Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Around My House

This is a flower garden that we have worked on for several years.
This is looking off of my deck in the back.
This is my rock garden. It looks pretty all year long
but when the roses bloom it is beautiful.
Isn't this just gorgeous. I have several huge rhododendrons
full of blooms!

Look at this sweet family swimming on the pond.
Yesterday there were 8 babies.
Today there are only 4. We have 2 hawks that live in our woods
and they were flying all around this little family yesterday. Sad.
Did you know that Geese mate for life?

When we came back from our last trip
my clematis vines were full of blooms.

We are so proud of these birds. These are Purple Martins.
They will come back every year if you provide them a home.
This is our first year to have this many. I counted 21 today.
They are great birds to have around.
We have read that one bird will eat 1000 insects a day.
They catch them in the air while flying. I have never saw a Martin on the ground.
Meet "Big Daddy"! We have had him for years! He is a grass carp in our pond.
He is huge. He is approx. 2 1/2 ft. long. We have lots of other fish too. We have blue gill and bass. We feed our fish so when they hear a lawn mower or the gator motor you will see them all come to the top looking for feed.

This is our latest additions to our place. We knew that there was a stray cat around and I have been feeding her. I had no idea that she was pregnant. My dad was working in my raised bed garden and found them. I could not believe it! I love kitties but I love my birds more so anyone need a kitty??? Aren't they cute though!


Anonymous said...

Ohh Love the pics!! The fish and kittens are adorable!! Makes me wanna have a picnic!!

Needled Mom said...

Your place looks just beautiful, Val. It is all very serene. Can I come visit??????

Wish I lived closer cause I would take a kitty.

Michelle said...


lani said...

your garden looks great I just started a little garden blog....the kittens to cute...i hope you are doing ok I think of you and granny often when i quilt

webbsway said...

Hi Val

Everything is looking so beautiful at your home,like you.

Of course I personally love "Big Daddy" and also your purple martins! They are so special and of course we all appreciate the hard work they do.

Thank you for sharing.

Susannah said...

Oh...Val...what interesting pictures! I loved each one of them. Your surroundings are absolutely the most perfect place to relax and enjoy some peace. Your flowers are so very pretty.

Thinking of you with prayers.


Jan said...

Lovely pics around your place, everything so neat and tidy and attractive.

Darla said...

Valerie, your gardens are so pretty and tidy!

Alice Grace said...

Beautiful! I can tell someone works hard at your place! I am sorry about the little duckies..

Amelia said...

So enjoyed the tour of the yard and the geese...I knew they mated for life...and it is sad to lose babies to hawks or coyotes...we lost one last year to a big fish or turtle...something reached up out of the water and grabbed it...could not tell as we were across the pond fishing..

Your flowers are so pretty.

Have a great weekend.

Glenda said...

What a beautiful place! I didn't realize you had your own pond and stocked with lots of fish, too! When you retire, you should open a B & B and we could all come and visit! :)

Connie said...

Every thing looks so neat ,you can tell alot of work go into it. The baby kitty are so sweet, the fish was a big one, sorry about the duck..... Thanks for showing your pictures. Have a great day!

Love Bears All Things said...

The Mama Cat looks a lot like Smokey. I like the grey one. They sure are fuzzy.
Hopefully you'll find a good home for them. Feeding her was a guaranteed way to have her stay but I know you couldn't let her go hungry.
Mama Bear

Lori said...

Your yard is beautiful and if I had a way to get it, that little gray fuzzy kitten would be coming home with me!

Pat said...

It is beautiful around your yard! Sorry about the baby geese, though.

Patty said...

Your gardens look lovely the kitties are so cute and the pond and its inhabitants are terrific!

Jenn said...

i love your yard and all around your property, it's so well kept and just lovely! ours is wild and untamed. :0) i would love to come visit you. thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures.

Allie said...

Oh Val what a beautiful property you have! Love Big Daddy - better watch out the kitties don't get him, lol!