Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Simple Womans Daybook

For today, April 20, 2010 from my journal:

Outside my is dark and cool. I am writing this at 10:30 P.M.

I am life goes on even when your heart is broken. Also, I am wondering while I am still in the midst of that same trial that I was before Granny left us, what does all this mean? Am I still listening for that still small voice?

I am thankful..........for me and my dad to have work so we can keep busy at this time in our life. Normally I would have already saw Granny twice this week. My daddy would go over every morning to help Granny get everything ready to sew.

I am p.j.'s!

I am remembering............the day Granny got sick. We had a job to do and we went ahead and did it thinking Granny just had a virus or something. My Aunt K. took her on to the emergency room to be safe though. We had no idea it would end like this. I did get to spend the whole day at the hospital the next day though. I treasure that time. If we had only known we would not have worked that day.

I am bed as soon as I finish this.

I am currently reading...............Granny's guestbook everyday and am absolutely amazed at all of you bloggers and friends who have left the most comforting comments. I am also reading all the cards and letters and emails about Granny. Thank you all.

I am hoping..................that time heals like they say.

On my mind.................Granny, of course. I am sorry. It will take me a while. I am trying. I also am thinking of the quilts I have to mail. Please bear with me.

I am creating................nothing, but hope to soon. Granny asks me to continue her quilting after she was gone and I will.

Pondering these words..............."I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". Phil. 4:13 - Do you remember that I gave Granny that verse a while back? When I went to the hospital and she was in so much pain, she quoted that verse over and over again. Remember when she told me that she kept that in her heart? (tears).

From the kitchen...............we actually went out to eat after working before coming home.

Around my house..............My 3 sweet daughters surprised me this past weekend and came and cleaned my house. What a blessing this was. What would I do without my girls?

One of my favorite things.................LIFE.

I am wishing................that even though I know without a doubt that if Granny could come back, she wouldn't..........but I sure do wish I could talk to her one more time. After she passed away, I did tell her how much fun we had together. I really did have fun and I know she did too. I think she heard me.

I am praying.............that you are still praying for our family. It was one week ago tonight when Granny passed on. We sure do miss her and I know that you do too. Please bear with me during this time.

I am wondering..............if I feel like this, I cannot imagine how my daddy and his brothers and sisters feel. I am just a granddaughter.

From my picture journal..................This picture was took on April 9th and Granny was just fine. It was "wash day" but she was headed toward the sewing machine to see what my daddy was doing. He was doing what he always did for her......filling bobbins.

This is the "last" picture that I took with the "picture taker" of my sweet Granny.

If you would like to read or haven't signed Granny's Guest Book you can go Here! Look for her name, Beulah Gribble- click on it- go to sign guestbook.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Valerie, I am a new follower to your blog. I am very happy to have found you and yet sad that I did not find you sooner so I may have prayed for your sweet Granny. Know that I pray for you and your family now. I hope you will find comfort in her beautiful quilts and may feel as if her very arms are wrapped around you. With deepest sympathy,

caknitter said...

Valerie, it's understandable to feel the way you do. It's way too soon to think you won't feel any heartache.
I wanted to let you know that the baby you made the quilt for came into this world 24 hours before Granny passed. It's interesting how for every passing there is a life waiting to enter the a revolving door. I posted a picture of him if you want to smile for a bit.
You're still in my prayers, Valerie.

Jan said...

Dear Valerie, We've only met recently, and I appreciate our linkup and being able to share this time with you. Your feelings are very normal, and gradually you will be able to think back with love and joy at the memories of your beautiful Granny, without the tears.
With Richest Blessings

Darla said...

Take your time Val. I remember the verse you told her to quote.

Amelia said...

So glad to hear from you...your heart is still so full of sadness at the loss of such a dear woman. It will not hurt to cry again each day...each day will be easier...I can guarantee you that.

Think of blue skies, warm weather and maybe fishing or gardening...things that bring a smile to your face.

Hugs from Oklahoma


Patty said...

Val, hang in there, time will heal. Granny lived a long and fruitful life and she deserves to be where she is now. Please don't feel guilty about going to work, that is a part of life, as is dying. You were lucky to have spent all that time with her. Cherish those memories and know that you are loved. Prayers for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

What a blessing Granny was!! I think she would love that you are continuing on her quilting legacy. Can you imagine the blessing that will be to you !! Each time you take a stitch you will remember the blessing she was in you life! It ok take as long as you want and we we are hear to help you through this.
I love you my dear friend. It i funny when I get discouraged I visit your's and Michelles blogs. It reminds me why I do this "online thing".
Keep on, never quit...

Anonymous said...

Val, I just left a comment which I thought was on this post but I made a boo-boo and left it on a previous one, I guess I scrolled down too far when I was looking for the comment thing to click on. So I won't repeat it all here, but tell you that my comment is there.
I enjoy reading your daybook.
I wish you a blessed day today.

Connie said...

VAL< God is walking beside you and and will see you thru , take time for your heart to heal, but you will alway miss her and thank about her, you had so many wonderful year with her.... she was a blessing to us all, you are still in our prayer, God heal all thing. Take care.

Susannah said...

Oh, will be okay. I know just how you feel. It just hurts so much. Everyone says that memories will sustain you...but it does take a while. May God bless you and your Dad.

Needled Mom said...

The sudden loss has been so hard for all of you, Val. I know that they say that time heals, but it is the tough days that you have to go through until the "time" passes.

Still keeping all of you in my prayers.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I have been away from your blog too long, Valeries. I didn't even know Granny was sick. I'm so sorry for your loss and that of your family, but you know that our loss is her gain. I don't know why this has hit me so hard, but I've gone all to pieces here. I'm having continued problems with my stepchildren, and I guess i just wasn't ready for Granny's death. I am just filled with grief and sadness for you and your family. Although I never got to meet her, I know that Granny was one of a kind. Please call on me if I can help in any way. I'm just a couple of hours away form you.

Michelle said...

I wish I could hug you in person, but just close your eyes and 'feel' my arms around you. Go ahead and cry. I have big shoulders. This is natural, but we are all here for you to talk to. It will get easier. Granny is so proud of you, and you shared her with you. YOu didn't have to, but we are glad you did. Love you! Email or call anytime. I have all the time in the world for you, my dear friend. love, Michelle

Alice Grace said...

Honey, it will take some time, but you have beautiful memories of those wonderful times with Granny. And you made her so happy! You opened doors into her life that she could never have dreamed of, with all these wonderful blogging friends who learned to love her too. The sadness will stay with you, because you loved her so much, but she is happy where she is, and someday we will all join her and we will be with our Lord as Granny and your Grandma Cochran both are now. Plan to get started when you can to carry on the heritage that she left you in making quilts. That was her happiness in life besides her joy in the Lord.

Allie said...

Val darling, the wound is so fresh - you cry, remember, and talk all you want to about Granny, ok? We all loved her too.
You blessed Granny SO much, sweetheart. Keep that verse you gave her in your mind.
Yes, time heals, but only a LOT of time. My Grandma passed over 20 years ago, and I still find myself reaching for the phone to tell her something. I'll not stop missing her until I see her sweet face again.

Jenn said...

Gosh, you know I am still thinking of her almost constantly. She really touched my life even though I never knew her. It's so strange. I loved her. I talked about her a lot the other day to my husband and my children. I owe you money for the quilts still...will send the last amount and then I'll finally have those sweet precious quilts in my hands. Take your time mailing them, O.K.? Don't stress. I understand you're having a hard time and I don't want you to worry about rushing them to us. We will love them so much though. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
I hope you start feeling better soon.
Granny would want that.
Love to you all during this time.