Friday, January 29, 2010

Caught In The Storm

For some odd reason nobody in my town really thought the storm was coming. Even the school system didn't call the schools off or let them out early. When it was time for school to be out my daughter called and asked me to go get my grandchildren because after school care had been called off. I noticed it was sleeting a little but it didn't look bad out so I started out to get the kids. About halfway there I realized that the roads were getting really bad. I had to call my son in law and have him go and get the children because I could not make it there. He has a four wheel drive so I knew he could make it. The police were rerouting the cars another way and I was stuck in a line of traffic for a total of 3 1/2 hours. This car was on a side road trying to get up the hill.
I was sitting at the bottom of the hill scared to death that she was gonna hit me. She would try to get up the hill and then here she would come backwards down the hill with her wheels locked. It was very scary. A man got out of his car and helped me pull out of her way in case she slid all the way down.

I tried to stay back away from the car in front of me as much as I could. Can you imagine that a 20 minute trip to the school took me 3 1/2 hours to get back home and I never got the kids!

I saw 7 ambulances while sitting in all of this traffic. We would just move a few feet at a time.
At the same time my sweet hubby was on the other end of the bypass that I was on coming my way and we would talk on the phone to find out where each other were. I was so scared. I don't guess I have ever driven in weather like this. I am sure that many of you have this all the time but we don't. My husband said that he had never saw it that bad EVER!

We live across a small mountain & it was closed due to the ice, so we had to go on a back road home. At least there wasn't much traffic slipping and sliding. During this afternoon in the car, I was on the phone constantly with my Mom & dad, my children, my husband & a good friend. I am so thankful that everyone made it home safely. During the stress of this afternoon trip I had a lot of time to sit in the car and think, in the midst of dodging cars! I could not help but to think how this storm came so quick. When I left my house the roads were a little wet and there was some sleet but not bad or I would not have got out on the road. I thought to myself about trials or storms in our life and how they hit us from no where and come so quick. One day can be fine and the next we are in the middle of a trial. One day we don't know what to do and are on the verge of tears constantly. Nothing else matters except the trial we are in. Life kind of stops. We function, but focus on the trial. That is the way it was this afternoon. I just wanted to get home where I would be safe. When our trial is over life goes on & things get better until the next time. This too shall pass. I thought to myself about how we just have to get through it just like I had to get through this afternoon. Life will go on. We just have to keep our focus where it should be and know where home is. Home in our storms of life is our Lord. Remember Peter when he walked out on the water? He said, LORD SAVE ME and when he got into the ship the winds ceased. That tells me that when the storms come, we need to get into the ship. Isn't it funny when a trial comes it makes us go to HIM?

And Peter answered HIM and said, Lord, if it be thou, bid me to come unto thee on the water. And HE said, Come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water, to go to Jesus. But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, LORD, SAVE ME. And immediately Jesus stretched forth HIS hand and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt? And when they were come into the ship, the wind ceased.
Matthew 14: 28-32
When HE is all we have, HE is all we need.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Granny Just Amazes Me!

When I went to see Granny this week she was working hard on another quilt.
She didn't see me come in and I had to go and touch her arm before she even knew I was there.
Along with not hearing well she really concentrates on that sewing machine.
I told her to go ahead and sew and she did a few minutes and then she turned around on her little stool and said, "Lets talk."
She sent me into the quilt room to see the quilts that she has made.
I will check and see if any family members are wanting this and the next 2 quilts before I put on my sidebar for sale. Isn't this one just so pretty?
Granny says she didn't do as good on this one. The lines aren't as straight as she likes them but it is a very pretty quilt.

Here she is telling me why she had to use a few off white squares in the one on the machine.
As you can see most of it is white but somewhere in there is some off white squares. I never saw them.

This quilt is sold to Tina N. if it still there on Friday when I go to visit again.
She requested a purple quilt and she was tickled when I emailed her this picture.
Thank you Tina.
This is the quilt that Granny was working on last time I was there. You can actually see it on the last Granny post. It was on the machine. Granny just amazes me everytime I go to see her.
She says she is really having a hard time getting up and walking in the mornings. She said her mind wants to walk but her legs don't want to. But she told me that the verse I gave her a while back is what she repeats as she is trying to get her legs going. She looked at me and said whatever you go through just repeat that verse in your mind and heart and you can get through anything. Little did she know I needed to be reminded of that this week.
So if Granny can get her legs going by repeating this verse, I know I can get through anything by doing the same. Thank goodness for Granny!
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.
Phil. 4:13

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Antique Store Pictures

I needed a blessing tonight and I got one. Go to
Mildreds blog and watch the video and you will get one too.
Thank you Mildred. I think this was just for me.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook Entry #3

For Today...............Jan. 25, 2010

Outside my window........................ the sun is peeking through the trees and glistening on the pond and the creek. That tells me that after all this rain that Joy does comes in the morning.

I am thinking................................... how things can change from one week to the next. Nothing ever stays the same. Where would we be without our Lord?

I am thankful...................................that I KNOW that I KNOW that I KNOW. Just think of the ones who don't know.

I am Pajamas and black socks. I really match, don't I?

I am I always thought that when my children grew up that I wouldn't have to worry anymore. Boy was I wrong! My Grandma always told me that when they are young they step on your toes but when they are older they step on your heart. So true.

I am do some much needed work.

I am currently reading...................The Covenant by Beverly Lewis in my "down"time.

I am hoping for................................answered prayers.

On my mind.....................................I have always been taught that you cannot worry and pray. It is one or the other.

Noticing that..................................we are either going into a trial, in the midst of a trial, or coming out of a trial. Thank the Lord for HIS blessings that give us hope.

Pondering these words.................. "When you have done all to stand, STAND THEREFORE."

From the kitchen............................Chicken and Dumplings and chocolate cake.

Around the home............................I plan on decluttering some today.

One of my favorite blogging Prayer Warriors that I can always count on.

I am praying for.......................right choices and wisdom.

From my picture journal..............

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

Come Go With Me.......

Having fun yet?

I just love Antique Stores.

Hope you enjoyed it too!

We sure did!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

This And That

I realized that I haven't shown you my new bed.
We have always wanted a king size bed but thought our bedroom was too small.
Well, we found out if you don't have a lot in your room you can make it work.
We used to have a dresser, chest, entertainment center, night stands and a queen size bed that we had for 22 years. It was still in great condition but I was determined that I was going for "less is more" in my bedroom and I did. We love our king size bed.

Sorry about the glare but I wanted to show you the new t.v. we have also.
It is a 42 inch flat screen. So all we have in our bedroom now is this t.v. on the wall, my king size bed ( I call it my cloud because it is so comfy), and 2 night stands.
Believe it or not it makes our bedroom look bigger. I think sweet hubby likes it too since he wants to stay in the bedroom more to watch this t.v. because the picture (HD) is wonderful.

Have you really ever thought about how important the kitchen sink is?
When I started learning about Flylady the kitchen sink is where you get started.
The kitchen sink is more important than we think.

There is always something to do in my house but I try to limit it to 15 -30 minutes a day like flylady teaches. I used to wait until I had a full load to do my laundry but now I just do small loads when needed. I raised 4 children so I was used to a lot of laundry but now it just being the 2 of us it seems like a breeze.

I may have already given you this recipe so if I did here it is again.
The Easiest & Best Peanut Butter Cookies
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of peanut butter
1 egg
Mix together and spoon onto cookie sheet.
Bake @ 350 degrees for 9-11 minutes.
(Don't overcook)
I have been practicing how to do embroidery stitches and cross stitching.
As you can see I have nothing to show you.
I am just having the hardest time but I will keep practicing until I get better.
This is a desire of my heart so I am determined.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Special Day-Thank you!

You cannot keep a secret in blogland or facebook! Yesterday was my birthday. I had to work so it was an ordinary day or so I thought. I woke up around 6:30 to about 15 phone calls from friends and family telling me Happy Birthday! Then I turn on my computer and see lots of emails from facebook,blogger buddies, friends and family telling me happy birthday. My Sweet Mother had put the sweetest post on for my birthday! My mother does so much for me I could not start to list the blessings. She is my quilting buddy and we have a ball. I have to say I was a pretty little fat baby. Thank you Mom. My sweet husband had bought me some real nice clothes for my gift. Its funny...I cannot shop for him but I love for him to shop for me! He has great taste plus I hate shopping! My MIL gave me a beautiful table cloth. My dad is helping me do some work and I went to pick him up and he had me the sweetest card. Thank you Vicki for the sweet comment on Moms blog and to everyone who visited my moms blog! I received several cards in the mail when I got home. Maranda bought me a beautiful blue soft robe and Mandy bought me a really cute jogging suit. They know me well. Jogging suits and pajamas..........thats me! My son gave me a gift card to eat out and Shannon has give me different blessings all week long.

Maranda & Lane invited us over for a quiet dinner at their home. It was so nice. She knows that I never get coconut cake because no one likes it but me so she made me one. She made her daddy some fudge that was out of this world. They fixed one of the best dinners I have ever eaten. She had Pork Tenderloin Roast, Squash casserole (YUM), mac & cheese, butter beans (my favorite) and collard greens & cornbread. It was wonderful.

Maybe they will share some recipes!

Maranda & Lane went off into another room and came back with this beautiful cake and told me to blow out the candles.

I blew and blew and blew and called Randy for help. They had those candles that keep flickering when you blow them out. Their house is so beautiful. They still are remodeling and have lots to do. They haven't purchased their blinds yet so there is still plastic on the window. They have worked so hard and it is gorgeous. They have a separate formal dining room but it is not finished yet so we ate in the kitchen. It was so nice, quiet and peaceful and you can feel "love" in their home. Lane helps her with everything. He treats her like a queen and she treats him like a king. They are such a blessing to our family.
Thank you Maranda & Lane!

Then we went to our granddaughter, "Angel's" basketball game. It was so good. Of course they won. Actually they haven't lost any. She scored and played a great game. I know that I have not mentioned everything and everyone that did something for my birthday but I want to say thank you to everyone. You made my day! I don't think I have ever had so many calls, cards, emails, & messages than yesterday! Thank you. So much for keeping my birthday quiet!!! I love being 55 years old. It is the best time of my whole life! Seriously.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook Entry #2

For Today...............Jan. 18, 2010

Outside my window........................ there is lots of fog and it is cold.

I am thinking................................... of everything I have to do this week.

I am thankful...................................that I have had work that has just fell in my lap from nowhere that my hubby is involved in. Wonder who that blessing is from??? I know where my help cometh from.

I am wearing....................................Don't laugh.....overalls and tennis shoes!!!

I am remembering..........................going to my daughter Maranda's house and how I felt peace and love in her and Lanes new home. They are so happy.

I am going......................................... to work and it is hard work but it is work that I love.

I am currently reading...................The Covenant by Beverly Lewis in my "down"time.

I am hoping for................................answered prayers.

On my mind.....................................I am thinking of all of my children and grandchildren and want for them nothing but happiness and love.

Noticing that....................................The Lord always gives us what we need when we need it but HE expects us to work.

Pondering these words..................If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

From the kitchen............................Hen in the crockpot, baked beans and potato salad for supper when I get home.

Around the home............................needs a little TLC but will do my 15 minutes tonight. It will still be here.

One of my favorite things..............the leadership of my sweet husband. We were at a restaurant the other day. The waiter wanted to give me a free meal and act like it was my birthday but it was a lie. The waiter kept saying, "God Bless you" and stuff like that and smiling really big. I was speechless. He even asked my name and had it announced. He was working on a big tip. But little did he know that I am married to a Godly man who spoke up at the end and said we would rather not do that. The waiter asked why. My husband said, it is not her birthday. The waiter said, it doesn't matter- you get the meal free. My sweet husband said we would rather not lie. We would rather pay for her meal. I LOVE the leadership and Christian walk that my husband has and how he takes care of me. We left a good tip anyway and we pray that the waiter will learn a lesson from this. If we will just stay out of the way, the Lord will bless us if we are in HIS will. Sometimes we try to help him out and it just doesn't work. Thank you Lord for a Godly man and example in my life.

From my picture journal..............My sisters, my Mom and me looking at quilt Mom is making.

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