Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More Gifts For Sweet Little Granny

This sweet birthday card is from Suzanne!
Thank you so much. Granny read every word in the card and also what you wrote.

All of this was in one box. I knew that Granny would have a ball opening all of these packages and she did!
All of these goodies are from Linda G. - She recently blessed

Granny by purchasing 2 of her quilts.

Granny received all kinds of goodies.

She loved it all.

Granny was just overwhelmed.

Look what all Linda G. sent her.
There were all kinds of fabric, a crocheted face scrubby, cucumber soap,
all kinds of teas, some candy, and a little fall decorations that she had me put up on her mantle.
There also was a beautiful card and a very sweet note to Granny.
Thank you Linda!
After she got through opening her gifts she asked me to do a few things for her.
First someone had bought her a new table cloth and she wanted me to put that on.
I had already thought to myself that it was Wednesday and the sewing machine wasn't going. She had already made one quilt this week but I had wondered if she wasn't feeling well or something. But then she asked me to help her with a backing for a quilt. She got a newspaper and took me to the bedroom. She had a sheet layed out and it had a big cut in each corner (v shape). She asked me to cut the newspaper to make the sheet square. By this time I was totally confused until my daddy came in and told me what she was wanting. She had took a fitted sheet and cut the corners out. She was making a fitted sheet into a flat sheet to make a backing. Once I finally understood my daddy already had it cut. Granny was making her a pattern! Then she cut the fabric to make the corners. She is so smart! Now I bet tomorrow the sewing machine will be humming again!
*Special request: My dad is not feeling too well. Will you help me pray for him?
Thanking you in advance, Val


Michelle said...

Prayers are going up! Thanks for sharing your visit with Granny today.
be blessed,

Anonymous said...

Hi Val, Wonderful to see Granny and the joy she gets from all your blog friends and their thoughtfulness. I'm sad to hear your dad is not feeling well. He will be in my prayers. You take care of yourself too Val.

Anonymous said...

Hi Valerie,
Sorry to learn that your Dad is not feeling too well. Sending you prayers from Singapore.
"May God heal him and protect him against all odds. Lord, may you bless him and watch over him" Amen
Val, May God bless you too!.
In his Love,
Jenny, Singapore

Anonymous said...

Val, I just love your Granny, and of course, you too. So glad we met here on our blogs and have our friendship. I enjoy reading about her, she's so precious.
Wishing you both a great day; and that your dad soon is feeling all better. XOXOXO

Needled Mom said...

Prayers for your daddy, Val. I hope he feels better soon.

Yes, Granny is so clever. You can tell how long she has been sewing in that she knows how things are constructed. She is one very special woman.

cockermom said...

Prayers from Indiana for your daddy! Granny is really busy these days, is she lovin' it?

Mandy said...

Granny looks so sweet and looks like she enjoyed all of her presents.

The pic of Dust takes me back to the Davis' birth day where we all had been up all night :)

Have a good day and thank for getting Davis yesterday...

W. Latane Barton said...

Granny is just the most clever lady. Who would have thought to cut out the corners of a fitted sheet and then fit it flat.... mercy me. She's such a gem.

Many prayers for your Dad. Sure hope that he is feeling better real, real soon.

Alice Grace said...

Looks like Granny is still getting wonderful gifts! How nice of everyone to remember her.

Allie said...

I'm praying for your dad, Val. Thank you for sharing Granny's continued blessings - I do that to fitted sheets too, lol!

Midlife Mom said...

So glad that Granny had such a wonderful time on her birthday and received so many lovely gifts! It must have made it so special for her. Special for a special lady! Prayers for your Dad!!

Diane said...

I am so happy for granny, I think when you are as old as granny you can have a birthday all year long!!!!!

Love Bears All Things said...

I'm praying for your Daddy.
I was just thinking how blessed you are to have your parents and your Granny still sharing your life. It is a blessing to me each time I read a post about Granny. Both my parents have gone home, I miss them so much.

I was wondering if you are putting labels on the quilts. If not, I will do one for mine when it arrives.
Mama Bear