Thursday, March 4, 2010


Here is Granny pinning a quilt.

She used 3 pins that day instead of her usual one safety pin.

Then my daddy helped her roll the quilt and get it ready to go on the sewing machine.

The zeal this woman has is unreal! She is such an example to me!

Granny told my Dad that her stool was getting wobbly again.

He has already used wood glue on it and it didn't work so

he wired it together. Its not going anywhere now.

I was kind of worried about Granny falling off of it but it looks sturdy now.

I really don't see how she sits on this and sews as much as she does.

She doesn't want to sit on anything else though.

And here she is back at it. She will "fellowship" when someone comes in for a few minutes and then she will get up and say she has to get back at it. She is so funny. Did I ever tell you about the man from church that came to visit and she kept looking at me asking me when he was leaving. The thing is she would say it outloud. He is in his 90's too though so I am hoping he didn't hear her. She is not trying to be rude......she just loves sewing.

Granny always pulls those strings from the needle and the bobbin and keeps them very long. She has a fear of losing those threads.

Isn't she the sweetest thing?
This is the last time that I was over there.

My plans are to visit her tomorrow so I will have more pictures of her soon.

This is the baby quilt and burp cloths that I sent Martha!
She gave me such a compliment by wanting a baby quilt made by me.
She actually wanted to pay me for it. So sweet. But then I thought to myself how fun it would be to do a swap. She is a knitter so see I had myself in mind. She is working on my scarf and I can't wait to see it. It was so much fun to do this.
Look at all these gifts from Julie!
I was having a "down" day yesterday but when I got home from work this box was waiting on me at my door. Julie had apologized for taking so long to mail this but little does she know but this gift was right on time. It lifted my spirits. You will never know what this meant to me. Can you all see that word FAITH? Boy do I need to look at that again and again! Sometimes I feel so weak but the good thing is HE is strong. If you have not visited Julies blog, you need to. She is an encourager and a prayer warrior and a great friend to me.
Thank you Julie!


Pat said...

Your granny is something else!!! I think they broke the mold after they made her as she is truly one-of-a-kind!

Needled Mom said...

That is too funny about wanting to get rid of company so she could sew. What a thought!!!!

Her stool looks pretty sturdy now. Think of the stories it could tell if it could talk.

Glad that you had such a nice package when you needed it the most, Val.

Allie said...

I can't imagine trying to sit on that little stool to sew! I had to laugh about her visitor - that's hysterical. She's a dear!

Anonymous said...

Yes,Granny is very inspiring! I love to see the pictures and can't wait to see what you took today or tomorrow! I would say that she will be making the quilts in heaven! People might think that sounds funny, but I believe if we have Mansions in heaven, they aren't empty, but filled with wonderful things that we love. Heaven will be wonderful. We will of course worship the LORD, be we will FELLOWSHIP all the time, and we will have people in to visit our mansion with us. I read one time that we won't need sleep because our new bodies won't need to rebuild itself like it does now, but we will rest and meditate, and just curl up with a loved on with our Quilts! LOL This is my vision anyways.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Granny will be able to continue sewing with her stool all wired together now. I have that looks like that and I can't imagine that being a comfortable sewing seat but she seems to love hers. Whatever works is what is best. Your swap looks so wonderful. Timing is everything. So glad it came at just the right time.

Alice Grace said...

What a wonderful gift you got from Julie! I, too, thank her for sending it when she did to cheer you up. And of course, Granny is the most inspiring person I have ever seen! You inherited a lot from her yourself in that you never stop all the things you do constantly, keeping busy.
God is in control, and we must trust Him to work it all out.

Lils said...

SOb sob wish my granny was still alive :( :(

Amelia said...

Oh pictures of that beautiful Granny doing "her thing" ~~~quilting. I don't see how she can hold all that much quilt together in a roll when she does the quilting...practice I suppose.

Weekend is here...and the sun has been shining and warm...spring is coming.

Anonymous said...

I love the Granny post!!! The stool is so Granny!!
I am so glad you liked your package!!
I love ya my friend!!! Have a blessed weekend!!

Linda said...

Love your Granny. Too cute.
Hurry on over I'm having a giveaway.

kheli said...

I am a lot like Granny in that I would rather be sewing! She gets such joy from it!
I have had a down week, and seeing your sweet, quilting Granny makes me feel good! Bless her and Bless you and your family!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Love to hear about Granny. And I too had a little down day on Monday. The Lord blessed me with a win on the Schnibbles Parade :-) Our Heavenly Father knows our hearts.

Heidi said...

I laughed out loud over her waiting for the company to leave. Poor guy.. he found out how much she loves to sew, didn't he!

She makes me smile - thanks for sharing her again!

Your quilt and burp cloths are adorable.

Darla said...

Sweet, sweet Granny, and how funny she is...great idea for the gift received a very nice package!

StitchinByTheLake said...

As always I loved this post about Granny. I can just hear her asking when he was leaving. :0 blessings, marlene

PEA said...

I so enjoy seeing pictures of Granny doing what she loves to do best:-) My first thought on seeing that stool was how can she sit on it for so long and still be comfortable but I guess she finds it perfect! I`m still giggling at her asking you when that man was going to leave...out loud...too funny. I just love her to bits!! xoxo

Jamie said...

Fabulous pics of Granny! Thanks for sharing. She sure is an inspiration!

Your quilt and burp clothes are also quite adorable!

Bobbi said...

love those pics of granny. i dont know how she does it...thats a big quilt to hold for such a tiny little lady. im still loving mine :)