Christmas Mail For Granny & More Quilts

Granny was showing me her Christmas table cloth.
She was so proud of it.
When I got to Granny's house this morning she had a little bowl and was cutting up an onion in it.
I asked her what was in the little bowl and she said she cut up some potatoes and then sliced some fresh squash and topped it with onions. It was in a cereal sized bowl. I asked her what she was going to do with it and she said I will cook it for my dinner. It was about 9:30 am. She doesn't eat lunch until 11:30 but she was preparing it early.
I asked daddy later how she cooked that and he said she fried it. He said it was really good. I am always in awe of Granny's simplicity.
My Blogging friend Darla sent me & Granny a Christmas card.
Granny just loved it and I loved mine too.
Thank you Darla!

This beautiful Christmas card was from another sweet blogging friend Pea in Canada!
Thanks Pea!

When I went to the Post Office to check my box this package was there.

It had some beautiful fabric in it.

This is from another blogging friend Jocelyn!

Granny loved the fabric but then she opened the card......

And she really loved this! You can't see it but taped to the card is some sewing machine needles.

Granny thought that was something. She said who would have ever thought to send needles?

Thank you Jocelyn!

You all blessed Granny today!

Granny is making 2 quilts a week now. It is not because she is faster because if anything she is slowing down. Her little legs are giving her trouble. She says she is having trouble walking. But she says her sewing machine hasn't slowed down. This is a full size quilt made with a childrens fabric. It has all of the colors so it could be for a boy or girl. This is not a small quilt. This would make a great gift for any little boy or girl. It is so pretty. It will be on the sidebar for sale if anyone is interested.

This quilt is one of her prettiest quilts! I love it and it feels so warm and cozy!

Linda G. Do you like this one? This also will be for sale on my sidebar.
Granny was talking today about how blessed she has been from you all buying her quilts.

Thank you all so much. I don't know how long she will be doing this but you all have made her days hopeful. She says that this gives her something to get up for in the mornings. She also told me today that she woke up late this morning. I said, "What time did you get up Granny?" (because I could not imagine Granny getting up late) She goes to bed at 7 p.m.-

Anyway she said, "Beth, I slept until 6 am!!!!! She said "you can't get quilts made if you lay in bed until 6 am!" I thought that was so cute! 6 am is early to me!


Valerie, I am so happy that Granny likes the fabric. And who ever has enough sewing machine needles?? Thanks for sharing about Granny every day. I look forward to reading about how she is doing. Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas!
Darla said…
I am so glad the cards got there!
Faye said…
Oh Valorie, She is so beautiful.You are so blessed to still have her.She also has a precious grandaughter! Hope you have a great day! Blessings, Faye
Val, Granny is such a doll. I love her to pieces. I love that quilt and add that to my other one. Thanks. Hugs, Linda
Needled Mom said…
Granny's table looks so pretty and so festive.

She never ceases to amaze all of us with all that she accomplishes each day. God bless her.
Marydon Ford said…
Jocelyn is the best, always knows what & when to share ...

Granny is just precious Val ... love her beautiful quilts you show.

Hugs, Marydon
Alice Grace said…
I love her new tablecloth! Granny loves those bright colors!
I so enjoy your Granny posts. I absolutely love her newest quilt. Your Granny is absolutely amazing.
Love her vintage Christmas tablecloth :-)
I was thinking I might take both of those but reading the comments, I see that Linda wants one of them. I'll wait and see which one ends up on the side bar.
Mama Bear
Midlife Mom said…
Granny never ceases to amaze me! She gets more down quilting in a week then I have in six months! It is wonderful for her to have quilting to look forward to, we all need something to get up in the morning for. Merry Christmas to her from Maine!!!
Thearica said…
Taters, onions and squash...Nothing better all fried up together! Yum yum Granny!