Sunday, October 18, 2009

Quilters, Gardeners, Bloggers & Moms

My Mother & I went to Blairsville Georgia to a qullt show this past Friday. This was actually my very first quilt show! I loved it. I enjoyed looking at all the quilts but the most fun was being with my Mom. I am only showing 1 quilt on this post because I have way too much to share but you can see more over on my Moms Blog. I will also be showing more in posts to come. Carolina Lilly

This antique quilt was made by Fritz Simonen's Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Moore Miller.

She lived in Iowa and died in 1894 after a very long illness. It is estimated that she made this quilt in the mid 1800's. The brown leaves were actually green when she made it, they have faded over the years. She probably ran out of that green fabric before she finished the last leaf and border. She then purchased more green fabric which did not fade because it was not the same dye lot.

I would love to introduce you to my new friend. Her name is Dot and you can visit her here.

We were at the quilt show and she came up and introduced herself as a fellow blogger. We had an instant connection. We hugged and felt like we had known each other all of our lives. It was just like we meet and have coffee everyday. I loved it. Thank you Dot.

As we were heading home we went through Blue Ridge Ga. That is where my sweet hubby & I stayed in a cabin not too long ago that I absolutely loved. I wanted to show Mom but wasn't sure that I could find it but I did. We got out and walked around and my mother loved it as much as I do.

For some reason when my hubby is driving and I see something that I would love to take a picture of or stop and visit, he just seems to pass it up. He is just one of those people that if he is driving home, that is his goal and there are no stops. I think it is a man thing.

Well, this trip I was driving. I saw the beautiful garden above and passed it and was telling Mom about it and thought to myself.............STOP AND LOOK. So I turned my little car around and we both got out. It was a Dahlia garden. Beautiful.

My beautiful Mom showing me a Dahlia
and sharing her knowledge of them with me.
My Mom has always loved these gorgeous flowers.

There are more than 50,000 different Dahlias
in every shade imaginable except the elusive blue.

The plants come in a wide range of shapes and sizes
from the tiny liliput that only reach 2 ft. tall to the enormous ones
that have blooms the size of a dinner plate.
This is my favorite one!!!

My Mom & I had many more fun times on this special day and I will be sharing soon.

Quilters, Gardeners, Bloggers & MOM'S are among the best!
I enjoyed my day Mom!
Go over to my Mom's blog to see more quilts from the quilt show!


Bear said...

Gonna be in Blue Ridge soon. We're staying in a cabin there.

I know just what you mean about the men. Sometimes, I can get Honey Bear to stop. Its the antiques shops that I think I'd like to browse.
I remember Mama and I stopping to admire flower gardens, especially the Iris. We would often come home with bulbs of our favorites.
Mama Bear

Michelle said...

Beautiful flowers, and I know you have a wonderful day with your mom. What a blessing!

AmyW said...

You were less than 3 miles from my house! Next time your in Blairsville, let me know and I'll treat you (and your mom) to lunch.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

I love Blairsville and Blue Ridge both. So glad you and your Mom had such an enjoyable trip and wonderful that you met Dot. I have visited your mom's blog and love all the pretty quilts. The dahlias are so colorful. Enjoy your afternoon.

martha - ca knitter said...

It looks like you had a grand time with your mom. The flower pictures look beautiful and that quilt, wow!
I can't believe it was made that long ago.
Time to hop on over to your mom's blog now to look at more quilts.

Karen said...

The dahlias are just gorgeous! You are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of our country!

Darla said...

What a fun day, and gorgeous dahlias...the driving thing?? It is so a MAN thing!

Kim said...

That looks like so much fun. I love doing things like that with my mom. Our sweet Eneida grows the biggest Dahlias and always brings them to me, they are beautiful!

Alice Grace said...

Oh yes, we had such a great day together! It was so much fun to share our love of the beautiful quilts. We were like two kids running from quilt to quilt! And the dahlia garden! Oh how gorgeous those flowers were! It made me decide to begin a dahlia garden next spring! Loved seeing the cabin, and many other things we discussed and visited.

Allie said...

So glad you had a good time, and that you got to stop and smell the dahlias! That quilt was beautiful.

Diane said...

What a colorful blog...... you and your Mom look alike. You are both so pretty. The flowers are gorgeous. I have always loved Dahlias.

Mandy said...

Nana, how cute you look- I'm glad you both had a great time :)