Friday, February 26, 2010

Thrift Store Finds & 500 Posts!!

When I saw this I just could not believe it. 1.50?? Wow.
I love what it says. Crosstitch. Do you think I could ever do this.
The year says 1983. Can you imagine doing all this work just for it to end up in a thrift store?
I bought these for my Mom. She has trouble with her wrists so I thought these might help.
I came home and put batteries in it and it works but just on a single layer of fabric.
Anyway, 1.00???? Its worth that!

I bought this for 1.00 to hang in our little hunting cabin!
Did I tell you that my hubby and his hunting buddy Rog loves their wives so much that they want us hunting with them............................I think they just want food when they come in from hunting! Ha!

My sweet hubby found this deal. I could not believe it.
He found the lamp without the shade for $2.50 and then he found the shade for 1.00!!!!
He even found the light bulb that fits it for 19 cents!!!
He did good! He wants to use this in our cabin.

Then I found this for 1.00. I didn't need it,
but I need to have this to remind me of what it says. Boy do I need reminding.
This is so true.
Can I request prayer again for me?
Have you ever had something in your life that you are waiting on the answer and it just seems like it never comes but yet there is nothing you can do about it. I just need strength to get through a trial.
Thank you all.

Well my hubby had the best deal of the day with the lamp until I heard a lady
talking on her cell phone and I heard her talking about 2 quilts that were just donated and how pretty that they were. My ears perked up and I was on the hunt to find these!
Well I found them alright!!! I grabbed them both. They are handmade, hand quilted. This is a twin size vintage quilt in great condition. I have already been offered double what I paid for it. Before I tell you what I paid you have got to see the one below.

Is this not gorgeous? Believe me the pictures do not do them justice. This one looks like a full size quilt. I paid 30.00 each for these!!! When I went to pay for them, the girl said that they had not been out but 5 minutes until I grabbed them. She said that they were meant for me! I think I found the best deal of the day now...........I still do love his lamp though. It will look great in our little cabin. Below is a close up picture of the quilt. I just love it.

Now for my surprise for you all!
I am proud to say that this is my 500th post. I would give anything if I could have all of my memories in this blog printed out just for me so when I am older I could look back on it and remember.
I started this blog because I asked my Mom to blog some of her memories for the family. She said she would if I would. I never ever thought that I would enjoy this journey like I have.
I have met so many sweet friends through this blog. I would not take anything for these friendships. I have many friends in my life but because we all get busy it seems to get in the way of time together as friends. I remember one time some relatives moved up on the hill from us. They used to live about an hour away and we made a point to visit but when they moved close to us--we knew they were there and they knew we were here. It changed. We never saw each other. That is kind of the way it is in real life friendships. We know each other are there but life gets in the way. So blogging has filled that void for me. I never ever thought that there would be so many that would care for me, laugh with me, cry with me, share with me, give to me, listen to me, encourage me, teach me, stand with me, & pray for me. I cannot say thank you enough. So here is my deal. I want to give back so this is how I want to do this. I want to give someone a hug. I want to do a Random Act of Kindness for someone. Don't think that I thought of this myself. I didn't. I saw this and experienced it on Lindas blog! I submitted my sister who had lost her husband last year and Linda is sending her a gift that she made from her heart. So precious. A gift of love.
So here are my rules:
If you know of or have a loved one that has been through a trial and needs a hug or encouragement, please submit their story to me in your comment. I would like to do something for someone that YOU care about. I don't need their names right now. I do need a way to contact you through email. You do not have to have a blog to participate in this but I love my blogging friends. I am not advertising this because I want this to be for my followers, visitors, commenters. If you have blessed Granny by purchasing a quilt and have only contacted me through email you are also eligible to submit a friend or loved one. I will be picking 3 people to do a random act of kindness for(if we have enough entries. I have no time limit on when this will be done because I am very slow. The gift may be bought or made by me. I just want to bless YOU through blessing someone you care about. This post will close on Monday. I will announce the winners sometime next week. I am going to ask my 3 daughters to look at the stories and pick 3 people for us to bless. Then when the gifts are sent out I will contact you and post about them here on my blog.
This is my way of saying thank you all for your friendship.


Candace said...

I nominate a fellow blogger "Suan Knits"
I'll copy her recent post:
"My mom passed away and went to be with our Lord yesterday afternoon, Sunday, Feb 21st at 2:40 pm. No more pain, no more suffering.

At around 2:20 pm, same day, my mother-in-law suffered a massive heart attack, went into a comma and died. We lost 2 moms within 20 minutes of each other."
I think that she could benefit from your kindness.

Michelle said...

What fun you had at the thrift store! I especially LOVE the star quilt. Great find!

Anonymous said...

I have one special person in mind, first initial "D", who has had so many, many terrible things happen to her. It's difficult for me to share the details here but I could do that privately in an email if that's ok. I'll just say that she is a Christian with a generous, giving spirit, and a hard worker, but bad things just keep happening to her.

I love the flower garden quilt the most, it's just so special. So happy for you to have found all the goodies.

Amelia said...

Val, your finds at the thrift store were at 500 enjoyed the journey along with you.

As for your answer from God - it will come - be patient!

Alice Grace said...

Oh,I love your quilts! What a great find!
Honey, I am praying with you about our concerns. This is a great giveaway and I know you will hear from some great bloggers on this. Hang in there!

Jamie said...

This is the best giveaway I have ever seen! You really understand the things that are truly important in life. I am blessed to have found your blog!

I am also excited for you with your thrift store finds. I love digging through a good thrift store when I don't have my kids with me. They just don't enjoy the time it takes to really look through what they have. Congratulations on those gorgeous quilts!

Pat said...

What a nice thing to do. You know who I would pick for this.....she has had a hard time holding things together with her job and for her little girl as her husband tries (again) to recover from his alcoholism. She could use a day brightener, I'm sure. Aside from that, congrats on 500 blog posts and also on your GREAT thrift-shop finds. I have many thrift shops near me but haven't gone to any this winter and never have I found quilts at any of them. I think they get snatched up quickly at every shop!!!

Glenda said...

I'd like to nominate my daughter. Two and a half years ago she gave birth to a beautiful little girl. As the months unfolded, we discovered the baby was severely disabled. My daughter has been a beautiful example to all around her as she's handled her grief and cared for this precious little child. Each day is filled with seizures, tube feedings anad doctor visits, yet Mendy handles it all with grace, through her strong faith in the Lord. is her daughter's website.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Val, what a very sweet idea. There is one person I have in mind. And even though she is my BFF, she lives 2,000 miles away. She is taking care of her 5 grandchildren while their mother (her daughter) is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. My friend has been very tired and a little discouraged. She is a beautiful believer, but just like any one of us, this has been such a huge undertaking caring for 5 children ages 7 and under.
The Lord certainly blessed you in finding those beautiful quilts. It sure amazes me that something that precious shows up in a thrift store.
Thanks so much for your sweet offering to bless others.

Lori said...

What great thrift store finds! The quilts are beautiful!

I would like to nominate my sister. My sister, Pam, had breast cancer in 2000 and has been in remission since until last week. Her cancer is back. We aren't sure to what extent yet. She has a CAT and bone scan next Friday and gets the results on the 15th.
On of the sad part of all of this, is Pam never married so outside of calling my other sister or myself, she goes home to an empty house to deal with all of this alone. I couldn't have imagined getting my cancer diagnosis and not having my husband to go home to.

Anonymous said...

Hi Again Valerie,
I just found the current pages on your blog here...I must have had the next page or older blogs imbedded in my favorites, because that is the page and date it would go to. Then I checked the bottom of the blog and saw HOME and clicked it and now I'm on the updated page. :)

Bobbi said...

Valerie, you have such a special soul. God has truly blessed you. I would like to nominate one of my dear friends who was in breast cancer remission since 1999. they just spent 3 months trying to find cancer and found its reoccured in her breast but now has spread. she has been my mentor at work.... she has been my friend for many a years. its tearing my heart out watching her get sicker and sicker while they were trying to find "it". now that she has answers, its hitting her hard.

your finds are adorable! i LOVE that flower quilt. bless you and your family!

Needled Mom said...

First of all....congratulations on reaching 500!!!! That is amazing.

What a steal you got on both of those quilts. That Lone Star is stunning.

There are so many inspiring stories being nominated. I would nominate my own mother who despite being paralyzed from the waist down from a rare virus never thinks of herself. She is constantly about helping others. Her last year was a difficult one with several hospitalizations which ate up most of the year. She was still the one baking cookies and taking them to shut in in her neighborhood. She is amazing.

I am praying for you Val. Hope all works out for you.

AmyW said...

I'd like to nominate Krista. She found out right before Christmas that she has breast cancer. She is currently recovering from a double mastectomy and starts chemo this Tuesday. She is the mother of three kids (the same ages as mine), the wife of our youth minister, and a special education teacher (we teach at the same school).

A couple of years ago, she watched a very close friend of hers die of brain cancer. Krista was such a prayer warrior for the young mother. Unfortunately, she passed away and left behind a two year old daughter.

Then about a year later, her own mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Krista brought her mother home to live with her. Within a year or so, her mom was gone.

Throughout her diagnosis, she has been in good spirits and is constantly blessing others. She is fighting cancer with every ounce of her being while holding on tight to God's daily provisions.

She and her family are so precious to us. We've served alongside of them on mission trips and we've watched our kids grow up together. I want her to live to see her great-grandchildren!

She and I have made a secret goal that she will be well enough to return to New Orleans on this summer's youth mission trip. (It's a secret because her husband would freak out if he knew she was planning to return to New Orleans so soon after her last chemo treatment)

Her blog address is

I love this gal to pieces!!

AmyW said... more thing. If I had found those quilts at the thrift store, I think I would have been doing cartwheels in the parking lot.

Seriously, there should be some type of gold medal for fabulous thrift store finds. If there were, you'd be a contender for the medal.

I'm trying very hard not to "covet" your quilts :-)

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Valerie, congratulations on your 500 posts! What an accomplishment. And also congrats on the great thrift store bargains, especially the quilts. Those were a steal--and so pretty. Praying for you, my friend.

lana said...

Those quilts are just the most remarkable finds. I'm so glad they were "discovered" by someone who will love and cherish them!! I hope my quilts don't ever end up at a thrift store or garage sale. I've never found anything that good at a thrift store. Around here, they're all overpriced and only have really junky stuff.

Your blog and Granny have been such a blessing for me. I'm so glad I found you only a few short weeks ago. Your give-away is truly a wonderful gift. I'd hate to have to pick a winner, because there are so many really deserving people out there. I would nominate my daughter-in-law Andrea. You already know her situation, and she could sure use some cheering up right now. She's a strong Christian, and I know her faith will see her through. Prayers to you.
Lana in Kansas

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Your thrift store finds are just wonderful...and the two items are prefect for a hunting cabin!
You husband and brother have asked me and my sister in-law to go with them as well...isn't that a nice feeling?

Your offer of a gift for someone deserving is so wonderful Valerie...what a beautiful idea.


Kim said...

Hi Val! I love your finds from the thrift store. We have a couple pretty close to here but I can't seem to find the time to go. I am planning on it this summer when I am off work.
I love the idea of your giveaway, I can't really think of anyone off the top of my head, but if I do, I will let you know.
You and I will both get answered prayers, it seems like I've been praying for the same thing for years now, probably because I have. It will happen though, we have faith! And isn't it wonderful that even though you are in Georgia and I am in Ohio that God gave us each other to support, talk to and comfort each other? God is so good!

beth said...

I loved seeing your thrift store finds and so nice of you to give to someone who really needs it. :)

Allie said...

Congrats on 500 posts, sweetie! I think you're doing a marvelous thing. I love love love your finds - but especially the quilts! I've been blessed to find a few but they're not as nice as those, for sure.

Nanci said...


These quilts are wonderful finds and I know that God placed them in your reach so you could pass them on to those in need. I don't have have an entry for anyone suffering, thankfully but I was touched by all the stories of those in need. Bless you for trying to ease their pain, I know that God calls us to love one another and act as sisters and you are doing just so. Thank you for this wonderful act of kindness.

Anonymous said...

This post my friend is exactly why people love you so much!!! You are a treasure and I dont say that lightly.
Dear Father,
I ask right now that as my sister in the Lord seeks the needs of others. That Lord you bless her life abundantly!! Father, wrap your arms around her and let her find peace and comfort as she serves YOU through her blog. Father I thank you , as many do, that Valerie started this blog. Her ministry to women on here is a blessing to each one that it touches. Thank you for her spirit, her love and wisdom in each post.
In Jesus Name

Heidi said...

Amazing thrift store finds! The person who probably donated them doesn't have a clue what went into making them.

When I was at the thrift store recently - I saw this cute kids outfit and it had a tag inside that said "Made with love by Patty".. I held it up to my friend and said "I wonder if Patty knows this is in the thrift store" LOL.

Anyway.. I love the quilt.. and congrats on your 500th post. Love the giveaway - you are an amazing person Valerie. Stay strong!

scrapworking said...

I'll submit, if it's not too late. I'd like to submit my mom. She's gone through so much in the last few years...losing most of her vision in a car accident, her husband passing away, then her mother. Needing to move in with my sister, and finally her dog/companion passed away too. She's only 68, and definitely keeps a positive attitude and tries to continue leading a normal life...but I know it all wears on her. I'm 1500 miles away and talk to her often, but it's just not the same as being able to give her a big hug when I know she needs one. Thanks for the opportunity and consideration! Awesome finds at the thrift store!! The flower garden quilt is beautiful. They both are!

Linda said...

Just wanted to let you know that I received the sweetest thank you form your sis. Many blessing to you for carrying on the RAK.

Anonymous said...

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