Friday, April 2, 2010

Granny's Faith To My Faith

Going to Granny's house this week was just like everytime that I go.
I found her on the sewing machine. Imagine that.
She is sewing a quilt just like #E on my sidebar (Ambers quilt) but it has a different backing.
It is so pretty and is finished now and will soon be on my sidebar. There are always people in and out at Granny's house. She is loved. But when it was just me and her............................
She looked up at me and said, "Beth" (thats what she calls me), "I want to talk to you about something." She got off the machine and I helped her get to the couch. She said, "This morning I think my faith waivered." I asked her why she thought that. This is a woman of great faith so to hear her say this was something. She said, "Well Beth, this morning when I woke up and was trying to get up out of bed, I really had a hard time. My legs would not work. I thought today was the day. I said that verse that you gave me that is in my heart (Phil. 4:13) and it usually works but this morning I thought it was going to fail. My faith waivered." She was so serious.

It made me feel good that she wanted to share this with me but then I thought to myself, Who am I to give this great woman of faith advice. But she wanted to hear what I had to say. So I told her that I don't think her faith waivered but she just let doubt come in to her heart. I told her that I have been told my faith was like a yo yo just this very week. That is what made this conversation with Granny more amazing to me. She asked me what a yo yo was. I told her that it was a toy that is on a string that goes up and down. Then all of the sudden the conversation changed from her asking me advice but her telling me that my faith being like a yo yo was normal. She said we all feel like that sometimes and it was o.k. - I knew then what was happening. The Lord was speaking to me again through Granny. She started telling me that when we are weak HE is strong......for us. She said, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." She said that is what gets her up in the mornings when her legs don't want to go. She told me that when I feel like a yo yo just to quote that verse and go on believing. She also told me when we get discouraged we need to ask him to help our unbelief. She said sometimes we just get tired and have to have HIS help.
By the time I left I knew the Lord had been with us. Granny started out asking me for advice and was worried about her faith waivering. She needed encouragement but it ended up that I was the one that got the blessing. Do you think the Lord has a plan? It is amazing to me how when you look for HIM what you see and hear. As I was leaving Granny's house she went back to the sewing machine and I noticed this frame on the wall. Now you tell me the Lord isn't speaking to me. I just have to learn to stop, look and listen.

The Footprints Of God

In deepest sleep I dreamed
That on the beach I walked.
God was by my side each step
And quietly we talked.
Then on the sky my life was flashed;
The visions all serene.
Two sets of footprints in the sand
Were there in every scene.
But then I noticed in some scenes
Of suffering, pain and strife.....
Just a set of single footprints
At the worst times of my life.
"God, you said you'd stay by me
In good times and in bad.....
Why then did you leave me
Each time my life was sad?"
"My precious child," God answered,
"When your life had pain, I knew;
The single set of footprints
Were the times I carried you."

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1


webbsway said...

Valerie, Honey - I believe that our greatest gift is our faith and our Love. I would not want to have a day that our Father was not walking with me or showing me the way or just sending gifts of love to remind me that life is a gift.Treat it kindly.

I believe that the wonderful Three Generations that your family share is such a blessing.You can have a blessing and waste it by not acknowledging it - but you gals have accepted it and treat it with love and reverence. It is a very special thing to see in action.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Valerie, the Lord most certainly was speaking to you. He knows the hurt that is deep within your heart and HE hears your cry.

Allie said...

What a blessing, indeed! And Val, I think Granny's words were as much for her as they were for's odd but when I'm struggling, sometimes the Lord will send me someone else who is struggling, and by encouraging them I'm encouraged myself. I love to watch my Father work!

Anonymous said...

Valerie, Beth!...You are hearing the LORD, and the blessing is that you know it! Praise His Name Forever!!!

Michelle said...

Sending hugs for both you and Granny. What a blessing you are to each other, and God is right there for both of you.

Anonymous said...

And already the rays of sunshine are peaking through the clouds.... God is using your trials to laughed and disagreed when I told you that you were strong.... I guess my friend on that we will just agree to disagree!!! Hugzzzz Amazing post...simply Amazing

Amelia said...

Granny is such a wonderful inspiring full of wisdom.

Enjoy your Easter.

Alice Grace said...

Oh my! While I just get immoble in the trial, you and Granny are pushing on towards heights of faith! What a great post, and what an inspiration you both are! Today I am moved to higher heights in the Lord and greater faith thru this post!

ddogood said...

Valerie, how sweet your granny is. I have lost both of mine and I miss them so much. Your post really touched me today. I felt as though Granny was looking right through my screen at me. I think Granny's faith has touched us all. God bless her!

I feel the need to buy the quilt that she is working on, if it's not spoken for. Let me know.

Blessing to you and your family.

Darla said...

I appears to me that the both of you were being used as vessels for one another....iron sharpens iron...

Needled Mom said...

Granny has always been such an inspiration for you. We can all see how the Lord is working through her to help you.

Footprints has been one of my favvorite poems for years. It speaks volumes of when we feel so alone on our jouney.

Blessings this Easter, Val.

Kim said...

God bless Granny, and you too Val. You know that I have definitely been like a yo yo this past week. You have helped me so much through my trial though.

Sherry said...

You are lucky to have Granny and she is lucky to have you Val!! God puts us in each others lives for a reason.


Carliea said...

Val, You not only received a blessing but I did also. That has been the prevailing theme this week for me also. I have felt like my faith is failing and I have been reminded all week to let the weak say they are strong and to pray to God to help my unbelief. Thank you for listening to that still small voice as you posted this and once again reminded me to keep on going and to not give up.

Connie said...

God is with you and granny all the way, just like the footprint in the sand say he will carry you thur. God Blees you both and have a great EASTER!

Susannah said...

Hello Val...that verse is my absolute favorite of all. I try to live by that verse when I am troubled. Thank you for reminding your readers of it.

The Lord is with you always. He understands your needs. No one knows your pain like He does. HE IS CARRYING YOU RIGHT NOW.


PEA said...

It made me smile reading what Granny had said about thinking her faith had wavered that morning:-) She is such a darling! I think you and Granny really needed each other that day and both helped each other to accept how normal it was for our faith to have its ups and downs. I plan on emailing you soon, just haven't had the time these last few days. xoxo

Mom said...

Hey my precious friend! The best way I know to encourage you is to give you a scripture from the Word of God.

Proverbs 3:5-6 (New King James Version)

5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding;
6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct[a] your paths.

I love you and I'm praying for you!! You are very blessed to have such a wonderful family and to still have your grandmother!! I believe that God was speaking through both you and your grandmother to encourage each other!!

When you are finished with that house, please, let's get together!! I have so much to share and I would love to catch up with you! Love you much! Cindy