Monday, April 5, 2010

Just For Me

I just cannot believe that someone did this just for me!
This makes me want to learn to knit.
Look at this. Is this not beautiful?

And not just one scarf but two!!

I am amazed that someone can do something so beautiful.

These pictures do not do these scarves justice.
They are so pretty. For more pictures click here!
And look at the beautiful card and Starbucks mug that came with it.
Thank you Martha!
You went way beyond what you should have!


Pat said...

Very pretty and I'm sure you will wear them well. Be sure to take photos when you do wear them (which, I realize, might not be until the weather gets cool again). That was a very nice gift.

martha - caknitter said...

You're so welcome, Valerie.
I'm glad you liked everything and that they arrived intact. :-)

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful!! I love the color and the detail. What a blessing!!

webbsway said...

Aren't friends just so wonderful!
In this case I think we could say - "Sweets for the Sweet"! They are beautiful !

Thank you for visiting - I am always so grateful for your visit. ;)

O - have you noticed that you do not have to get out on the ICE lately! Isn't that great!

Allie said...

GORGEOUS - what a truly lovely gift! Makes me want to learn to knit too!

Anonymous said...

So very feminine and the detail is lovely!

Muddling Through said...

It is our kindnesses to each other that make the world a better place. Both scarves are beautiful! What a very good friend you have.

Brenda said...

Beautiful. You are blessed with the gift of a good friend who does lovely work.

Connie said...

Beauiful, it is so good to have good friends! Have a BLESS day!

Amy said...

OMG These are beautiful. I love chocolate brown.

I only know how to crochet. I don't think I care to learn to knit. It is much harder and every mistake shows.

Have a wonderful day.

Darla said...

Well that should make you smile! Very pretty..

Real Life Reslers said...

They are beautiful! Someone is a very talented knitter!

Anonymous said...

very beautiful. I can knit but that puts my knitting to shame...I need to learn to knit like that!

Joyce Marie

PEA said...

I'm always in awe of the talent out there, you included!! Such beautiful scarves and you really deserve surprises like that because you're so good to all of us as well:-) xoxo

Alice Grace said...

Oh, my! Those are so gorgeous! Amazing that one can create such beautiful work. Martha has outdone herself with these scarves! I love them both! congratulations on this wonderful gift!

Chandramouli S said...

Beautiful! I love the cable patterns that you can make with knitting but I am a crochet man!