Monday, December 28, 2009

Wash Day Or Christmas Day At Granny's House

My sweet honey & I went to see Granny on Christmas day and found her sitting there doing her word search puzzles. I don't buy Granny any presents because she is just like me.....or am I just like her. We don't need anything. But I did cut some of the fabric that some of you bloggers have sent and brought it to her in a bag. She loved it. I try to bring her a few things all year long but it is not presents but you would think that it was gold. I bring things like a Coke, or cake, or dishwashing liquid. Honestly she loves that. I love her simplicity. That is what I want to be like. I am pretty simple already. I don't require much at all thank goodness.

Look at this quilt! Granny had just finished it. This fabric is from
Thearica! She sent a lot more fabric so you will see more quilts made from her fabric.
Thank you for blessing Granny.
By the way, this quilt is for sale. I will put it on the sidebar.
I asked Granny how she was enjoying this Christmas day and she said it was fine but it was actually "wash day". I told her that I forgot it was Friday. She said she best get up and get her "wash" out of the dryer. I beat her to it though and started folding them. It just amazes me that it doesn't matter what is going on, she is still on that schedule of Fridays being "wash day".

She also made this quilt. She says with her Singer 401A she can whip out 2 quilts a week.
This quilt is already sold. This is truly a scrappy quilt.

Can you imagine 96 years old and making 2 quilts a week??

Granny had took her bath and was smelling so good.
She was going to my cousin Shirley's for a Christmas
party. She was excited.
Me and Granny make a good team. I just love her!
Have I told you that before? hehehe
This was my best Christmas present getting to help Granny with "wash day" on Christmas Day.
*Thank you all that sent me & Granny Christmas cards. I have never received so many personally and Granny says she had more than she has ever had too. Thank you so much. I didn't get them posted due to the wedding! By the way, the honeymooners are back in town and doing great! They look so happy!

**Shelly Fry: I received your check. Will you contact me with your address? (somehow I have lost your email). I have your quilt ready to ship. Thank you for blessing Granny.

**If you have committed to buy a Granny quilt and have not sent the money please contact me and let me know if you are still interested in purchasing the quilts. Thanks.


StitchinByTheLake said...

Valerie I always love seeing pictures of Granny. She is an inspiration to me. I wish I had a weekly schedule like she does but if I only washed on Fridays I'd be all day long and into Saturday getting it done! blessings, marlene

Alice Grace said...

Granny is definitely one of a kind! I wish i could be as strict to a schedule as she is!

Heidi said...

I wish Granny was mine to visit! She's so sweet. And those quilts are AMAZING!!

Pat said...

I just love your granny! Keep showing us photos and telling us about her, okay? She is an inspiration...that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see both of your smiling faces. Happy New Year to your entire family.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

What a wonderful post - I always know when I come here I will leave blessed!


G'G'ma said...

Yes, you and Granny make a terrific team!! While you are so fortunate to have her in your life she is blessed to have a wonderful granddaughter like you also.

Say, maybe if I didn't have so many distractions like blogging I'd get more quilting done!!!

webbsway said...

What a wonderful day you had.I once had a friend tell me that you just cannot "outgive" God and I have found that to be soo true. Seeing you there with Granny is so special. Granny truly is a remarkable lady& I do believe that she does inspire all of us, as do you.

Needled Mom said...

Granny is blessed with a year of Christmas' from you, Val. You always give her what she needs the most - love and visits.

Happy New Year to you and your family.

martha - caknitter said...

You couldn't have put it any better, a simple life is a happy life. :-)
btw, I'm loving your workout outfit...looks so comfy, yet stylish.

Kim said...

Granny is so sweet. I was wondering how her Christmas went. Did she have fun at the party? I can't imagine 96, let alone 96 and making 2 quilts a week. She is amazing!

Darla said...

Sweet post! I can't imagine making one quilt a week at 47!!

Diane said...

Our friend Kim is a lot like Granny. She has a schedule to and if it is time to do something get out of the way! (grocery, laundry, etc....) That is why I love her b/c I am totally the opposite! Love to you and Granny, have a happy new year.

Bobbi said...

i adore you relationship with granny! its something to be truly cherished. her quilts are so getting ready to buy one!

Michelle said...

Can I buy the purple quilt?

Love Bears All Things said...

I think I'll buy #33. It looks like a pastel one that my granddaughter would like.
The purple and gold one reminds me of some football team colors but I don't know which one.
Anyway, I'll see if I have your address and I'll get a check in the mail and go ahead and send Granny's goodies. I kept thinking that I would get a photo of the quilt and me but my old camera is broken and the new one, I'm still learning about.
Mama Bear

Brenda said...

Loving Granny and my Sister!

Love, Brenda

Patty said...

What a lovely post. Is quilt #36 still available? Ifit is I'd like to buy it. Thanks!

LZ Blogger said...

Sweet sweet story! ~ jb///

Midlife Mom said...

What a lovely post! I agree with you that we all should be more simplistic in our wants. I think the happiest people are the ones that don't have a huge list of what they 'want'. Granny has been such a wonderful role model in her work ethic and her lack of keeping up with the Jone's type attitude. I hope she knows how many of us she has inspired and blessed!