Sunday, May 23, 2010

Granny Would Be Proud

Today is my Uncle Joe & Aunt Carol's 50th Wedding Anniversary!
Uncle Joe is Granny's son.
A little birdie let me know that today was a special day for them.
This picture was took when they were in Hawaii.
50 years is something to be proud of!
You know that I cannot leave you without some pictures from Granny's house.
This is my Aunt Carol helping Granny work on her machine. Granny thought Carol was the smartest person she ever knew. Granny told me that Carol could do anything on that machine. This was the Singer 401A that was new to Granny. Carol was always willing to help her. I remember going in to Granny's one day and found her overwhelmed with peas to shell and freeze. I helped her get them shelled, washed, and put on the stove. Granny was very tired that day and I needed to leave to pick up my grandchildren from school. I was worried about leaving the peas on the stove so I called my Aunt Carol and she was more than happy to come and finish the peas and get them in the freezer. I will never forget how my aunt helped me & Granny that day.

My Uncle Joe (Granny's son) is sitting here at Grannys house working a word search puzzle. There was always a puzzle book laying somewhere and everyone that came in would always pick up the book and work on it some. Granny always believed in staying busy. If she wasn't sewing, she would be working a puzzle! She always told me that it is good for your mind.

I love this picture. This picture is of my (left to right) Aunt Carol, my cousin Nancy, of course you know Granny and then Uncle Joe. This was took at a family reunion.

I have to tell you a cute memory that my cousin Nancy (their daughter) shared with me about her Mom and Dad :

The funniest things happened at the lake camping and boating on the weekends. We had a very small boat, as you climb in the boat from skiing alot of water accummulates on the floor, so it would get too heavy. To get the water out, you get up speed and pull the plug from the inside and the water went out the back. Dad told mom to drive and he'd pull the plug, he was on his head trying to do this, and of course, she was watching him instead of driving. When she looked up she was heading into a rock wall and she cut the boat really sharp to change directions and Dad started rolling to the other side of boat and going so fast he couldn't raise his head to see what was happening and of course we couldn't slow down until he got the plug back in. As a child, to me, this was funny seeing dad rolling around the back of the boat and mom driving like a speed demon. Wasn't so funny to them at the time, but as we have talked about it through the years we always start laughing.


caknitter said...

What a cute story about your Aunt Carol and Uncle Joe. I'll bet the story still brings many laughs at the dinner table.
Happy Anniversary to your Uncle and Aunt!

Anonymous said...

This will be such a surprise for them too! Hope they had a great day! Love ya, Mom & Dad, and my sweet cousin "Beth" Val. Cousin Nancy

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!! What an example for us to follow...


Love Bears All Things said...

Great memories.
Mama Bear

Amy said...

Congrats!! My parent's just had their 56th anniversary.

Many more to all!!!

Anonymous said...

Just saw the blog. What a nice surprise. The boat story wasn't exacly correct. I was actually drying the seat to keep from getting wet but the results was the same. Thanks again for the kind words. Aunt Carol

Allie said...

What lovely memories - congratulations to them on 50 years!

Needled Mom said...

What cherished memories! Happy anniversary to them. That is wonderful.

prashant said...

Hope they had a great day!
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