Thursday, April 29, 2010

Granny Traits

I think I have told you that I am doing an online Bible Study with a group on The Country Woman using the book called The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace. I have been so excited about this. Proverbs 31:10-31 are my verses!! I love them. I have always strived to be a good wife. Our assignment so far is to read the first chapter which I have already done. I was sharing with someone how much this book has helped me already. I invited this person to join but she said she was not married. I told her that I do understand that this is about a wife but it is so much more to me. I think what I have read so far is telling me how to be a better person. So far what I have read has helped me in my everyday life with everyone. I thought that I would share with you a few traits for an excellent wife in the first chapter. So if you are not married just apply this to your life. It will change you. It will make you stop and think. Your attitude changes or mine has. When I love something I just have to share. So here are a few of the traits portrayed in Proverbs 31. I am trying to use this in every area of my life. Our whole purpose in life is to glorify God through our life. We are suppose to be a reflection of God. We reflect HIM by our attitudes and actions. Chapter 1 asks if these are qualities that I want in my life. My answer is yes.

Fears the Lord
Blessed by her children
Not afraid
Worker with hands
Good to her husband
Of exceptional worth
Respectful of her husband

Don't you agree that we can take these traits and apply them to our lives whether you are married or not? I know it says children and husband but it also says respectful, good, and blessed. The main thing is to have this attitude of Christ. Christ like. Will we do this all the time? No, we are human. Can we strive for this? Yes, that is the point.


Snippets From My Heart

Now you know that I cannot do a post without mentioning Granny. I can't help it right now. But as I listed those traits I honestly thought of her. This list is her. Well my PaPaw has been gone about 16 years I think. I know Granny's life changed so much when he passed away. When I was small I never remember Granny as anything but good. I am not saying that because she is gone. I am saying it because it is true. But you know what? When we would talk even up until 2 weeks before she passed away she always questioned her faith. She wanted to make sure she was ready to go. What an example for all of us. Even though she is gone I truly believe that we will still learn from her. The Bible in the picture above was given to me by my dad. It is Granny's Bible. He had given it to her a long time ago. I will treasure it always. This is the Bible that she read every morning. How special is that? Granny was the Proverbs 31 woman. I am so blessed. I have had 2 grandmothers that portray these traits. I bet they are together right now talking. I am also so blessed to have my Mom
in my life which is the greatest example to me in my life. So I have 3 Proverbs 31 women to learn from. I am blessed.

Proverbs 31:10-31
If you would like to read or sign Granny's guestbook please go to my sidebar and click on Granny's picture at the top of the page and put her name in the search obituaries box. Her name is Beulah Gribble. Then you can sign or read the guestbook.
This guestbook has gave me great comfort.
Notes of interest:
Granny's Quilts
I have most of the Granny quilts that I needed to ship, boxed up and ready to go. It was a hard thing to start but once I got started I remembered how Granny loved to watch me and sometimes helped me put them in the boxes. I am amazed that I took the money out of my acct. and paid her several weeks ago for these specific quilts. I have only done that once before . Little did I know the reason why. Granny was always so thrilled to see her paychecks (cash) as I sold these quilts for her. You gave her hope right up until the end. Thank you again.
Random Act of Kindness
Because of Granny's passing it will take me a while longer to work on these gifts. I am still so excited about this. It is something I really wanted to do. But please bear with me as I am trying to deal with this loss in my heart. I had planned to purchase Granny quilts for these gifts but now that will have to be changed. This project will take me some time. I sure am glad I didn't put a time limit on it. I am still looking forward to this though. I have just got to find the perfect gifts for each person.


Alice Grace said...

I know the Proverbs 31 Woman has always been your favorite, and you are a great example, and all the traits you mention are yours! I have already been thinking a lot about what you are telling me you are learning and it has helped me also. Sometimes I tend to keep too much to myself, and this week I have been trying to be more outgoing to anyone I come in contact with. Who knows, but a smile or a kind word to someone will change their attitude, or uplift them. Thank you for sharing.

Pat said...

Another very nice post from you, Val. Granny must be beaming down at you with pride.

Michelle said...

I just posted Maranda's email on my blog post, because it blessed me so much the day I read it. I loved today's post too. It brought tears to my eyes. I know you are hurting so much, but time heals. You have wonderful memories of both of your Grannys. Do you know what a blessing that is?

God is proud of you. I know I have told you that many times before, but He is just so proud and He knows you are doing what you were put on this earth to do...spread His word, and His love.

Granny's doubts of her faith only show just how much she did love the Lord, and she wanted to make sure she was going to be with Him when her time came. She must have somehow knew. Looking back, it kind of all fits together, doesn't it?

Hugs from my heart to yours...Michelle

Parsley said...

I'm so glad you are using your blog to remember and to mourn. It likely helps others who may be going through grief too.

The scars of loss will always be there but God is good and gives us hope in eternity.

Susannah said...

Hello Valerie. I know you are still so very sad about your Granny. As time passes , things will seem better. You will always remember with sadness that she is gone. BUT you will smile and remember her wonderful traits and the time that you spent with her....those were glorious times.

The Bible is a wonderful remembrance of Granny and it was very thoughtful of your Dad to give it to you. It will be cherished for years to cone, I'm sure.

God bless you and know that Granny is safe and happy.


Allie said...

You know Val, you and Granny and your mum have exemplified the Proverbs 31 woman to me. I thank God that I got to "meet" you and Granny.
I love that you have Granny's bible. What a blessing. I know you'll treasure it always.

I have a friend who is also a Proverbs 31 woman, and she's 80 and still questioning too - still striving to be what God wants her to be, still mindful every day of her words and actions, wanting to make sure she's ready to meet Jesus. I thank God for these women, don't you? We need them to keep us straight. And Val, I KNOW you are that kind of woman to the younger women in your family. The torch has been passed, and I know you'll carry it humbly and with a heart for the Lord.

Amelia said...

Getting Granny's bible is such a special gift from your father....I know that makes you feel closer to Granny.

Enjoy the weekend!

Carliea said...

You are right Val even if you are unmarried, like me, you can apply the principles taught in Proverbs 31 to your life. Thank you for sharing your Bible study.

quiltingnana said...

inspiring as always

Connie said...

Val, It is wonderful that you have your granny bible...... thanks for sharing your bible sturdy with us... I did enjoy you blog today..... Peace be with you! Thanks again.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I am so glad that you have Granny's Bible. What a treasure! Please stop by my blog and vote for my friend. Have a great weekend!


Shauna said...

What a beautiful list the Lord has left for us in his Word about being wives, and yes, I agree they can be applied to women even when not married. Have a wonderful day, Valerie.

Needled Mom said...

Proverbs 31 is powerful. I can see it for any woman - married or not.

It is fabulous that you have had so many examples in your life with such inspiring women surrounding you.

Yes, you will always cherish Granny's bible. I am so glad it was passed on to you.

Have a wonderful weekend.

*karendianne. said...

Ahh my friend, what a lovely post. Thank you for sharing.