Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Time Has Come

Yes, the time has come to start our garden.
Last year we had it down lower in the field and it did great but stayed wet.
My dad suggested that we move it up higher in the pasture.
We have 6 acres so we have plenty of room to have it anywhere.
I probably will still have one down where I did last year but I will just plant corn in that garden.

Well sweet hubby plowed the ground up for me but his back started to hurt so I took over when it was time to cut the garden. Boy it was rough.

But I finally got the hang of it. I haven't drove a tractor in years.
We had to put blocks on top of it to add more weight.
I guess I went over this garden over 100 times that day.
But since it is freshly plowed it will take a lot more than that.
Looking better huh? It helps for it to dry out some so I am gonna try to have it ready to plant this weekend. (I hope!) Do you plant a garden? I love it. It is a lot of work but when you see all the things that you have canned and froze it makes you so proud and keeps you out of the store.
I just thought I would show you what I have been doing lately.
When I am not working......I am still working!!!!
When I first started my blog I put a prayer from my heart at the top of this blog. My blogs name is Lifes little garden. There was a reason that I named it that. Life is just like a garden.
Going through this trial the Lord has shown me to quit focusing on the problem and focus on HIM. I am also learning to look at myself instead of others. Everytime a negative thought enters my mind, I am trying to capture that thought and focus on HIM. Where would I be without my Lord?
Here is my prayer:
Lord, help us to plan, prepare and plant what YOU would have us to. Help us to weed out of our lives what should not be there. Lord, help us to grow through YOU in our relationships, our attitudes, and our lives, always being in YOUR will. Help us to always walk with YOU. Let us always be thankful and content. Amen.


Heidi said...

I miss having a garden. It's on my short list when I move out of the desert. My kids want one too!

Susannah said...

I love your prayer, Val ...and may He always walk right beside us.

Hubby was talking about our garden tonight. I love the food from the garden and you are right - it does help the pocketbook. Green and red peppers were so costly here last year. We will be planting them.

Susannah said...

PS - You look like you belong on that tractor. See, us girls can do anything!

Jan said...

It still looks like a lot of work, all the best with it.
I have a little bit of garden in the back yard.

caknitter said...

Wow, Valerie, you got on that tractor and showed us what you're made of! You are so fortunate to have land for a wonderful garden and able to plant whatever you want. This is one of your many blessings. I really love the prayer you posted today. Thanks for sharing.

Carol said...

Hi Valerie:) Yes, my inlaws plant every year and have all their lives. It's a wonderful family venture and we all pitch in and work the garden and can when it comes time. Then yummy, we share the rewards of our labor and thank the Lord.

Alice Grace said...

My amazing little girl is really someone to be proud of! I have never driven a tractor! You are just amazing to me all the time!

Amelia said...

Gardening...yes we have one...probably give away 90% of the stuff and we use the rest. I don't do any canning any longer but freeze what I can.

Have a wonderful week!

Pat said...

I love this prayer AND your garden. The biggest garden we ever had was about 15 feet by 30 feet in our yard in NJ. Now we have one much smaller as we have scaled down to a much smaller yard in southern Delaware. It's enough to grow some green peppers and some tomatoes, so it makes me to eat them so nice and fresh! You look cute on that tractor!

Glenda said...

Wow, Valerie, on top of all your other talents, you're a gardener,too! My family always had a big garden when I was growing up, but we don't have one due to horrible, black clay soil. But I do go out and pick blackberries and blueberries each summer and freeze a lot of them. Also peaches and strawberries. I make lots of jelly from them.

Brenda said...

Thanks for the encouragement and blessing your prayer was!

Connie said...

your prayer is a blessing. We do have a big garden hope to get some seed in the ground also. you have a great day!

Jeannie B. said...

I love your prayer. I am going to print it and stick it next to my computer!
Vegetables don't ever grow well for me so I just grow flowers!

Mama Pea said...

Wow, your new garden plot looks HUGE! How big is it?

I'm trying to cut down a little on my gardening this year because with only the two of us now, there is only so much we can eat! We share lots of it (and have done some market gardening in the past) but I'm realizing that as much as I truly love to garden, there are also lots of other things I still want to do, too. And we can only do so much before we bump into the end of the day!

Michelle said... ya! Michelle

Allie said...

Girl, you ROCK. I've never driven a tractor, although my mum learned to drive on one when she was 8. I've only had a garden once, and dh took care of it - I'm bug-phobic, lol.

Jenn said...

we did all of our garden by hand with a small tiller. 1/2 an acre. it was rough...but things are starting to sprout! :0)