Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Random Wedding Pictures

The Bridal Party
Part of the Grooms Family
(The professional pics will have the whole family)

Bride & Groom's Dad's

My little Angel, the Flower Girl

The Garden Children
The Bride & nephew (Brother), the Ring Bearer

Little D & Brother with Uncle Lane

Proud Parents with the Bride & Groom

Bride & Parents

Mom & Bride

Daddy's little girl!
Maranda with Grandparents!
(My Mom & Dad)

Lane is just about to remove the Garter!

Little D & Brother after the wedding
Angel giving out the wedding favors

Time to go!!!

Father & Grandmother of the bride!
(Daddy looks tired!!!)


Pat said...

Loved seeing these photos, too!

Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures but my favorite is the smile on Maranda's face in that last photo - after the ceremony and getting ready to start a new life together. Just a beautiful smile!

Love Bears All Things said...

Love that dress!
Mama Bear

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Your daughter looks radiant. The pictures are very beautiful. What a special Christmas present for your family :-)

quiltingnana said...

lovely pictures....have a wonderful holiday

martha - caknitter said...

The pictures are beautiful. I love the color of the flowers and the color theme. Your dress was lovely as well Valerie.

Alice Grace said...

Pictures are great, and the bride is so beautiful! Angel is a doll too! Maranda's dress is so beautiful!

Michelle said...

Great Pictures! Did Granny go to the wedding?

Midlife Mom said...

Everything about the wedding is just beautiful! The people, the decorating, the cakes, the atmosphere, you name it! You are so blessed to have had so many dear friends helping in so many different ways! Certainly a day to remember for always! xoxox

Merry Christmas!

PEA said...

Oh Valerie, your daughter made such a gorgeous bride and I so enjoyed seeing the photos of the wedding. It looks like it all went really well:-) Congratulations to the bride and groom, I wish them nothing but the best!!

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and may all your dreams come true during this magical season! xoxo

andsewon said...

Loved seeing all the pics Valerie!!
Wishing you and your wonderful family a very Merry Christmas!!!
Give Granny a Warm Hug from me too!

Nanci said...


The pictures turned out so nice and everyone looks so happy. I love the wedding all done in black and white with a touch of red, it is just so striking at Christmas time. What a happy new couple they make.

W. Latane Barton said...

absolutely stunning wedding. The bride looks so happy and so you do, Valerie.