I would STILL be screaming!

drucillastitches said...

Oh my, I don't like to be scared, I think I would have hurt him!! LOL!

fabricartist21 said...

that is a really neat Haloween story and you must hve had a lot of fun. Your blog is just awesome. I will join in and follow you as yu are so fuul of inspiration. Please come visit me on my blog soon.

PEA said...

I would have been screaming too! LOL It reminds me of this one time when I went to answer the door to a trick or treater but instead stood an adult with a parka on and the hood with the fur pulled right down so that I couldn't see the face...he just stood there saying nothing and it creeped the heck out of me!! Ended up being one of my neighbours! lol The grands look so darling in their Halloween costumes:-) xoxo