Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday Night Sew In, OPAM, Sew & Tell Fridays, Fridays Fave Five & an Award!

Better Late than never.
This picture is showing how I laid it out before sewing.
This post will cover a lot of groups that I have joined.
Friday Night Sew In hosted by::Heidi!
Sew and Tell Friday hosted by::Amylouwho!
OPAM 2010 hosted by::Peg
My Mom gave me this Moda Jelly roll several months ago and I have not done anything with it until now. It is called Wild Serenade. This is my colors. I love it.
Don't laugh at my free motion quilting. This is only my second try.
But I am determined. Practice makes perfect.....Isn't that what they say? Lets hope so.

I took several of the strips in the jelly roll to make my binding.
My Sweet Mom is my encourager, along with all of you bloggers! (By the way, she is having a give away). She challenged me to spend 30 minutes a day in my sewing room and it really does work. That is the way I clean house too. Several years ago my best friend Vicki shared Flylady with me and it sure does make life easier! I went from sewing to cleaning house!!! Wow. Crazy me (as Granny says).

And here it is..........A quilted table runner!
I think it is pretty if I do say so myself!!!

I am just a beginner so don't look close up but I am proud of it.

Thank you to everyone for your motivation and encouragement!

Fridays Fave Five
Hosted by: Susanne
I love this. It really makes you stop and think.
Five favorite things from the past week:

1. A blessing that came out of nowhere right at the right time!
We are both speechless.
2. We had a wonderful Revival at our church this week.
3. My daughters testimony that I shared with you in a past post!
What a blessing for a Mother and Dad to read.
4. My Mom's challenge for me to spend 30 minutes a day in my sewing room.
It really works!
5. My daughter sending us supper one night this week. Thank you Mandy!

This is a beautiful award given to me by : Mama Bear!
Thank you so much!

This week was a great week. I am so thankful for hard work, a warm home, friends, and family.


Michelle said...

I am proud of YOU and your table runner looks great!!!!! Good job!

Bobbi said...

that runner is adorable!!!

Maria said...

Wow you were like me.We managed three birds with one stone.Doing three challenges in one. Well done. I love your quilting because you have done it yourself. So many folk only make tops. To me that is not making a quilt.My quilting also is VERY wobbley but it is our own work and we keep trying.
The table runner looks great.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Valerie that is just lovely...well done on your finish and it look so good on your table congratulations.....
Peg OPAM 2010

Alice Grace said...

That is beautiful! I am very proud of you for making that table runner! Good job!

Amelia said...

The table runner is a wonderful piece of that you should real proud of.

Enjoy today - we must remember it is the day that the Lord hath made - so it is special.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Gorgeous may I ask about the glove...does it prevent you from getting hurt from the needle or do the grippers on the fingers help hold the fabric better. Just curious.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Great job Valerie! Yes practice, practice, practice with machine quilting. And if you really want to get some great insights, get ahold of Sue Nickels book "Machine Quilting A Primer of Techniques". I checked this book out of the library so many times, til I just decided I needed to buy it. It really does take you step by step.

Susanne said...

That table runner is gorgeous. I love the pattern and colors.

Your five sound great. I love those blessings you just know are from the Lord. He always has the best timing.

A daughter who sent you supper? Awesome!

amylouwho said...

It looks great! I've only free-motioned one thing and it was tricky!

I keep seeing lots of cute table runners. I just need to make myself one!

Mandy said...

beautiful table runner. I'm looking forward to a girls day out today. I'm sure we'll have lots of fun!


pink suede said...

beautiful table runner. I am totally going to take your mothers advice and spend 30 minutes at my sewing/craft table!

Needled Mom said...

It looks fabulous, Val. You will really enjoy having that on your table.

Williams Arena said...

The table runner looks perfect! Great job.

Love Bears All Things said...

I am proud of you. I have not done any free motion quilting except in class. I am thinking of doing it on the border of one of the small quilts in my hoops.
I like the idea of 30 minutes in the sewing room. I have to set the timer when I go in mine because time flies. Right now, I need to commit to an hour or more until I get it tidied back up.
I'll tell you more about my labels later. I bought a great new book called quilting 101. I love it.
Mama Bear

Allie said...

Val, it's wonderful!!!!! You did a fabulous job, and the quilting looks great. Good job!
I love your mum's challenge, I don't seem to get anything done unless I have huge chunks of time - I should try it.

Diane said...

You are such an inspiration! I am sure my quilt is not even going to look like anything but that's ok, I will still display it somewhere! I do have some squares put together and I am going to post t hem soon. (don't laugh)

Anonymous said...

Love the runner!! The colors are fabulous!! Great job!!!!!

Darla said...

Love your table runner and your positive attitude. I sure could use some of it right now..

Karyn said...

The table runner is beautiful.

30 minutes a day in your sewing room is a great challenge! I should make myself such achallenge, (except it would not be sewing)

Your FFF list sounds like you had a great week!

Rene' said...

Your table runner is so pretty. I really like the fabrics you chose. Thanks for sharing.

Heather said...

Your table runner is gorgeous! And it looks absolutely perfect on your table. Great job! ;o)