Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random Acts Of Kindness Winners

Because I never have been able to think of things on my own, I wanted to share the reason that I wanted to do a "Random Act Of Kindness". A few weeks ago Linda wanted to do something for someone that needed a "hug". I commented on that post and nominated my sister Brenda to be a recipient of Linda's Random Acts of Kindness. I was amazed that someone would do this for someone that they didn't even know. My sister had lost her husband and was having a very tough time handling everything. I shared her story and Brenda won! She received this gift shown above made my Linda. I just thought this was so awesome and a true gift from the heart. My sister received it and just loves it. Isn't it beautiful? But as beautiful as it is (and I could never make anything to compare) I thought the thought of giving this was so special and that is why I am doing this. I want to pass this random act of kindness on.
I asked my 3 adult daughters to pick the winners of this RAK. They took this very serious. They never cease to amaze me. The stories we read about were so sad. It really made us all thankful. I received an email this morning from Cathy and at the bottom of her email it says:
Good exercise for the heart is to bend down and help another person up.
Phillipians 1:6
I loved this and that is what I want to do so through this RAK, I hope to lift someone up.
The stories touched our hearts.
O.K. here goes:
I will post the comments of the people who nominated the winners below.
The winners are:
My daughter Mandy picked..........
GLENDA said: I would like to nominate my daughter. Two and half years ago she gave birth to a beautiful little girl. As the months unfolded, we discovered the baby was severely disabled. My daughter has been a beautiful example to all around her as she's handled her grief and cared for this precious little child. Each day is filled with siezures, tube feedings, and doctor visits, yet Mendy handles it all with grace, through her strong faith in the Lord. is her daughters web site.
My daughter Maranda picked.........
LORI said: I would like to nominate my sister. My sister, Pam, had breast cancer in 2000 and has been in remission since until last week. Her cancer is back. We aren't sure to what extent yet. She has a CAT and bone scan next Friday and gets the results on the 15th.
On of the sad part of all of this, is Pam never married so outside of calling my other sister or myself, she goes home to an empty house to deal with all of this alone. I couldn't have imagined getting my cancer diagnosis and not having my husband to go home to.

My daughter Shannon picked..........

AmyW said: I'd like to nominate Krista. She found out right before Christmas that she has breast cancer. She is currently recovering from a double mastectomy and starts chemo this Tuesday. She is the mother of three kids (the same ages as mine), the wife of our youth minister, and a special education teacher (we teach at the same school).
A couple of years ago, she watched a very close friend of hers die of brain cancer. Krista was such a prayer warrior for the young mother. Unfortunately, she passed away and left behind a two year old daughter. Then about a year later, her own mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Krista brought her mother home to live with her. Within a year or so, her mom was gone. Throughout her diagnosis, she has been in good spirits and is constantly blessing others. She is fighting cancer with every ounce of her being while holding on tight to God's daily provisions. She and her family are so precious to us. We've served alongside of them on mission trips and we've watched our kids grow up together. I want her to live to see her great-grandchildren! She and I have made a secret goal that she will be well enough to return to New Orleans on this summer's youth mission trip. (It's a secret because her husband would freak out if he knew she was planning to return to New Orleans so soon after her last chemo treatment) Her blog address is
I love this gal to pieces!!

As my family is dealing with a trial, reading these comments and having the goal to bless someone has helped me more than you will ever know. The Lord just knows what to do at the right time. Amazing. Thank you to everyone who left comments. I would love to send a card of encouragement to all of the ones who didn't win. Please send me their addresses if you would like for me to do this. It would be my honor. Now for the winners, please know that there is not a time limit on sending these gifts. It may take me a while to find the perfect gift for your loved one. I will let you know when I have it ready to send. I will also need their names and addresses. Thank you for letting me do this. You all have blessed my heart.

Lord Jesus, I pray for each and everyone of these people. I pray for the ones who nominated someone and I pray for the nominees. I also pray for my family. You already know all of our stories. I pray for peace and strength to get us all through. I pray for health. I pray for miracles. I thank you for letting me see others who are hurting and dealing with things that I don't know anything about. Thank you Lord for all my blogging friends. I just praise you and thank you for all your blessings and even all of the trials. Jesus, please help us all to reach up for the next rung on the ladder. Help us to keep on going even when we don't feel like it. Please give us a home in heaven when you are through with us. Amen.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what great stories and I agree with these wonderful people that were picked! I looked into their blogs, and stories, and am very touched! Such strength in these dear people. Thank you Jesus for each person, and for each story! Let us praise Him while we have a voice to praise with. :)

Alice Grace said...

What great choices, and what strength these people have to get thru these trials. May God's light shine upone all the nominees and upon the three chosen for the raks. I pray for them that God will continue to give them strength. Thank you, Valerie, for doing this RAK. It was so touching.

Connie said...

This is a very touching stories, I will kept all in prayer, God will answer prayer.You think you have got worry but when you look around there is someone in a lot worth off. Your prayer was so meanful God bless you and everyone.

Kim said...

Always nice to share the love through a RAK...although there is nothing random about love and kindness, really, you see folks in need and simply must do for them what you can to help. It's your nature. :-D

Needled Mom said...

The choices that you made were absolutely perfect. I pray that each one of these people will feel the tremendous love that will be poured out onto them.

Pat said...

I am so happy with the choices that were made as I think those people need a little random act of kindness to come their way!!! You are wonderful for doing that.

Allie said...

Adding my amen to that prayer! Val, you are SUCH a blessing. How lovely that your sister received that from Linda.

Marydon Ford said...

Sweet Valerie ~ How lovely your choices ... you were directed to.
Prayers lifted for all of you ...

Happy St. Patrick's Day
Have a lovely weekend.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Shauna said...

What a wonderful blessing you will be to the people you have picked. We all need someone along the way to lighten the load and hold us up.

Brenda said...

Hi there Sister. Thank you again for nominating me earlier in the month. I felt loved, honored and HUGGED. As I read the other's accounts, I knew immediately that I should not focus on my own problems but look and reach out to others. I do this in my daily life - but you and your friends reach far and wide with the blogs! May God continue to bless you and those you touch with these random acts of kindnesses! I love you all! Brenda

Glenda said...

Mendy got to see your website today and was so excited that she won! She hadn't realized that I had nominated her so it was a total surprise! Thank you so much for blessing her with your kindness! What a dear person you are!

webbsway said...

O Valeria ,
So much pain and sadness in our world. I believe that was the reason I wanted to learn to sew. I never know who or what I am sewing , but my Father knows how to guide my work.
I used to think one person could not make much of a difference, but with all of us working in our corners we will build a foundation for all of us to share.
I too , believe that you are so special.