Thursday, May 20, 2010

Four Reasons Why

1. Our youngest grandson, "Little D" playing peek a boo!
17 months old and a living doll!

He doesn't sit still long! I was lucky to get this picture of him watching Barney!

2. "Brother" our 7 year old grandson. (yellow shirt & cool sunglasses)
This is what he received from his Mom & Dad for his birthday.......
He got to invite a friend and ride on an airplane with his dad for an hour!
How cool is that?

Is he not special?

I have to tell you this. My SIL said before they started the pilot told them that he had a checklist to go by before flying. He told them that it was like our checklist of life. He said when we get up we ought to check our list to make sure we are right with the Lord. Then he said a prayer before they took off and after they landed.
What an awesome lesson.
3. You all remember "Angel", our granddaughter? Who could not remember this smile!
She was born on her Mom and Dads anniversary. Her birthday is next month and she will be 10 years old!

Here she is working on some hexagons!
She loves to do any kind of craft and is a great helper.

This child has always been so happy!
I wish we all could be like her!

4. Our first granddaughter, "sweet teen"! Is she not gorgeous?
I remember the day my first grandbaby was born. I have never felt the same since.
15 years old! Learners license! Worry!
She really is a good driver! I let her drive my car the other day and I was impressed.
She said she'd rather drive with her dad because her Mom gets too nervous!
I remember those days!
They grow up way too fast!
Four reasons why........................I cannot describe the love for my grandchildren with words!


Allie said...

Such a blessed woman you are, Val - you have lovely grandchildren! That pic of sweet teen driving made me nervous, I HATE driving with my son - but I do it cuz he needs the experience!

Michelle said...

Four blessings, and you SHOULD feel proud. Thanks for sharing.

caknitter said...

Those are the best reason anyone could have when asked, why?

Darla said...

One day I will know this love. I will soon be announcing my daughter's engagement...I am over the top excitied!! May need some wedding tips from ya..

Glenda said...

They are all beautiful and what fun that you have them at so many different stages of childhood. You get to enjoy babies, adolescents and teens all at once!

Amelia said...

Some wonderful looking limbs on the family tree...I know you are so proud of these grandchildren.

Connie said...

Your grandchildres are beautiful.... God greatest Gift... enjoy them! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Precious Grandchildren!!! We look forward to our elder loved ones, and we look back and see the up and coming generation! Love them, hold them, kiss them, charish them!

Alyssa said...


Alice Grace said...

Yes, Alyssa! You are all SO SO SO CUTE! Especially you! Yes, I love the pictures of all of them! how about that Brett getting to fly in a plane for a birthday gift! What an exciting gift! Little Davis, how fast he has grown, and Ms. Triston, so sweet, so beautiful, so darling! We are all blessed to have them in our family.